Download Plants vs Zombies MOD APK {{version}} Unlimited
Download Plants vs Zombies MOD APK {{version}} Unlimited

Download Plants vs Zombies MOD APK 3.3.0 Unlimited

By thanhtung - 27/09/2022
Name Plants vs Zombies
Version 3.3.0
MOD Features Unlimited
Size 87MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Update 27/09/2022 (2 months ago )
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Surely you cannot forget plants vs Zombies MOD hot for a while. This is a game that is played a lot on both PC and phone. Join the game you will have to plant plants to destroy the zombie army. Let’s find out through the game content.

General introduction about Plants vs Zombies MOD 

Games produced by PopCap
Games produced by PopCap

Plants vs Zombies MOD is a game produced by the famous PopCap game company. The game gives players an interesting experience of weapons. These are exotic flowering plants and fruits. You will use them to deal with the army of zombies that are frantically attacking your home.

Starting the game you will select the right plants into the selected maximum cells. Do not select more than the allowed number. So you need to carefully consider what kind of fruit tree you need.

Alternating such levels will have many different game modes for players to relax. Besides, there are also changes in day and night and terrain. From there you will be able to find yourself plants with suitable uses for that level.

What is more attractive is that the trees and fruits will have a variety of expressions. Colorful images and vivid sounds. The zombie army is also portrayed funny but no less terrifying. Try not to let them into the cafeteria, there is only one car for one lane.

Plants vs Zombies MOD game guide

Players will start from Adventure mode. This is a mode containing 50 games throughout to the final boss. First you will be given a single-barrel gun to shoot ordinary zombies. There appear instructions that only you collect sun points and plant plants down the strip of grass.

Rounds 1-7 with a wave of zombies
Rounds 1-7 with a wave of zombies

After each level when you have finished destroying the zombie wave, you will unlock a new plant or zombie mail. And up to the first stage you will have 6 cells containing plants to plant for each stage.

You always need to leave an umbrella for the sunflower because it will fall out to the sun. And you can choose plants that deal moderate damage and value. For example, a single-barrel gun has a fast recovery time, the damage is 150 suns. 

For more powerful types such as fixed mines or cherries. They will last longer and are usually used only once.

Interspersed with that there will be other modes so you can earn money or be given trophies. 

Outstanding features of Plants vs Zombies MOD

Rich game modes

The levels are not only encapsulated in Adventure but also interspersed with other attractive modes. 

  • Adventure: This mode has 50 levels in 5 scenes including daytime, night and morning pool, evening pool and roof. In each scene there are 2 special acts 5 and 10.
  • Mini-games: This mode includes 20 interesting mini-screens. If you win one of those stages you will be given a trophy. Unlock the next level, you have to win that cup.
  • Puzzle: Played smashing pots and placing undead to break trees but only 18 trophies.
  • Survival: Overcome 10 fierce small levels in which zombies can shoot bullets at you.
  • Zen Garden Incubator: Plant trees for money and trees are received when playing or purchased from Crazy Dave’s store.
Your neighbor Dave in the game
Your neighbor Dave in the game

Variety of plants only in the game

There are a total of 42 types of plants you will discover throughout the game. Each type will have its own uses and strengths. Depending on the context, you will choose up to 6 or 7 types for each stage.

Diverse zombie system 

In the game you will meet many types of zombies with different costumes. Costumed zombies will usually be the easiest to destroy. But such types as athlete zombies or giant zombies are difficult to destroy. You will have to select the right plants to stop them on the way right away.

Instructions to download Plants vs Zombies MOD at HtWares

  • Step 1: Go to the HtWares link and search for the game application name.
  • Step 2: Click Download to download the game to your device.
  • Step 3: After downloading, you can click the icon to enter the game.

In addition, you can also immediately download good games here such as Mad Skills Motocross 3, Township MOD,…

FAQs about Plants vs Zombies MOD

Is it necessary to pay to download the game?

At HtWares you are completely free to download this game.

How much space is the game?

The game is only 90MB in size.

How to get rid of unnecessary plants?

In the game there will be a shovel next to the plant plot that can help you remove them.


Plants vs Zombies MOD is still a very popular game today among other types of zombie games. If you have not played, download it now to experience the fun of this game. 

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