Download Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD APK {{version}} Unlock
Download Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD APK {{version}} Unlock

Download Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD APK 1.0.18 Unlock

By thanhtung - 10/08/2023
Name Bladepoint: Nirvana
Version 1.0.18
MOD Features Unlock
Size 123MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher XiaoMa
Update 10/08/2023 (10 months ago )

Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD fighting game is set in a simulated middle neck. Bringing an impressive and attractive experience space. Playing the game in online mode, you can experience in many game modes. Diverse game character store, you can choose your favorite character. This is an impressive entertainment game that you should not miss.

Learn about the game Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD

Vivid battles are simulated realistically and addictive. The game is released by XiaoMa, free to download and play on the phone. Here you will participate in many different modes, and each level is a separate mission. The game context is beautifully designed with a large space for you to explore.

Fighting game in the ancient world
Fighting game in the ancient world

The playground for you to challenge with many friends online, the system brings many features to players. Players operate simply through virtual buttons on the screen, easy to understand gameplay. You will meet many enemies in the adventure, trying to defeat to complete the mission.

Interesting gameplay

Coming to Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD you will participate in online battles. You will play with the same machine or other online player. Before starting the adventure, you will choose the hero from the game hero arsenal. There are many heroes here, each hero will have its own skill. Just tap to view the character information and choose the right hero for you.

You will start on your adventure, you can perform missions through game dialogue. Your task is to destroy all enemies that appear, you can move, fly and jump anywhere. The space here is extremely large, on the journey you can collect more power, unlock horses to run. Each hero has 1 normal hit and 4 skills, you will touch them to perform attack operations.

Experience the playspace with impressive features
Experience the playspace with impressive features

The battle in the historical world of Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD

If you love sword movies, then Bladepoint: Nirvana will be the right game for you. Built with ancient 3D graphics, the details are irreproachably vivid. Each battle is an exciting experience, you will discover many new things in the game.

Engage in exciting PvP wars

You will have two modes to play the game, mission mode and online battle mode. With mission mode, you will fight designated enemies and there is a limit to the number. With this mode, you will practice skills and collect many important items. You will play through each level, the difficulty will increase gradually and challenge the player more.

With online game mode, you will participate in 1v1 or 3v3 matches. You will fight with other players everywhere. Each battle will be played in a new location, the goal is to win the opponent. You need to hone your skills and be skillful in battles.

Join the Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD arena
Join the Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD arena

Discover characters in many sects

The hero arsenal is divided into many different sects, each hero will have its own weapons and skills. You can find shamans using staffs, Sun Wukong using sticks, swordsmen, shamans, umbrella-wielding foxtails, archers, spear-wielding heroes,… With such a diverse character store, you can choose the right character for the battle.

The choice of character also greatly affects your victory. Before choosing a character, you need to find the skill and strengths of the character. Just the right skill at the right time you will overcome any challenge.

Experience many fighting lands Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD

Bladepoint: Nirvana creates quite impressive space, you are explored to new places. Expand to explore new lands with new adventures. Explore the ways the forest breaks or fight monsters in dungeons. The space is full of mysteries waiting for you to explore, just complete the quest you can unlock the new level.

Steps to download the game Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD to your phone

For players to easily download the game, let’s do the following simple way to download the game:

  • Step 1: You need to access Xapkfree, then enter the game keyword Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD in the game search box.
  • Step 2: The game application appears, then click Download to download the game to your phone.
  • Step 3: Then the game starts downloading for 2-3 minutes is the application available on the player’s phone.

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FAQs about game Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD

Here we summarize some questions of players about the game, let’s explore.

Is it possible to choose the right language when playing the game Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD?

Of course, yes, there are many different languages for players to choose accordingly.

Do characters in the game Bladepoint: Nirvana need to be unlocked?

Some heroes will need to be unlocked, when you reach that level you will unlock new stronger heroes.

Is there a fee to download the game Bladepoint: Nirvana to your phone?

The answer is no, download the game completely free to your phone, so you can rest assured to download.

Final verdicts

Bladepoint: Nirvana MOD opens up an ancient world with many interesting experiences. A diverse hero system brings interesting experiences to players. Quickly download the game to your phone for a moment of relaxing entertainment.

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