TotAL RPG MOD APK 1.18.4 (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Ruby)
TotAL RPG MOD APK 1.18.4 (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Ruby)

TotAL RPG MOD APK 1.18.4 (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Ruby)

By duycris - 03/11/2023
Name TotAL RPG - Classic style ARPG
Version 1.18.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Ruby
Size 215.1 MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Tzar Games Studio
Update 03/11/2023 (5 months ago )

TotAL RPG MOD is a unique and interesting mod for the game Total War: Three Kingdoms, offering a colorful and exploratory world of adventure. In this mod, players will experience unlimited journeys, explore new lands, fight opposing forces, and build their own empire.


The most general introduction of the game TotAL RPG

TotAL RPG, short for “Total Adventure RPG,” is a fascinating and innovative adventure game. This game created a shock in the gaming community by successfully combining elements of strategy games and role-playing games (RPGs), creating a completely new and exciting genre.

In TotAL RPG, players will enter a diverse and stylish world where they can freely explore, fight, and build their own empire. The game puts players in the role of famous generals, putting them in challenging situations and making important decisions.

What are the benefits of TotAL RPG’s diamond unlimited mod at Xapkfree?

The “Unlimited Diamonds” mod of TotAL RPG at Xapkfree site is a great experience for lovers of this game. With creative innovation, this mod provides players with an infinite resource, especially diamonds, to help them go further and satisfy their reference in building empires and strengthening armies.

Diamonds are an important currency in TotAL RPG, and this mod helps players escape the limitations of earning diamonds through traditional gameplay, facilitating the development of their empire more quickly.

In addition, the “Unlimited Diamonds” mod also helps players experience the entire content of the game without worrying about running out of resources. This creates a comfortable gaming experience and focuses on relaxing and building a strong empire. In short, this mod offers convenience and convenience to players, helping them enjoy the full potential of TotAL RPG without being constrained by resource demands.

The outstanding advantages of the game TotAL RPG MOD

TotAL RPG MOD is an impressive game with many excellent strengths. Here are the highlights that help this game attract players:

The time action gameplay is attractive

In TotAL RPG MOD, real-time action gameplay is the biggest attraction. Players will go through intense battles and tactics, making quick decisions to take victory. This creates constant attraction and stimulation, making it impossible to take your eyes off the screen.


Super beautiful 3D graphics, accompanied by top-notch effects

TotAL RPG MOD is truly a work of art with beautiful 3D graphics and top-notch effects. The world in the game is reproduced very vividly, from natural landscapes to generals and warriors. This creates a classy visual experience, creating passivity for players.

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Lots of missions to complete in the game

TotAL RPG MOD never lets you get bored, with a lot of different missions and challenges. From fighting in large-scale battles to exploratory missions, you always have something to do, keeping the gaming experience fresh and exciting.


There are more than 50 different weapons and equipment to assist gamers

The variety of weapons and equipment is another outstanding advantage of TotAL RPG MOD. With more than 50 different weapons and equipment, you can customize your army in a unique way, from building a powerful army to choosing tactics that suit the situation. This creates depth and detail in the gameplay and tactics of the game.

Questions when playing TotAL RPG MOD

In the process of exploring the TotAL RPG MOD game, there are some common questions that players are often interested in.

Does TotAL RPG have an age restriction?

TotAL RPG MOD has no specific age restrictions for players. However, like any other game, it should be played by people old enough to understand and show maturity in handling the content of the game. Parents need to pay attention and check the game content to make sure it is suitable for their children’s ages.

Is a network connection required when playing TotAL RPG MOD game?

TotAL RPG MOD can be played both offline and online. For those of you who’re interested, you can enjoy the game without a network connection, especially in the offline game modes. However, to enjoy the latest multiplayer and updated features, networking is essential.


Is the mod safe for players’ mobile devices?

TotAL RPG mods are usually developed by the player community and are not officially supported or certified by the original developer. Therefore, the safety of your mobile device while using the mod may depend on the origin of the mod and the player account. To be on the safe side, only download and use mods from trusted sources and follow the game’s guidelines and community rules.

TotAL RPG MOD, with its diversity, fun and creativity, has conquered the hearts of many players around the world. With real-time action gameplay, stunning 3D graphics, many interesting missions, and a rich selection of weapons, this game has created a passionate and enthusiastic community.

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