Download Block City Wars Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage
Download Block City Wars Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage

Download Block City Wars Mod Apk 7.2.3 Menu, Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage

By thanhtung - 18/01/2023
Name Block City Wars
Version 7.2.3
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage
Size 51MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher D-Games Apps
Update 18/01/2023 (1 year ago )

Block City Wars Mod is a popular game all over the world, which has attracted a large number of fans in just a few hours. The whole thing is waiting for you so do missions, fly on bags of rockets, airplanes and other aviation inventions, earn money and spend at your disposal. Become a gangster, racer, assassin or even fight zombies to protect the city. And for the first time, enjoy the experience of the game.

Information Block City Wars Mod 

Block City Wars is a playground for high-speed racing cars combined with attractive shooting screens. Besides, you will be able to show all your skillful shooting skills and skillful gameplay in the most interesting way. 

Moreover, you can also explore the beauty of this city in the most interesting and amazing way. Complete missions on time to receive the most valuable gifts that the game brings.

Fight hundreds of rather fancy pixel changes
Fight hundreds of rather fancy pixel changes

The game will give you a lot of different tasks, so try to learn and solve them in the most reasonable way. Each mission is its challenge to challenge your talents. 

Express yourself through these races. Quickly overcome your opponents and defeat them with the sharpest and most thorough playing strategies. 

How to Play Block City Wars Mod?

You have the right to use all weapons in the game. There are more than 100 tail guns with different features and characteristics, such as ak47, sniper rifle and many other unique guns. It will be useful if you use the right weapon for each situation. 

And it would be better if you did not shoot indiscriminately, making the world terrible and scary. Each player will play in a strange and impressive style, so it will be extremely fun.

The game's gun collection is too impressive
The game’s gun collection is too impressive

Are the five diverse game modes enough to make you fall in love with this fighting game? With over 150,000 active players every day, you’ll never run out of opponents to challenge. This makes the game extremely attractive for new gamers.

What is so interesting about Block City Wars Mod?

This fighting game with 5 game modes has a lot of extremely interesting things, waiting for you to discover! 

2D pixel graphics but very rolling

This game designer has brought players to enjoy a beautiful graphics with many sharp images of beautiful racing cars and the scenery around them. 

Block City Wars Mod has a graphics background with 1 no 2
Block City Wars Mod has a graphics background with 1 no 2

Besides, the characters are also very adorable and approachable. It will be best if you make friends with them to have the most fun together. Moreover, you can also relax more if you have the most vivid background music. Invite more people around you to join to add more fun to the game.

Throughout the city are loot that is being hidden.

To reward hardworking players, the game will display loot more often in places you usually go through. Pick them all up in your pockets and fight hard, brothers!

Weapons determine the victory or defeat of the battle

As you get used to the gangster lifestyle, it is important that you choose the right weapon with the right enemy. Choose between more than 100 different types of weapons, each with its own characteristics such as AK47, M14, shotgun, sniper rifle,…

Instructions on how to download Block City Wars Mod game 

  • Step 1: Click on this Xapkfree link and enter the keyword Block City Wars Mod in the search bar to find the application.
  • Step 2: Check the Download box to download Block City Wars Mod to your phone or computer and wait for about 30 seconds to complete the game download.
  • Step 3: After the game is finished loading and displaying on the screen, you need to open access and be able to play immediately.

Besides, you can also download many good mod games with many other attractive features such as Bacon May Die Mod, Ramboat Mod,…

The questions that players ask the most with Block City Wars Mod 

What age is Block City Wars Mod fighting game suitable for?

Of course, the game is suitable for all ages. Although it is a shooter, there are no violent images.

Is there a requirement to load cards or money into the game Block City Wars Mod?

Block City Wars Mod game belongs to the Mod system, free gold coins, so there is no need to recharge the game.

How much space does Block City Wars Mod take up?

This game is quite epic, but the game on the mobile version is only a few tens of megabytes.

Final Thoughts

When participating in the game, you will be chatting with many different players. Each player has good points for you to learn and they will help you learn more about racing, how to overcome obstacles. Block City Wars Mod will make you fall in love!

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