Little Commander – WWII TD MOD {{version}} (Free Shopping)
Little Commander – WWII TD MOD {{version}} (Free Shopping)

Little Commander – WWII TD MOD v1.9.2 (Free Shopping)

By chryzrodriguez07 - 26/10/2022
Name Little Commander - WWII TD
Version v1.9.2
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 29MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Cat Studio
Update 26/10/2022 (11 months ago )

Introduction about Little Commander – WWII TD MOD

In Little Commander – WWII TD MOD, you have to build defenses and turrets to stop the enemy units from reaching your base. There are over 15 different types of turrets, which you can upgrade and unlock them as you play the game. There are also 10 unique levels waiting for you to complete!

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Little Commander – WWII TD MOD Game Overview

In a Tower defense game, you have to protect your base from enemies by building defensive structures in predetermined locations. The enemies are moving through the map along predefined paths and will automatically attack the closest target. If they cannot reach any targets, they will proceed to the next closest target and so on until reaching their final destination or being defeated.

Enemies are coming! Build the turrets to defense your base

It’s your job to build the turrets that will defend your base from the invading forces, so it’s important to build them strategically. When you tap a turret on the map, you’ll see its cost and effect details. Turrets can be built using money that you’ve earned from defeating enemies or from completing certain tasks. Each turret has a different cost and effect range, but once it’s built you can upgrade its effectiveness by spending more money. In addition to buying turrets with money earned during battle, upgrades must also be purchased with in-game currency or real-world funds (you won’t need either if you play through all 20 levels!).

You can improve and unlock your turrets

Unlock and upgrade turrets to make them more powerful. Upgrading a turret costs resources, but the cost will decrease as you level up.

  • Turrets have a level cap. Each upgrade increases the HP and damage done by your turrets.
  • You can also use the blueprints to upgrade your turrets’ effectiveness against certain types of enemies, such as air units or ground units with low armor (like tanks). Each blueprint has a specialized bonus that applies when upgrading all turrets of that type, such as increasing damage against helicopters by 10%.

10 unique levels to complete

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re you ready to take on the role of a small but mighty commander?

You’ll get to watch your troops fight their way through 10 unique levels in Little Commander – WWII TD. Choose from a variety of units that each have their own strengths and weaknesses, then send them into battle!

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new units and upgrade your existing ones. Keep an eye out for special upgrades that will give your units special abilities!

Defend against over 20 enemy units with 5 different types

Tower Defense is a game that requires you to defend a path from enemies. The game is played by placing towers along the path, which then attack the enemies as they move down it. Towers can be upgraded and can be combined with other towers for more powerful effects.

This game has a simple, old-school look, but there’s plenty of strategy involved in choosing which towers to place and when to upgrade them.

Earn achievements, share your score with friends online

By finishing particular tasks, you can obtain achievements. You can share your achievements with friends and other players online.

Once an achievement has been unlocked, it will be displayed on the Achievements screen.

Raid your enemies’ camps to win resources and honor!

Little Commander is a tower defense game set in World War II. You play as the commander of a small unit of soldiers, tasked with defending your camps from enemy raids. Each level starts with a map of your camps, which are represented by flags. The enemies will start appearing on the map, and you must move your troops to the camp they are attacking. Each time you defeat an enemy, you will get some resources and honor points (which can be used to upgrade your soldiers).

Easy, Medium, and Hard are the three degrees of challenge in the game. The higher the difficulty level, the more enemies will attack at once, so it’s important to have enough resources at hand if you want to stay alive!

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Features of Little Commander – WWII TD

  1. Unique TD strategy gameplay with a twist
  2. Cute little commander, big tanks and guns and massive enemy army
  3. Build your own base, then protect it from invading forces
  4. Unlock new commanders and upgrade them to fight against stronger enemies

Little Commander – WWII TD FAQs

How does Little Commander - WWII TD work?

Little Commander - WWII TD is a tower defense game set in the Second World War, where you play as a commander of a squad of soldiers and defend your base against enemy attacks. The game features unique graphics and gameplay to make it feel like you're actually playing a war simulation.

How do I play?

The game is played by placing your troops on the map and then watching them defend their base against enemy attacks. You can also switch between different soldiers and see how they fight off enemies or call in reinforcements. You can use special powers to help your soldiers fight off enemies or even call in air strikes!

Do I need an internet connection to play?

No! You don't need internet access at all to play this game, which means you can take it anywhere you go without worrying about connectivity issues.

Little Commander – WWII TD MOD Conclusion

With its colorful graphics, Tower Defense World War II game will keep you entertained for hours. It’s easy to play but you’ll have to put some effort into completing all 10 levels and get 3 stars on each level! Good luck!

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