Vandals MOD {{version}} (Full)
Vandals MOD {{version}} (Full)

Vandals MOD v1.1.11 (Full)

By chryzrodriguez07 - 08/11/2022
Name Vandals
Version v1.1.11
MOD Features Full
Size 214.8MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher ARTE Experience
Update 08/11/2022 (1 year ago )

Introduction about Vandals MOD

The superb stealth-action game Vandals features expressive graphics and requires the player to create street art. The user’s task in this game is to sketch on the walls of homes and other locations. The protagonist must be mindful of the police because such actions are seen as vandalism. Gamers will be able to go to numerous cities throughout the globe while playing, retain sketches in the most inhospitable locations, and collect all of the awards. You must also solve intriguing puzzles at each step.

Vandals MOD {{version}} (Full) Vandals 1 min

Vandals is a challenging puzzle game featuring a variety of interesting scenarios

Painting works of art on the buildings and erecting striking images in the street are only two of the many ways that street art can be expressed. However, this is an illegal conduct that goes against both the law and the will of the populace. Join Vandals for the chance to take on the role of a villain and produce works of art on the streets.

The presence of the cops and the police dog, however, will make matters more challenging than they already are. After completing various missions successfully, your objective is to assist the main character in escaping from the police. In essence, this is a really audacious concept from the publisher ARTE Experience.

Escape the pursuit of the cops

The pursuit scenarios involving vandals and the police are investigated by vandals. The player must make an effort to get out of the police’s line of sight while acting as a vandal. This game is turn-based, and to get the correct answer, you must use the system of moving green or red arrows on the screen. In addition, the hat icon will serve as the canvas for your artwork.

You must leave as soon as you can after making it to the hat’s position successfully. In the next levels, police surveillance will continuously increase, reducing the player’s freedom of movement. In order to finish the job before the police show there, you must have a plan for getting to the areas on the screen strategically.

Use a variety of tactics to divert attention

Vandals not only offers challenging escape objectives, but also gives players access to a variety of practical gear for dodging police pursuit. More specifically, you can use the tools on the screen to make a phony noise to divert the cops. It can sound like a siren, a glass bottle, or something else.

Keep in mind that there are just a few uses for the in-game sound tools. Therefore, you must relocate to the ideal place if you want to take full advantage of its potential. Sometimes the boss will oversleep and make snap decisions. At this stage, you must utilize tools to produce sounds in an effort to startle them into moving earlier than expected.

Vandals MOD (FULL)

Recognizable cartoon graphic design

One of the noticeable aspects of a typical cartoon style is the visuals of the vandals. As soon as you begin the game, you will be astounded by the level of detail that is displayed. You won’t be let down by the game’s straightforward level design, which transports players to various settings. In addition, this game’s colors and transition effects are expertly created to give players the finest possible experience.

Unique Mechanics

Turn-based maneuvers are used in the gameplay of the Vandals Mod. Green and red arrows on the road indicate a moving system. The direction of the supervisor is indicated by the red arrow. To avoid getting caught by them, you must evade. Try to move to the spot with the hat icon as well. This is the location where you may indulge your love of street art. by using several paint colors to create artwork on the wall. then make your way successfully to the escape point. As the level of difficulty rises. There will be more supervisors engaged.

Five cities, more than 60 levels, and numerous supervisors

You can explore more than 60 levels of gameplay spread over 5 different cities. Paris, Sao Paulo, Berlin, New York, and Tokyo among them. Every city in Vandals Mod has a distinctive street layout. There are numerous different play levels in each city. One by one, complete the levels of the city. A new city will be your destination. with the arrival of numerous different managers. Not just cops, but also guards and sniffing dogs. Each level of play occurs in each terrain. The yellow star, on the other hand, can be everywhere. After crossing the finish line, if you want to succeed at your highest level. To gather, you must move to the gold star position.

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Vandals Features

  • An epic story full of intrigue and suspense
  • Multiple levels, each with its own difficulties
  • Lovely animations and graphics
  • Earn achievements and unlock new locations as you progress through the game.
  • Fun gameplay with missions and challenges to complete

Vandals FAQs

Why should I play Vandals?

Because it's fun! And because you won't find another game like it on Google Play.

Will there be any ads in Vandals?

There are no ads in Vandals at all—not even during gameplay. You can play without interruption or distraction!

How many levels are there in Vandals?

There are more than 20 levels in Vandals! Each level has its own unique challenges, making it a fun and exciting experience for you.

Vandals MOD Conclusion

Vandals is a challenging puzzle game featuring a variety of interesting scenarios. Escape the pursuit of the cops using different tactics to divert attention and keep them busy while you make your escape.

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