Download Flash Party MOD APK {{version}} Unlock
Download Flash Party MOD APK {{version}} Unlock

Download Flash Party MOD APK Unlock

By thanhtung - 12/08/2023
Name Flash Party
MOD Features Unlock
Size 223MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Update 12/08/2023 (9 months ago )

Flash Party MOD is a fun fighting game built with close graphics. You will participate in battles with other opponents at the party. In addition to playing completely play the game on the phone and experience it all the time. Simple gameplay that anyone can manipulate, the ideal gaming space for players.

General content about Flash Party MOD game

The Flash Party online competition field will take players to a fighting party with other players. With vivid and fun 3D graphics, contributing to fiery matches. The game is built and published by XD Entertainment Pte Ltd, the name of attractive strategy games. Open up intuitive battles with eye-catching effects.

Flash Party MOD arena full of fun
Flash Party MOD arena full of fun

With the online game mode, you will participate in unlimited challenge parties. Diverse combat space with many different terrains, to win you need to defeat the opponent. It is impossible to play through speakers, but you need skillful tactics and control skills to defeat opponents. Extremely attractive winning rewards are waiting for you to conquer.

Interesting gameplay

Coming to the game Flash Party Mod, players will choose the character to embody. Each character will have their own strength stats and fighting skills. But at first, you only own one hero character, and need to unlock to own a new character. The system controls the character intuitively through virtual buttons on the screen. Includes buttons to move characters to run, jump, kick, fly and combat skill buttons.

Just touch to manipulate the character and control the battle, quite simple for players. Just go through a game screen and you have mastered how to play the game. In the system, there are also daily tasks for players to earn more coins. Collect many coins you will have the opportunity to unlock powerful heroes.

Features not to miss in Flash Party MOD

The game is built with graphics close to youthful and funny characters, creating comfort when participating in playing. Along with that are the impressive features that the game brings, let’s explore right here.

Experience lively battle parties
Experience lively battle parties

Conquer multiple game modes

In Flash Party you can join the 1v1 fighting war or with 2v2 and 4 teammates. Each game mode will have its own rules such as the 4-player mode is a chaotic battle to find the only winner. With 2v2 mode, you and another player coordinate to defeat the opponent for rewards. Joining teammates should have a rhythmic combination to defeat the opponent.

Regardless of the mode, the ultimate goal is to survive and defeat all opponents. The arena is always exciting, there are always hourly matches. There will be parties taking place on weekends where online players meet. You will receive attractive rewards through fun minigames.

Diverse game character store

In the game, there are up to 20 hero characters for players to choose from. Includes hero character, apple, cat, snowman, beautiful girl,… Each game character is impressively shaped with its own skills.

To unlock you need to achieve the required number of stars, and upgrade them to the highest level to fully exploit character power. Explore each character to experience the interesting things in them.

Characters in the game have many colors of their own
Characters in the game have many colors of their own

Fresh Flash Party MOD graphics

In order to create a fun and relaxing gaming space, Flash Party has built 3D graphics with fresh colors. Here the characters are built with a youthful and fun appearance with many different shapes.

Each location where the war takes place is a novel space that can be on the street, indoors, outdoors,… With the constant renewal of the scene has created newness for players and reduced boredom.

Guide players to download Flash Party MOD game

If players do not know how to download the game to their phone, here are specific instructions:

  • Step 1: Access the Xapkfree link, then enter the keyword Flash Party MOD game in the game search box.
  • Step 2: Select the game application that appears, then scroll down to click Download to download the game to your phone.
  • Step 3: Connect to the network so that the app is loaded right after, a few minutes later the app will be on your phone.

At Xapkfree, players can download many other mod games such as: Age of Magic MOD, Emoji Puzzle! MOD,…

Answering players’ questions about Flash Party MOD

Join us to find out and answer some questions of players right below.

What is the right age to play Flash Party?

The game is not limited in age, anyone can play the game and perform simple operations.

Can I play Flash Party MOD game on PC?

You need an emulator to download games on your PC, but the experience on your phone is still the most enjoyable.

How long does it take to download Flash Party games to my phone?

The lightweight application only takes from 2 minutes to finish downloading to your phone.

Final verdicts

If the day is too tiring, you can come to the lively battle party Flash Party MOD. Online playground for players to compete together, many interesting rewards after matches. Can’t miss, download free games at Xapkfree today.

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