Download Horizon Chase 2 MOD APK {{version}} Unlimited Money
Download Horizon Chase 2 MOD APK {{version}} Unlimited Money

Download Horizon Chase 2 MOD APK 2.6.5 Unlimited Money

By thanhtung - 12/08/2023
Name Horizon Chase 2
Version 2.6.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 4.9GB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Optional
Update 12/08/2023 (9 months ago )

Horizon Chase 2 MOD belongs to the impressive racing role-playing game genre. The game is integrated on mobile phones, unlimited experience for players. Players will race with other racers, the competitive war begins. The higher the finish line, the greater the reward received. Thrilling races will help players relax after working hours.

Discover the game Horizon Chase 2 MOD

If you have played through the game Horizon Chase, you must not miss part 2 Horizon Chase 2. Because of the love and support of players, Optional continues to release part two with more impressive races. Many new features and newer car inventories bring a fresh experience to players.

Racing game with impressive graphics
Racing game with impressive graphics

With realistic 3D graphics and fresh colors, it has increased the attractiveness of the races. The gaming scene is built inspired by famous locations. Always updated new playing space, so players both race and admire beautiful places. Players will participate in countless races, anytime and unlimited.

Vivid racing game gameplay

Then part 2 Horizon Chase 2 MOD is built with the same gameplay as the first part. You still choose a car to participate in the race and control to rise to high rankings. Initially you will choose the car in the system, there are many different models but need to be unlocked. Participate in the race of 20 other racers. To get the first ranking, you need to drive skillfully and upgrade the car to have a fast running speed.

Each race screen will take place in real time, and you just need to tilt the screen to adjust the orientation. The gameplay mechanism is quite idle, giving the feeling of driving on the road. On the track, there will be gas tanks or energy, try to collect to power the track. You will race in a closed loop, each race will have a limit on the number of laps and players follow the required number of laps.

Take part in impressive and thrilling races
Take part in impressive and thrilling races

Fascinating experience with the race Horizon Chase 2 MOD

It can be said that Horizon Chase 2 is an extremely impressive racing game and simple gaming mechanism. Your task is to move, accelerate and get ahead of every other racer to have a high finish rank. The game is fast-paced, everything happens quickly, bringing great experiences.

Experience the fiery online races

You will participate in two game modes in the game: Racing mode to conquer all terrain and race in the shortest time. With off-road racing mode, you will invite your friends to participate in a race. Overcome any terrain and complete the mission to the finish line in a high ranking. Here you will race with players around the world, dramatic competition.

As for the shortest time racing mode, limited challenge mode and player skills. In this mode, you will receive a great reward after completing the challenge. The racing screen will help you shoot quickly with difficult terrain, raising your own racer.

Interesting Horizon Chase 2 MOD races
Interesting Horizon Chase 2 MOD races

Impressive racing cars

The racing system in the game is diverse including many famous car manufacturers Ferrari, Grandlo GR45, McLaren, BMW ,… There are up to 20 different types of vehicles, with different colors and parameters. Cars with higher prices will have more power, you should accumulate money to own them. You can upgrade vehicle stats such as speed, energy, HP to improve power and move faster on the track.

Vast Horizon Chase 2 MOD racing map

The racing course in the game is quite diverse taken from the actual context with more than 70 tracks. You will drive in the desert, in the forest, on the ice, among lava, mountains or in the city. Everything appears extremely impressive and attractive, the context is constantly changing in each race. Experience the racing tracks during the day, at night, at sunset extremely vivid.

Steps to download the game Horizon Chase 2 MOD to the phone for players

The following is a guide to help players download free games to their phones quickly:

  • Step 1: Players download the game on the Xapkfree link, then enter the game keyword Horizon Chase 2 MOD in the game search box.
  • Step 2: Select the game application above, then scroll down to click Download to download the game to your phone.
  • Step 3: It takes 1-2 minutes for the application to be downloaded to your phone, now you can play the game right away.

You can still download many other mod games here such as: Static Shift Racing MOD, Dark Disciples MOD,…

Answer questions about the game Horizon Chase 2 MOD

Join us to learn and answer some questions of players about the game.

How big is the game Horizon Chase 2 MOD?

The game has a size of 4.9GB, you can consider when downloading on your phone.

Is there a race time limit in Horizon Chase 2?

In the game there is no race time limit, players will race in real time and reach the finish line.

How to unlock a car in Horizon Chase 2?

You will use the money obtained after each race to unlock the car inventory in the system.

Final verdicts

If you need to find an attractive game with simple gameplay, you should choose Horizon Chase 2 MOD. The game opens up an extremely impressive racing space with a dramatic race. Surely the experience will help you relax in times of fatigue.

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