Download Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod Apk {{version}} Unlimited Money
Download Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod Apk {{version}} Unlimited Money

Download Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod Apk 1.0.32 Unlimited Money

By thanhtung - 05/10/2022
Name Grand Truck Simulator 2
Version 1.0.32
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 123MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Pulsar GameSoft
Update 05/10/2022 (1 year ago )

Enter Grand Truck Simulator 2 you will be traveling the world on a genuine truck. Along with a high sense of responsibility to transport shipments to the destination. This promises to be a relief game when it is too boring with fighting games. Please read all the details about this game.

General introduction of Grand Truck Simulator 2

Large trucks in Grand Truck Simulator 2
Large trucks in Grand Truck Simulator 2

This is a game for those who simply love sitting on a control truck. Grand Truck Simulator 2 reimagines everything of a big truck. Adjust the screen interface yourself for a better experience. 

The game is like a real-life perspective. Recreate many realistic moments when driving a cargo truck. Collided with other vehicles. Take a long trip through the night in a variety of weather patterns. 

When controlling the car, use the button to keep the car balanced when carrying heavy objects. You will be hired to do cargo duty. When accumulating money you can become the manager of a large fleet of vehicles.

Also not only drive one car but you can unlock many other cars. You must always take care of your car. Upgrading the components of the car so that the car is always maintained durable.

How to play Grand Truck Simulator 2 at HtWares

In Grand Truck Simulator 2, there will be a wide viewing angle because of the horizontal interface. Covers the entire cockpit. At first you are a normal person who does not know how to drive. You need to study for a driver’s license exam. There are 5 types of licenses A, B, C, D, E. Each type of truck is different.

Carrying bulky cargo on major roads
Carrying bulky cargo on major roads

Players need to take the A test first with 7 lessons. They are relatively easy and just pay attention to the instructions and click follow. The articles near the end will be complete driving experiments. That’s when the logistics company wants you to deliver to them. Complete the 7th lesson the player receives an A degree.

Thanks to this degree you will unlock the next delivery jobs. After each shipment, you will have the experience of taking the exam with a B. Just like that saves money. Buy a new car, fix it, change the oil, refuel, etc. 

Sometimes you will have to carry much bulkier goods. So you must know how to combine virtual keys to help the car not overturn. Drive safely and move balanced. If it is hit hard, you will have to spend money to repair it. 

Later you will have the opportunity to have your own fleet if you know how to start a business. Then you will become a big boss with a strong fleet.

Outstanding features of Grand Truck Simulator 2

Extremely impressive graphics

The game publisher did a great job of meticulously sketching the space of the car and the cockpit. Bring a realistic perspective to gamers. And especially the new places every time the car passes are lively and beautiful.

Clear details in the cockpit
Clear details in the cockpit

The sound of the engine, the roar of the car and the sound of wheels rolling on the road. They combine to create a great scene.

Variety of truck models 

After saving money, you can buy another beautiful and better car. Many famous models in the world such as Mercedes Benz will make you admire. Own many trucks and enrich your car collection.

In addition, you can design the details of the car yourself. The smallest part you can still see. This is easy for replacement and repair.

Develop your career 

This is really interesting when gamers can set up a property by truck. Unless you want to be a hired driver, it’s pretty cool to own. With the money you have accumulated from the missions, you can use it to establish a company.

Then choose to give your fleet good drivers. Get more valuable orders.

Instructions on how to download Grand Truck Simulator 2

  • Step 1: Need to access the HtWares link and search for the game application name.
  • Step 2: Click Download to immediately download the game to your device.
  • Step 3: After downloading, you can click the game’s icon to play.

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FAQs about Grand Truck Simulator 2

Does it cost money when pressing to download the game?

The game is supported for free on the HtWares site.

What type of vehicle does a B driver's license correspond to?

Driver's license B corresponds to a truck with a large container.

How many in-game destinations are there?

There are more than 60 cities that will be destinations in the game.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above information about Grand Truck Simulator 2 has helped you understand how to play better. If you want to try your driver’s license test and set up a fleet, quickly download the game.

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