Epic Conquest 2 MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Gold/Rubies)
Epic Conquest 2 MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Gold/Rubies)

Epic Conquest 2 MOD v1.7b (Unlimited Gold/Rubies)

By chryzrodriguez07 - 07/11/2022
Name Epic Conquest 2
Version v1.7b
MOD Features Unlimited Gold/Rubies
Size 337.5MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Gaco Games
Update 07/11/2022 (2 years ago )

Introduction about Epic Conquest 2 MOD

Following the success of Epic Conquest, the group of four RPG enthusiasts continued to create the sequel, Epic Conquest 2. There are several features from the previous game in this updated edition. It is still exciting since it also incorporates new elements and has deeper, more imaginative material. Epic Conquest 2 is a must-have if you’re looking for an RPG to indulge your interest.

Epic Conquest 2 MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Gold/Rubies) Epic Conquest 2 1 min

Upgrade and unlock equipment

In RPG games, equipment is one of the most important components. This game has many unique characteristics, including VIT, STR, INT, AGI, and DEX. With the correct tools, players can therefore quickly develop their unique playing style.

In addition, players can strengthen their equipment by upgrading it with the money they earn. Each item will have its own power and stats, and when upgraded, they will enable you to perform significantly better in combat.

Visit the New World

You have to visit new planets and explore uncharted territory. As a result, you should design an engaging game mode from the start so that you are prepared for challenges. Any character can be chosen to carry out this action. There will be a lot of great things in this voyage, but there are still a lot of obstacles we must overcome.

To create this experience, you can choose any location. You have a choice between a secluded island and a dense jungle. You must explore all the attractions that each location has to offer in order to fully appreciate it. But in addition to the fun that comes along with it, you should also get the necessary abilities and spirit. You will be the champion of the armed forces in the new land.

This forces the few remaining heroes to unite against a common foe in order to protect their world once again

Your world is under attack by a new and powerful enemy. In Epic Conquest 2, you must lead the few remaining heroes to unite against this common foe in order to protect your world once again.

You will be able to develop your character using the skill tree and use different weapons that provide various advantages during battles. There are many quests and battles awaiting you in this game that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

Epic Conquest 2 - Battle Epic Bosses

Battle creatures and opponents

We have a number of exceptional skills that enable us to go beyond any major obstacles. More specifically, the player is the owner of a number of priceless living mascots that will aid you in capturing any monsters that surface during combat. Top kicks and special kicks are utilized in-game to generate drama and display your true fighting prowess.

System of Control

The gameplay mechanics of the mobile RPG series are still present in Epic Conquest 2’s control scheme. Using the virtual steering button built into the left side of the screen, players can still move their characters. With the help of the virtual buttons, which are logically positioned in the right corner of the screen, you may simultaneously conduct tasks and learn essential abilities. This will make it easier for you to manipulate with both hands while playing the process game.

The major selling point of this game’s control scheme, though, is how much the graphics have been improved, making the experience for players more entertaining.

Just like in the first version, this game has a great storyline and fast-paced gameplay

The game’s activities are also rather varied, including boss fights, PvP modes, and copies, so players may easily find a game activity that suits them. Of course, as time goes on, the challenge level of this game will rise. This implies that you will encounter a wider variety of enemies. Therefore, remember to effectively utilize your character’s skills to give yourself an advantage in every encounter.

Epic Conquest 2 MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Gold/Rubies) Epic Conquest 2 3 min

Epic Conquest 2 Features

  • Play as the hero, face all the game’s tough tasks, and find solutions to them all.
  • Always on the go, exploring new things, and having fun with life.
  • Fight against all the monsters and foes that will try to obstruct your adventure.
  • Create compelling circumstances to pressure your adversaries and finish your prayers.
  • Gather every thing you find along the way, then upgrade the ultimate weapon.
  • Upgrade your combat-supporting skills and your understanding of how to mix them all.

Epic Conquest 2 FAQs

Where do I find the most recent version?

You can always find the latest version of Epic Conquest 2 on the Google Play Store. If you are using a version that is not up to date, we recommend that you update as soon as possible.

To play this game, what do I need?

Android 4.4 or later, an internet connection, at least 2GB of RAM, and 500MB of free internal storage space are requirements for your smartphone (or external SD card).

What settings are suggested for my device?

We recommend that you run Epic Conquest 2 with a screen resolution set at 1024 x 768 pixels (minimum) or higher, graphics quality set to medium or above and sound quality set to stereo or surround (if available).

Epic Conquest 2 MOD Conclusion

In conclusion, Epic Conquest 2 is a fun ARPG with a great storyline and fast-paced gameplay. The game also has plenty of content for players to enjoy as they go through it over and over again. With its high replay value, this game should be on everyone’s list if they have even been remotely interested in playing RPGs!

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