Download My Cafe Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Diamonds, Coins, VIP 7
Download My Cafe Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Diamonds, Coins, VIP 7

Download My Cafe Mod Apk 2022.8.0.2 Menu, Diamonds, Coins, VIP 7

By thanhtung - 15/10/2022
Name My Cafe
Version 2022.8.0.2
MOD Features Menu, Diamonds, Coins, VIP 7
Size 138MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Melsoft Games Ltd
Update 15/10/2022 (8 months ago )

Always want to own a café at will, but do not have enough capital to do business, besides not having real combat experience. 

Are you confused and bored and don’t know what to do? Hearing that heart, My Cafe Mod was officially born with the goal of helping you and those who have the same desire to become a reality.

My Cafe Mod game: Unleash your creativity in your own way
My Cafe Mod game: Unleash your creativity in your own way

Create your stylish café

My Cafe Mod gives each participant to play a café as desired, and your task is to do business and develop it to the best of your ability.

Don’t think this is a game so you can complete it simply and easily. Because of everything difficult you can encounter in real life, in the game there will be everything. Only then will it show the mastery as well as the endurance inside you.

From decorating the interior to attract customers, deciding the price of each dish, making a daily menu to training employees, you all have to get it done.

However, the most difficult thing is not those things, it is your branded coffee recipe. Customers come to your coffee shop because all of those factors add up.

And now are you ready for the journey to conquer your desires? Under your direction, how will the café make great strides?

Business model development

My Cafe Mod only provides you with a small coffee shop with simple tables and chairs, not a little attractive. Then through the process of investing and developing both money and effort, you have successfully attracted more customers every day. 

A detailed business strategy and constant boldness come from the desire to develop a broader business model, with many branches everywhere. 

However, to do this, you need to unlock interior equipment divided equally by levels such as automatic coffee machines, pastry counters, beverage vending machines, decorative objects … Then it can be completed.

Get to know your customers better

One interesting thing about My Cafe Mod is that it will create a chat space between customers and you. 

Listen to opinions and suggestions to improve and be more thoughtful day by day. Besides, it is to overcome the limitations encountered and find a better solution for everything.

You can spend more time listening to interesting sharing from people from different walks of life and get the most extensive view of your upcoming idea.

Get to know the customers in the café better
Get to know the customers in the café better

Outstanding features only at My Cafe Mod

  • Interact and experience the business through the My Cafe Mod game system.
  • There are more than 200 sophisticated and new interior decoration objects.
  • Various types of menus such as color: white, pink, blue, yellow.
  • Serve many different foods and drinks such as bread, fruits, confectionery.
  • Discover the strange things in the town you are in and create many new relationships.
  • Train employees and manage employees according to a strict, clear system.

Guide to download My Cafe Mod game at HTWARES

  • Step 1: Players follow the Htwares link and search for the game name “My Cafe Mod”.
  • Step 2: Then click on the Download box to start the process of downloading the game to the device used.
  • Step 3: Successfully download, players should click on the icon of the game to be able to start participating in the experience.

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Since its launch on the game market, My Cafe Mod has quickly reached a huge number of downloads. If you want to know more about this game, please refer to some related questions as follows:

Do café business games have an age requirement?
Do café business games have an age requirement?

Can My Cafe Mod be played offline?

To experience this exciting game, you need to have an Internet connection with your device.

Do café business games have an age requirement?

Anyone can join My Cafe Mod, so what are you waiting for without quickly downloading it!

Is My Cafe Mod charged or not?

When downloading the Htwares link, you will not have to spend any experience costs. Besides, it also ensures the safety of the equipment used.


My Cafe Mod game gives users the most realistic experience if they intend to do business in a coffee shop. Will you know what you might encounter and how to deal with it?

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