Dowloand Coinbase MOD Apk {{version}} Unlimited money
Dowloand Coinbase MOD Apk {{version}} Unlimited money

Dowloand Coinbase MOD Apk 11.24.5 Unlimited money

By thanhtung - 25/09/2023
Name Coinbase
Version 11.24.5
MOD Features Unlimited money
Size 38.3 MB
Requires Android
Category Applications
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Price FREE
Publisher Coinbase Android
Update 25/09/2023 (6 days ago )

Coinbase is used as a tool to facilitate transactions with counterparties. No need to go far, the application will help you process contracts quickly. The platform is built not only to manage secure transactions, this application also helps you manage the funds in your wallet. To better understand this application, the following article will help you understand.

Coinbase Exchange at a Glance

When it comes to the world’s largest and most reputable cryptocurrency trading platform, Coinbase names cannot be ignored. It is an exchange that allows users to trade with multiple currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin but mostly Bitcoin. The platform, built from Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, entered the market in 2012. And this is also a great technological development for users.

 Coinbase, today's major cryptocurrency exchange
Coinbase, today’s major cryptocurrency exchange

Currently, the application is available in Vietnam and is used and evaluated by many people. The application offers many trading functions and ensures safety when using. There are fees for this platform, but the price is reasonable and competitive in the market. The application has created a non-delivery, sale, secure contract transaction for users.

Users can easily create and use Coinbase wallets on their phones

Step 1: Download the Coinbase app to your phone at Xapkfree

Step 2: Click on the application to download, select Sign Up (Click on the Language icon, select English for easy use.

Step 3: The screen will display an information panel including First Name, Last Name, Email and Password. Fill in the complete information, click I agree to the… and select Create Account.

Step 4: Now the system will send a confirm email, you will go to the email inbox just filled in above click on Verify Email Address to activate.

Step 5: The system will verify via user phone number, you will enter your phone number and click Send Code. Enter the code sent to your phone number and click Submit.

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

With the above steps, you have successfully registered the wallet and now you will link payment cards, PayPal cards. All linked cards will be clearly identified so you need to provide genuine information.

What are the benefits of Coinbase wallets that are so reliable nowadays?

Coinbase is currently the world’s largest exchange with global connectivity. The platform brings many outstanding advantages, let’s find out right here.

Apply high account security technology

With a name that has appeared for a long time in the market, it has created credibility with users. Security is rated for quality and safety by players. Users store private keys on the device itself using Secure Element technology. It is such security that you can fully protect your account from worrying about information theft.

In addition, the system also supports cloud backup of information about your account. Even if you lose your phone, you can back up your content quickly. There are also security features so you can avoid the access of phishing sites.

Coinbase offers a variety of services to its users

This is considered a place to buy, sell and manage users’ cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency purchases and sales take place in real-time. You can follow the market and take place with partners.

Online trading support is quite a popular service and is used by many people. Transfer and receive quickly and ensure the security of transaction information.

E-commerce service support: provides interfaces such as orders, trade transaction history, tools to build charts,… Here you can make transactions from the first login.

Adopt proprietary API digital platform: create multiple support interfaces for users.

Bring many user services
Bring many user services

Various forms of payment

With a variety of payment methods, the application is used by many people. There are 3 forms used on the application which are:

  • Debit, Visa or MasterCard: These are common and easy-to-use cards. With cryptocurrency transaction fees via this type of card is 3.99%.
  • Users can transfer funds via PayPal wallet to withdraw funds.
  • Transactions by bank transfer, transaction fees here will be cheaper. But it will take 1-5 days for the trade to be executed.

How to download the Coinbase app to your phone

  • Step 1: Users access the Xapkfree, link, then will enter Coinbase keywords in the search box.
  • Step 2: The application appears you select, then scroll to the bottom of the article and click Download to download to your phone.
  • Step 3: In 2-3 minutes, the application is downloaded to your phone. You can then click and start registering to open the wallet to use.

In addition, users can refer to some other e-wallet applications such as Bitkeep, Tronlink

Where is the reputable and safe Coinbase app download address?

As you know, there are still many unsafe fake links and apps to download cryptocurrency wallet applications. Downloading the right reputable address helps users feel safer in use. Today share with you the Xapkfree game download app, a reputable application and game download address that many users use.

Firstly, this is a MOD app used to download free app games. The version here will be constantly updated to bring the best applications to users.

Secondly, downloading applications or games at Xapkfree will be completely free, the application download speed is fast.

Third, provide reputable applications or games that are licensed to operate. Make sure the app is safe and free from legal violations.

Answers to some questions encountered by users about Coinbase

Users before downloading and using the application always have a few questions. To help users have more knowledge about e-wallets, let’s answer right away.

Is it safe to use the Coinbase wallet?

The answer is yes, this is an electronic application licensed to operate globally. Founded by Coinbase Global, Inc. brings the best service to users.

Is downloading the application to the phone harmful to the device and users?

Rest assured, the application downloaded at the Xapkfree link is the official safe application. It does not contain malicious information that harms devices and users.

Which operating system to download the Coinbase app on?

The e-wallet platform is used on all operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Final verdicts

Above is the content shared about the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Use this platform to create safe transactions, manage money effectively.

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