Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD APK 1.365 (Menu/Immortality/Acceleration)
Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD APK 1.365 (Menu/Immortality/Acceleration)

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD APK 1.365 (Menu/Immortality/Acceleration)

By duycris - 12/12/2023
Name Evil Hunter Tycoon
Version 1.365
MOD Features Menu/Immortality/Acceleration
Size 117.5 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Super Planet
Update 12/12/2023 (4 months ago )

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD opens up a whole new world in managing and developing a monster hunting town. With unlimited resources and money, you’ll have the ability to build a powerful city, gather super hunters, and conquer dramatic challenges from the dark world.

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD

About the game Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon is an exciting and challenging management game where you will take on the role of a city-building townowner and gather mighty hunters to fight hordes of monsters and evil hunters. This game combines elements of town management and RPG action, offering a unique and addictive experience.

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, you will have to build and develop your city, create facilities that produce resources and train hunters to face fearsome enemies. In addition to managing, you will also have to lead the hunters in the fight against monsters and collect valuable resources from them. With lovely graphics and diverse features, Evil Hunter Tycoon offers an exciting world full of potential for managers and lovers of this game genre.

Outstanding features in the game Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD brings a series of interesting and unique features, creating a unique gaming experience:

Transform into a mayor who builds and defends your city

In this game, you will play the role of a talented mayor, responsible for building and protecting your city from the threat of monsters and evil hunters. You will face management challenges and fight to protect the city’s residents and resources.

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD

Recruit and train hunters to fight monsters

An important part of the game is recruiting and training mighty hunters. You need to create a strong team, master combat skills, and gather resources from adventurous monster hunts.

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Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD

There are 4 hunter classes for players to collect and choose from

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD is characterized by providing players with 4 unique hunter classes for you to collect and choose. Each hunter class will have unique skills and personalities, helping you create a diverse squad and suit your tactics.

Many types of monsters are looking to take over your city

The world of Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD is very dangerous, with many types of scary monsters that always threaten your city. You will have to stop them and protect the city from the infiltration of dark forces in this dramatic journey.

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD

What are the benefits of the mod version of Evil Hunter Tycoon?

The modded version of Evil Hunter Tycoon offers many unique benefits and features that enhance the gaming experience:

Mod adds new menu features to support players

The mod of this game offers many new menu features, making it easy for players to manage their city and hunters. These features can include custom interfaces, quick selection, and ways to optimize resource management.

Mod immortal against monster damage

With the immortal mod feature against monster damage, players can focus on building and managing the city without worrying about losing health points or hurting from monster attacks.

Mod to help hunters move faster

The mod also offers a feature that helps hunters move faster in the game’s world. This enhances hunting and resource gathering performance, helping you develop your city more quickly and efficiently.

Notes when downloading the game Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD from the Xapkfree site

Before downloading the game Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD from the Xapkfree site, it is necessary to note the following points to ensure a safe and effective experience:

Choose the right Xapkfree website to download Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD safely

To download Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD safely, make sure you visit the official Xapkfree website or a reputable game download source. Avoid visiting unknown websites, to avoid the risk of downloading malicious or unsafe files for your device.

Enough free memory in the phone to install Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD

Before downloading and installing Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD, check if your phone has enough free storage space. The mod version may have a larger size than the original version, so make sure that you have enough space to install the game without storage issues.

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD opens up an interesting and unique world where you can enjoy the game with customization features and special offers. With this mod version, you’ll go through a journey to manage the city and hunt monsters more easily, and enjoy the dramatic and exciting gaming experiences.

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