Download Stickman Warriors Apk {{version}} Unlimited money, energy
Download Stickman Warriors Apk {{version}} Unlimited money, energy

Download Stickman Warriors Apk v1.3.4 Unlimited money, energy

By thanhtung - 05/11/2022
Name Stickman Warriors
Version v1.3.4
MOD Features Unlimited money, energy
Size 90MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher SkySoft Studio
Update 05/11/2022 (1 year ago )

Stickman Warriors is a great game for you to transform into the role of a heroic warrior, standing up against those who plot to invade the Earth. The battles are extremely fierce and burning, the extremely heroic blows will surely make the brothers extremely excited. The earth has been invaded on a large scale, which means that you need to overcome a lot of missions to drive all enemies out of the earth. 

Introduce about the classic game Stickman Warriors 

The game is more about fighting enemies, but here warriors will fight each other with strength, not with weapons. This is a real competition.

Stickman heroes actively protect the earth
Stickman heroes actively protect the earth

All battles are very fair, only 1 hero vs. 1 villain or 1 hero against another opponent. This proves that if you win, it is to win thanks to 100% of your strength and tactics.

The gameplay of Stickman Warriors is both new and interesting

Let’s discover what you need to know when becoming a stickman superhero here!

Variety of game modes

Currently, the game Stickman Warriors has 3 extremely attractive game modes as follows:

  • Practice mode: When you first enter the game, you should play this mode first to get used to the attacks and how to perform continuously.
  • Earth Defense Mode: Brothers have to overcome nearly 150 battles with 150 different opponents. Each opponent will have its own power, you must fight fiercely with them to be able to protect the earth.
  • Fighting mode: you can compete with other players to compete. Win or lose, this mode gives you a lot of friends.

Regardless of the mode of play, you must pay close attention to the health level on each character’s head. In a match where the side has a health level of 0 first, that side loses.

How to launch an attack

If you play on the computer version, the move keys are available, the attacks can either use the mouse, or you can manipulate the keyboard.

Perform all the great moves to defeat the opponent
Perform all the great moves to defeat the opponent

If you play in the phone version, virtual keys such as direction of movement and attacks will appear on the screen. You just need to be agile in combination to create a lot of beautiful attacks.

The good things about Stickman Warriors 

The frequency of downloading Stickman Warriors games has not decreased since its launch. What makes players enjoy it so much?

Unique characters

Because it is a stickman, the characters when moving are somewhat tilted. However, when entering the battle, those stickmen turned into mighty heroes with extremely cool punches.

More than 72 stickmen waiting for you to own
More than 72 stickmen waiting for you to own

Don’t think the stickman will look so impoverished. Not at all, the stickman heroes are also designed with their own clothes. Currently, there are 72 stickman characters with extremely top styles and skills, you are spoiled for choice.

Upgrade for stickman

Stickmen must fight regularly, to increase experience points and receive more gold if they win. The stronger the enemy, the higher the reward and experience points will be, the sooner the player will be promoted.

Instructions for downloading Stickman Warriors to the device are extremely simple

To have moments to transform into a stickman hero in Stickman Warriors, download the game to your phone and computer following these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Xapkfree link, then go to the search bar and enter the keyword Stickman Warriors.
  • Step 2: Click now and always go to the Download box to download the game to your phone or computer.
  • Step 3: You just need to log in to the game and start role-playing.

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What is Stickman Warriors usually interested in players?

Did Stickman Warriors freeze the machine?

Quality game houses will help you not have to worry about issues like this. The Xapkfree system team will perform periodic and regular system checks, helping players eliminate unnecessary interruptions during the game.

Can Stickman Warriors play offline?

The game has both online and offline game modes. But to play in offline mode, everyone must download Stickman Warriors to their device first. 

Is the capacity required for Stickman Warriors high?

The capacity required for Stickman Warriors is only 93 megabytes for the mobile version and 635 megabytes for the desktop version. The capacity of the game is quite small compared to the fighting game genre like this.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to try your hand at battle and fight to bury the dark forces’ intention to invade the earth? Let’s do justice with Stickman Warriors. Let’s do justice with Stickman Warriors. Download the game at Xapkfree and play with us.

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