Download Static Shift Racing MOD APK {{version}} Menu, Unlimited Money, Nitro
Download Static Shift Racing MOD APK {{version}} Menu, Unlimited Money, Nitro

Download Static Shift Racing MOD APK 57.6.0 Menu, Unlimited Money, Nitro

By thanhtung - 11/08/2023
Name Static Shift Racing
Version 57.6.0
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Nitro
Size 100MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Timbo Jimbo
Update 11/08/2023 (9 months ago )

Static Shift Racing MOD is built with familiar racing gameplay, you will perform many tasks in your racing journey. The game is loved by many players because of its attractive gameplay and unique features. Driving while on duty will bring interesting experiences. The game will be the perfect choice for you to entertain in your free time.

Learn about the racing game Static Shift Racing MOD

If you need a racing game with a variety of challenges, you cannot miss the name Static Shift Racing. The game released by Timbo Jimbo, is currently very popular today. You will drive on impressive 4-wheelers with many different models. Unleash players to show their talent for driving obstacles.

Static Shift Racing MOD classic track
Static Shift Racing MOD classic track

The game is built towards a classic style, the context appears quite gloomy. You will participate in many game modes, can go on quests or compete with opponents. The game brings the best races to players. With difficult challenges, players will be more interested and want to conquer.

Familiar gameplay

With the racing game genre, players will choose for themselves a car to accompany on the tracks. The game Static Shift Racing MOD is the same, you will choose the car at the system before starting the challenge. But initially, racing cars will be limited, you need to unlock to own more cars. To unlock, you need to pass the races to earn bonuses to buy new cars.

Players will control the racing car through virtual keys including turn button, brake, throttle, gear lever. There is a panel showing the racing speed so players can monitor and adjust. Besides, there will be a miniature map in the upper left corner for players to move along to do missions. Real-time races, you will experience in exciting races. The fast pace of the game gives players the most authentic feeling.

Experience familiar gameplay
Experience familiar gameplay

Unique features not to be missed in Static Shift Racing MOD

It is impossible not to mention the features in the game, which make players love. Let’s explore the following unique features right before starting the racing matches.

Many modes to conquer

In order for players to have many choices in the game mode, Static Shift Racing has brought many choices. It’s racer mode, challenge mode; These are two modes for players to experience. With racer mode you will participate in missions through levels, to train racers and improve playing skills. There will be hundreds of different challenges and you will experience from easy to difficult levels.

Once you are confident with your racing ability, you can go to challenge mode. This is a playground for you to race with other players. You will join other players in a fiery race. You will show your talent in driving obstacles and leading to the finish line. After winning, you will receive many items to upgrade as well as unlock many new cars.

Choice to customize racing cars

In the game you will experience many different car models. Each car will have a different design and differ in speed indicators. The 4-wheelers are inspired by the 80s and 90s, with a classic style.

With a car you have chosen, you can customize the paint color or add accessories such as rims, full-body cladding, roof and spoiler. You will like to create a car with a new and impressive look on the racing track.

Impressive classic style cars
Impressive classic style cars

Impressive Static Shift Racing MOD racing space

The game is built with a classic style with sharp 3D graphics. The racing cars are well-designed with impressive colors and accessories. The races take place in diverse contexts from quiet cities to forests or green beaches. You will feel everything more realistically through the game’s sound system. The sound of the engine when he touches or the impressive squeezing phases.

How for players to download the game Static Shift Racing MOD to their phones

The game is extremely simple to download to your phone through the following steps, you can do it:

  • Step 1: Access the Xapkfree link, then enter the game keyword Static Shift Racing MOD in the game search box.
  • Step 2: Search and select the above game application, scroll down and click Download to download the game to your phone.
  • Step 3: Wait for 2-3 minutes for the game application to be downloaded to your device, after downloading you can play the game right away.

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Summary of some frequently asked questions about the game Static Shift Racing MOD

Here are some questions collected from players about the game, let’s answer it right away.

What operating system can the game Static Shift Racing MOD play on?

The game is compatible to download and play on both Android and iOs systems.

Can Static Shift Racing race with friends online?

Of course, it is possible, in challenge mode you will participate in online races.

Does the game Static Shift Racing drain battery when playing?

The game has a lightweight and optimal configuration with the device, so it does not drain much battery when playing.

Final verdicts

Relax and relieve all stress with Static Shift Racing MOD, a racing game loved by many players. The game brings many attractive features to players, is a game worth experiencing.

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