Zombie Tsunami MOD APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Zombie Tsunami MOD APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK 4.5.116 (Unlimited Money)

By chryzrodriguez07 - 09/09/2022
Name Zombie Tsunami
Version 4.5.116
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 78MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Update 09/09/2022 (1 year ago )

Introduction about Zombie Tsunami MOD

Zombie Tsunami MOD is a game with a simple premise: run around and eat people. And while that may sound like it would get boring after a while, the game manages to stay interesting throughout thanks to its huge number of upgrades, power-ups, and different ways to play. Plus, there’s an awesome moral choice system that allows you to play either good or evil!

You’ve never seen a zombie game like this before

In Zombie Tsunami MOD, you can choose from a variety of different zombies to play as and complete levels with. Each level has its own unique objective like collecting coins or killing other players. Plus, the game comes with great graphics and sound effects that add to its overall appeal. The game is fun and addictive—it’ll keep you coming back for more!

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money) Zombie Tsunami MOD 1 min

Control a horde of zombies attacking people on the streets and eating their brains

This game is based on the old classic Zombie Tsunami where you control a group of zombies attacking people in the streets and eating their brains. The game has been updated with more graphics and new features including multiplayer!

In Zombie Tsunami MOD, you are taking control over your own zombie horde and unleash them into the world to cause mayhem and destruction. You can command these zombies in many ways: by tapping on different parts of the screen, using gestures.

You can also customize your own zombie by choosing his clothes, skin color etc., so that he looks exactly like yourself!

Run and eat as many humans as possible

  • Collect coins to unlock new zombies and levels.
  • Start with simple zombies, but become a super zombie after eating lots of humans!

Choose your favorite zombie from the widest selection available in a zombie game

Choosing your favorite zombie from the widest selection available in a zombie game is optional. You can also choose to play with one of the 8 different zombies and their special abilities, or you can unlock more by completing the game or purchase them with money. Each zombie has its own unique skin that you can change by spending money on them.

Collect 8 different power-ups and bonuses to run further and destroy more

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money) Zombie Tsunami MOD 2 min

You can get these power-ups by destroying crates. The power-ups are:

  • Jetpack – This will enable you fly longer and higher than normally.
  • Super Speed – You’ll be able to run faster than before and destroy more zombies on your way.
  • Invincibility – This gives you immunity against the attacks of enemies such as zombies, spiders, bats etc. It also prevents you from losing health while moving around in this mode
  • Zombie Magnetism – Attracts all nearby zombies towards your character so that they can attack him/her immediately after it is activated; also helps in getting rid of any annoying spider webs or other obstacles lying in front of the player’s path which obstruct his/her movement forward towards reaching higher levels without having to face any hassle whatsoever!

Find all the mutation combos to evolve and become the most feared zombie on Earth!

You’ll earn new mutations by evolving, which happens automatically when your zombie reaches a specific level. Each mutation has a unique effect on your zombie and you can choose to evolve or not. Evolving gives you a new look and new abilities that can help you survive longer against the other zombies or even other players! You won’t be able to evolve until you have unlocked the mutation, so keep playing to unlock more and more of them!

Play in 11 different worlds with 750 separate levels to discover, including New York, Paris, China…

Play in 11 different worlds with 750 separate levels to discover, including New York, Paris, China and more. Each world has 75 levels that you need to pass in order to complete the game. The game features 7 different game modes:

The first one is Story Mode where you can play all over the world by trying to survive a zombie tsunami.

After that there is Survival mode where you have to stay alive as long as possible by killing zombies with your gun or even your bare hands!

Zombie Tsunami MOD - You Can Eat your Friends

In Multiplayer mode you can compete against other players online and see who will be the last man standing! You can also play offline against a friend on one device or get together for some co-op action!

If those aren’t enough modes then check out Zombie Rush Mode where there are no limits on how many zombies appear at once so watch out for them coming from all directions at once!

Zombie Tsunami MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Ads Removed

Zombie Tsunami MOD FAQS

What are the Zombie Tsunami MOD Unlimited Money?

The Zombie Tsunami MOD Unlimited Money is a cheat that will allow you to get unlimited gold and diamonds in your game. You can use this cheat to buy any kind of resources or upgrade your character without paying anything. This mod is one of the best ways to play the game without paying any money.

How do I install the Zombie Tsunami MOD Unlimited Money?

The first thing that you need to do is download the mod from our website. Once you have downloaded it, open it and click on “Install” button. After that, go back to your game and enjoy playing with unlimited resources!

What if something went wrong during my installation?

If somehow something went wrong during installation process, please try again by using different browser or remove all cookies from your device (if you have any).

Zombie Tsunami MOD Conclusion

Zombie Tsunami MOD is an awesome game that has been downloaded by millions of people. This mod will help you to get unlimited money and resources. Download here on HTWARES and be one of the hordes.

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