Mages Survival MOD APK 1.9.5 (Menu/Damage Multiplier/Immortality)
Mages Survival MOD APK 1.9.5 (Menu/Damage Multiplier/Immortality)

Mages Survival MOD APK 1.9.5 (Menu/Damage Multiplier/Immortality)

By duycris - 12/12/2023
Name Mages Survival
Version 1.9.5
MOD Features Menu/Damage Multiplier/Immortality
Size 48.3 MB
Requires Android 5.1+
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher VerdantGem
Update 12/12/2023 (4 months ago )

Mages Survival MOD is a journey full of magic and adventure, where you will challenge yourself to survive in a mythical world full of difficulties. Prove your magical talent, build powerful bases, and face terrifying challenges in this game!

Mages Survival MOD

General overview of the game Mages Survival

Mages Survival is an exciting open-world base building and adventure game. In this game, players will play the role of a powerful magician, use magic to fight monsters and build bases to survive in a world full of dangers.

The gaming experience in Mages Survival combines action elements with dramatic magical fights and world-building elements with base building, resource gathering, and new magical research. With beautiful graphics and an open world, players will discover diverse lands, from jungles to scary caves, in their journey against the threat of monsters and learn about the secrets of this magical world.

The strengths in the game Mages Survival MOD

Mages Survival MOD is an impressive game with many unique strengths:

There are 6 classes of mages representing 6 different elements

In Mages Survival MOD, you have a variety of choices with 6 classes of mages representing 6 different magical elements. Each class carries its own unique powers and tactics, creating variety and creativity in the way you play.

Mages Survival MOD

More than 20 spells for players to choose from

The game offers more than 20 diverse spells, allowing players to choose and develop their fighting style. Customize spells to create powerful combinations and show creativity in using magic.

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Item system up to 80 different items, helping to improve strength

Mages Survival MOD comes with a diverse item system, with more than 80 different items for you to collect and use. These items can help you upgrade your mage’s strength, protection, and fighting ability.

Mages Survival MOD

Build a base and fight enemies who are attacking you

Mages Survival MOD provides a diverse base building experience where you can protect and develop your base. At the same time, you will have to confront the attacking enemies and find a way to stay alive in this challenging world.

Many attractive game modes such as challenges or overcoming obstacles

Mages Survival MOD is not only limited to one game mode, but also offers many different modes such as challenges or overcoming obstacles. This creates variety in the gaming experience and ensures that you will always have something new to discover and challenge.

Mages Survival MOD

What is special about the mod of Mages Survival?

The modded version of Mages Survival from the Xapkfree site offers a series of unique features and advantages that optimize the gaming experience:

Mod new menu features to assist gamers

This mod introduces new menu features that make it easy for players to manage and customize their experience. These features can include custom skins, quick selections, and ways to optimize management and improve mage powers.

One hit enemy in combat

This mod provides a “One hit” feature for enemies in combat, making it easy to destroy them quickly. This makes it convenient for you to experience the plot and missions without great difficulty in defeating the enemies.

Your army becomes immortal against enemy damage

With this mod feature, your army will become immortal against enemy damage. This brings great benefits in terms of protection and strength to your army, allowing you to focus on fighting and exploring the magical world without worrying about getting hurt.

FAQs when playing Mages Survival MOD

When participating in the game Mages Survival MOD, some frequently asked questions include:

Is it safe to play the mod of Mages Survival?

The Mages Survival MOD game is a custom version of the original game and is usually not officially released on the main app stores. So, the safety of playing the mod may depend on the download source and mod supply. To be on the safe side, choose to download from a reputable source and make sure that the site or mod source is reliable.

Does Game Mages Survival MOD have an age limit?

Mages Survival MOD may contain content suitable for mature players, and the age restriction usually depends on the rules of the mod supply. To make sure that the game is appropriate for your age, read the information carefully before downloading and playing the game.

Mages Survival MOD opens up an enchanting and unique magical world where you can enjoy a custom and enjoyable gaming experience. From choosing mage classes, creating tactics, and building powerful bases, to exploring diverse worlds and battling terrifying enemies, Mages Survival MOD offers an unlimited magical journey.

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