Worms Zone.io MOD APK {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Skin Unlock)
Worms Zone.io MOD APK {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Skin Unlock)

Worms Zone.io MOD APK 3.8.6 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Skin Unlock)

By thanhtung - 12/09/2022
Name Worms Zone.io
Version 3.8.6
MOD Features Unlimited money, resources
Size 104.9 MB
Requires Android 5.1+
Category Games
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Price FREE
Update 12/09/2022 (1 year ago )

If you have ever played a snake hunting game, the game that is about to be introduced right now will not be too strange for you anymore. Worms Zone.io MOD is inspired by the legendary snake hunting game on keyboard phones. This game has a basic gameplay error that is not too big different from the legendary game. This gameplay was born in the era of technology 4.0 development. The game publisher has equipped the game with many advanced and modern technologies. With 3D graphics, colorful colors inspire game players to enjoy more. The game is completely free for the android operating system. 

Download Worms Zone.io MOD – The battle of the underground dwellers

Worms Zone.io MOD is an entertaining game regardless of age. Everybody can download and enjoy the game. Initially, you will customize yourself a worm based on personal preferences and the game has a lot of options for each person. The only thing players share in common is size. In each battle, players will have to find their food source, fighting against stronger opponents who are waiting to devour their worms. Be calculating in every step and use your wits to avoid unwanted collisions, always look for enhancement to increase your size, and avoid violating the rules if you do not want to be eliminated early.

This MOD will make the game even easier with unlimited money, skins unlockable, etc. Enthusiasts could easily get this mod onto their mobile device by downloading the this MOD through this gateway HTWARES. Our platform also provides many mods for top trending games such as Clash of Clans, Plants vs Zombies 2, Subway Surfers, etc.

Worms Zone.io MOD

Worms Zone.io MOD – Mindset for success  

The underground battles in Worms Zone.io MOD  are ruthless between you and other players. Finding a way to eliminate your opponent is very important if you don’t want life to come to an end. There is a good strategy that helps you overcome more creatures and the game requires you to have quick thinking and reflexes to confront dangerous situations. Learn and find out tips to help you win against all the opponents around you. The appearance does not determine your victory. Ingenuity is the factor that makes it possible to win. The rankings of those with the highest scores are constantly updated so try to achieve the highest positions.

Worms Zone.io MOD – Character design

Character appearance in Worms Zone.io MOD is always a noticeable point. The fresh color gamut will give you a user-friendly experience, defining yourself as a worm with more than 50 options that come with their uniqueness. Even if you are extremely picky, Worms Zone.io MOD could easily satisfy you. The skins also make everything more lovely and full of life. Personalizing the character you choose will always pull the eyes of the players around. Especially when you have just owned yourself a worm with good taste in style. 

Worms zone.io MOD

Worms Zone.io MOD – Tips and tricks

Knowledge is power. Knowing the right move in Worms Zone.io MOD to make is always a cornerstone for success Let us walk you through some steps that could help you emerge victorious.

Make sure nothing is wasted

Wandering in the underworld of Worms Zone.io MOD , you will find consistently leftovers from other worms. Be sure to consume everything in your path as this will enlarge you. Additionally, when you obliterate another creature, please eat all the goods that you would find around you. The more you grow, the easier the game is. Having said that, be aware of other small beings though.

Anybody can kill anybody

Please don’t be out of touch and presume that just because you are the largest, no one can challenge you. If one wrong step is made, death will follow – so think twice before doing anything!

Take advantage of boosts

Enhancements might come in handy at times. For example, in a dire situation, temporary enlargement could save you from certain death.

Attack wins games, defense wins you titles

The famous line implies that the utmost aspect of the game is defense. Trying to avoid being encircled otherwise you are going to meet your maker. Try to use this tactic against other worms and force them to engage on your terms. 

Don’t start a war if you cannot achieve a victory

Naturally, larger opponents will approach and provoke you. Don’t let them fool you and try to dodge them if you can. Instead, enlarge yourself furthermore and be formidable, when you return and face them, you would get a higher chance of winning the fight.

Worms Zone.io MOD – Visual effect

To be able to create an image of a flexible worm. The developer builds this game from the ground up using the most common 3D engine. The color gamut is extremely vibrant. Players can personalize the appearance of their worm in aspects such as color, design, etc. Creating the uniqueness representing your style and taste.

Worms Zone.io MOD

Worms Zone.io MOD – FAQs

Get banned when using the MOD?

Using the mod could get you banned, that is a compromise you have to make for an online title. However, you could use your backup account or OS simulation.

Please contact admin or support if you fail to download the link.

Slow download speed?

Please check with your internet provider for support since we use high-speed servers which are capable of handling heavy traffic during rush hour.


To create a healthy and competitive environment and bring back the nostalgia of the Snake game on an old Nokia phone with upgraded graphics, the game takes all the traditional values and incorporates them with modern technology. An honorable mention is audio, it also impresses players and fans of the game. Additionally, the game does not require players to have extensive mechanical skills or complicated thinking. Worm Zone has succeeded its predecessor in all aspects to provide players with a worthy experience.

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