TV Studio Story Mod APK 117 (Menu/Unlimited Money)
TV Studio Story Mod APK 117 (Menu/Unlimited Money)

TV Studio Story Mod APK 117 (Menu/Unlimited Money)

By duycris - 02/01/2024
Name TV Studio Story
Version 117
MOD Features Menu/Unlimited Money
Size 64.2 MB
Requires Android 5.1+
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Kairosoft
Update 02/01/2024 (4 months ago )

TV Studio Story Mod is an interesting game where you will be placed as a TV studio director and participate in the development and production of unique TV shows. With the mod feature, you have unlimited creative rights, create top-notch TV shows and create popularity for your studio.

TV Studio Story Mod

About the game TV Studio Story

TV Studio Story is a TV studio management simulation game where you will take on the role of a studio director. This game is developed by Kairosoft, a developer famous for its unique series of business management games on mobile platforms.

In TV Studio Story, you will start from building a small studio and slowly grow it into a TV empire with diverse programs and an outstanding reputation. You’ll manage budgets, produce TV shows, recruit talented staff, and compete with other studios to dominate the television market.

The advantages of the game TV Studio Story Mod

TV Studio Story Mod is an exciting TV studio management simulation game and has many notable advantages that players will experience.

The game simulates an interesting TV company

Here in TV Studio Story Mod, you’ll enter the world of managing a TV company, where you’ll face interesting challenges and have to make strategic decisions to grow your company. The realistic and detailed simulation of the game brings a very interesting experience.

TV Studio Story Mod

Perform assigned tasks to get your work done

During the game, you will have to perform the tasks assigned to you to conduct the production and broadcast of the TV show. This creates a constant excitement and challenge, helping you get your work done and improve the TV company.

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Create new program content

One of the special features of TV Studio Story Mod is the ability to create new program content. You can design and produce unique types of TV shows, from talk shows to reality shows, to capture your audience’s attention.

TV Studio Story Mod

Hire stars to attract audience views

To create popularity and increase views, you can hire famous stars in the game to participate in your show. These stars will attract a large audience and create a special appeal for TV shows.

TV Studio Story Mod

Upgrade the company’s facilities

To ensure sustainable development, you can upgrade the TV company’s facilities, from studios, equipment to staff. This helps you improve product quality and attract more audiences, while competing aggressively in the moving image market.

What does the mod of TV Studio Story at Xapkfree site have?

If you are looking for a novel way to experience TV Studio Story Mod, then the mod at Xapkfree site is an option worth considering. Here are the highlights that you will find in this mod version.

Mod adds many new features in the player support menu

The modded version of TV Studio Story on the Xapkfree site has been optimized to bring you many new and attractive features in the player support menu. From improving the interface and increasing interactivity to adding smart management tools, this mod helps you experience the game in a more enjoyable and easy way.

Unlimited money for you to rent stars and build infrastructure

A notable feature of this mod version is the offering of unlimited coins. This makes it easy to hire famous stars and build the TV company’s infrastructure without having to worry about finances. You can focus on developing and creating in the game without any restrictions.

Questions when playing TV Studio Story Mod

In the process of playing TV Studio Story Mod, there are some frequently asked questions that players may be interested in. Here are some related questions and answers.

Is TV Studio Story mod safe?

The mod of TV Studio Story at Xapkfree site is usually created by the gaming community and is not an official version from the developer. So, the safety of the mod may not be completely guaranteed. To avoid risks, get the mod from a trusted source and make sure your firewall and antivirus software are turned on to protect the device.

Does Game TV Studio Story Mod need a network connection to play?

Usually, the modded version of TV Studio Story Mod still requires a network connection to download and install. However, after downloading and installing the game, you can play offline without a network connection. If you want to enjoy network-related features like updates and online events, you need an internet connection.

Experience TV Studio Story Mod takes you into the world full of creativity and TV company management. Whether you want to build a top-notch TV empire, create novel content, or hire stars to attract viewership, this game offers many memorable opportunities and challenges.

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