Township MOD APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money +9999)
Township MOD APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money +9999)

Township MOD APK 9.4.0 (Unlimited Money +9999)

By thanhtung - 16/09/2022
Name Township
Version 9.4.0
MOD Features Unlimited money, resources
Size 138.7 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Playrix
Update 16/09/2022 (1 year ago )

Township MOD lets you build dreamy cities to your liking. In this city, you get to play the role of the person with the highest power and you can delegate work for everyone to do. With the ultimate goal of making the city more beautiful and developed. Build and take this place to a new level. First, you turn the land that is barren, desolate, and remote into the best quality entertainment area. At that time, many people pay attention and they will pay a fee to visit and your income will increase significantly. The main job of the player is to develop the farm from sowing seeds, to harvesting or raising a certain animal is up to you to decide. Also, please find out the conditions of the landscape to make the most reasonable plans.

Township MOD – A brief introduction

Township MOD – City building and farm development

Join Township MOD you will become a powerful boss in the city as you hold in hand a large land of thousands of HECTARES. You are free to develop it into a big farm and when you first enter the game, there won’t be much money for you to do this and the supporting machine tools are quite rudimentary. To improve, scale your business and try to complete the tasks entrusted by the system. Buy more new varieties of plants and animals to make your farm more diverse since plants and animals in the game are plenty. There are all kinds of animals, trees, tubers, fruits, etc. which in fact all farmers have. Unleash your passion, develop this promised land into the strongest and most modern center and earn more bonuses and higher profits. Are you interested in more games now? You can also download other mods at Htwares for games such as Plants vs Zombies 2, Clash of Clans, and Subway Surfers.

Township MOD

Township MOD – Transport vehicles and machinery

It is a labor-intensive agricultural industry, If you only work with human strength, it will take a lot of energy and time. Don’t worry Township MOD has a modern technology system for players to apply to their farms. When investing in machinery in the production stages, you will save a lot more costs on hiring people to do it and work will become automated, and you have more free time. When harvesting goods, do things that you love and use transportation vehicles such as tractors, trains, cars, etc. especially since there are extremely modern means of transport such as the helicopter and you can use it to transport goods everywhere in the city.

Township MOD

Township MOD – Vivid graphics and sound

The colorful world is opened up extremely practically in Township MOD. You can see that the color of the game is quite prominent with light colors as the main one that has made this gameplay stand out. The color of the plant, the flowers, the bulbs, etc. is not inferior to real life. The shaping of friendly pets will bring a sense of closeness between humans and animals. High-quality sound, especially the background music of the game helps players relax more, and the background music is gentle, and engaging to players.

Township MOD

Township MOD – Become the #1 supplier of goods with MOD Feature

You must focus and try to transform into the largest distributor and supplier of agricultural products in this city. To accomplish this, you need to build your farm on a wider scale. At the same time, ensure the quality of all types of products are good to impress people. When harvesting fruits, tubers, pets, etc., you will not need to worry about the problem of inventory, because all goods immediately after harvest will be put into a warehouse for storage. If you want to sell it, it can also be sold easily. You can sell in small volumes or sell in bulk. The selling price will be specified from the beginning so try to become the largest supplier of agricultural goods in the region. With our mod, you can easily take over the crown since your resources are endless

Township MOD –  FAQs

How to install Township MOD?

Each version of Township MOD has a different installation method. So on the download page of each version, we have specific installation instructions.

Does Township MOD take up a lot of space in your system?

No, the game is relatively reasonable in terms of consuming storage but please double-check your system before downloading

If there is a problem with the broken link, cannot download the file, please report it to our webmasters for Township MOD. Thank you!

Township MOD – Conclusion

Township MOD where you can build your own farm and develop and expand that farm to grow stronger. In parallel with the development of the city, you need to develop and make sure the security system is good enough. Do not let the theft of agricultural products, cause riots in the city because being a big boss hasn’t been that easy. Download Township MOD to build a farm to your taste.

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