Download Age of Magic MOD APK {{version}} Menu, Unlimited Money, Onehit, Immortality
Download Age of Magic MOD APK {{version}} Menu, Unlimited Money, Onehit, Immortality

Download Age of Magic MOD APK 2.10.2 Menu, Unlimited Money, Onehit, Immortality

By thanhtung - 10/08/2023
Name Age of Magic
Version 2.10.2
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Onehit, Immortality
Size 157MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Playkot LTD
Update 10/08/2023 (10 months ago )

Age of Magic MOD is a war against the dark forces of the hero group. You will gather heroes and control in matches. With a diverse arsenal of heroes, you can choose many heroes into the ranks. Experience in a sharp space with vivid effects. If you are a strategy game lover, you cannot miss this game.

Overview of the game Age of Magic MOD

Built with role-playing gameplay, so it is very attractive to players. Age of Magic is created and released by Playkot LTD, bringing you into exciting online matches. With the task of fighting the forces of darkness, protecting the world you will lead the army to fight. This can be called a fierce arena because there are only two options, one is victory, the other is defeat.

Exciting turn-based battles
Exciting turn-based battles

You will receive many attractive rewards when winning at each level. You want to win, you need effective tactics and gameplay. Upgrade skills to reach high levels of strength. The challenge will become more and more difficult, you will meet unpredictable opponents, so it is not always lucky. Create the most effective and best tactics when participating in combat.

Dramatic turn-based gameplay

You will participate in matches, using up to 5 characters in a match. You will use the character available in the system, without unlocking much, you will unlock gradually. The game is turn-based, the two sides will attack each other when it is their turn. You will control any hero to attack opponents, each character will have their own skills. You will tap on skills to attack opponents.

Simple game operation, just touch on the screen and the character hits itself. You will take on the main role, fight the villain group. Your task is to defeat all opponents to win the matches. Players should know how to use hero power in each case. Find out the opponent’s weaknesses to attack right away, as long as you have strength and technique you will win.

Join the battles against enemies Age of Magic MOD

You will participate in fierce battles, here there are many levels of experience. You can play with friends online, thrilling competitive battles. Open a fascinating storyline, as a world protector you will participate in fighting opponents.

Perform turn-based combat

The turn-based tactical gameplay is currently very popular among players. That’s why Age of Magic MOD is built with this gameplay. You will equip the squad with heroes with many different characteristics, then join the fight with the villain group. You will choose heroes through cards, each hero will have 2-3 special skills you will use skills to attack opponents.

As long as you have superior strength, you will win the opponent. Each incoming attack with high damage quickly defeats the opponent. If the strength is too weak, you will be defeated in the hands of the enemy. After each battle won, you will receive rewards, upgrades or unlock new heroes. Be equipped to create the optimal squad, gathering the strongest heroes.

Age of Magic MOD brings turn-based battles
Age of Magic MOD brings turn-based battles

Variety of hero characters

The system has up to 50 different hero characters, including many different brands. These include mischievous spirits, goblins, giant monsters, dragons, witches, wizards, bears and cats,… Each character you choose will have its own skill, you need to understand the advantages of each character to use combat more effectively. You should combine a team with different heroes to increase combat effectiveness.

Experience with a diverse character arsenal
Experience with a diverse character arsenal

Impressive Age of Magic MOD gaming space

The graphics in the game are designed in vivid 3D with fresh colors. The characters in the game are diverse with different appearances. Each battle will take place in different contexts. Alternately change to increase the newness for players, you will experience with an impressive space that is hard to take your eyes off. This will be a game to help you relax, reduce pressure after working hours.

How to download the game Age of Magic MOD to your phone

  • Step 1: Players will access the Xapkfree link, then enter the game keyword Age of Magic MOD in the game search box.
  • Step 2: You will select the game Age of Magic, then click Download to download the game to your phone.
  • Step 3: The loading process will take a few minutes, you need a stable network connection during the download process..

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Players’ questions about the game Age of Magic MOD

Here are the answers to the players’ questions, please refer to.

What operating system does the game Age of Magic load on?

You can download the game on Android and iOS, the game is compatible with all devices, so you can rest assured.

Is there an age limit to play the game Age of Magic MOD?

The game is suitable for children over 6 years old to play, simple game content does not affect the player too much.

Is it safe to download the game Age of Magic to your phone?

The answer is yes, the app is licensed and guaranteed not to contain malicious information.

Final verdicts

Have fun with the exciting game battles Age of Magic MOD, you will play the role of heroes. The game is downloaded and played for free on your phone, you join right away.

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