Download Pirate Legend Apk {{version}} Immortality, High Damage 
Download Pirate Legend Apk {{version}} Immortality, High Damage 

Download Pirate Legend Apk 12.0.2 Immortality, High Damage 

By thanhtung - 06/11/2022
Name Pirate Legend
Version 12.0.2
MOD Features Immortality, High Damage 
Size 70MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Mobi389
Update 06/11/2022 (1 year ago )

Pirate legend is a type of intellectual game with the theme of Pirates of war. Players will have the opportunity to transform into each character and summon pirates, build a fleet. Give it a try!

An overview of the pirate legend game

Strategy game
Strategy game

When participating in the game, players will be transformed into each familiar character in the One Piece series – Pirate Island.

He will be immersed in the vast ocean and travel on pirate ships. Explore mysterious lands as well as build a team of the most powerful pirates for yourself.

Pirate legend has quite simple gameplay but no less attractive. Graphics are the strength that attracts players, very suitable for brothers who love One Piece and players who want to experience the strategy game genre.

Please freely collect your favorite characters, arrange squads and participate in super attractive matches to become a Pirate Legend.

The gameplay of Pirate Legend do you know?

The first thing when coming to Pirate Legend, you will go through the player tutorial and start doing basic tasks. So that you can collect the first characters in your Pirate army. Your characters will be strengthened after participating in matches and depend on the level.

The game owns Pirates and Great Pirates, for Great Pirates will have more power than normal Pirates. To own, you need to wait to open the box for up to 24 hours or use diamonds to open faster.

Thus, the character in your pirate gang will increase in strength thanks to the level upgrade. Besides, players need to have more active or passive skills when entering the battle.

Special features of the game Pirate Legend

Latest Generation Gaming Games 2022
Latest Generation Gaming Games 2022

Right now, we will introduce to you the outstanding features from the pirate legend super product.

Variety of character cards

The characters in the game will appear in that form as cards. When fighting, participating in events or lucky draws through which you will collect cards. The cards will be distinguished by their color and are classified in the following order: D < C < B < B <A, S < SS.

At this point, you can use your post-battle experience and hang up to upgrade the cards. When reaching limited levels such as 30, 40, 50, 60 or 80,… Besides, the cards will need to use promotion stones to be able to increase the rank of the card.

Types of classes in the game

In addition to the basic attributes of the game, the character cards in The Great Pirate are also divided into 6 different attributes as follows: Agile, Durable, Accurate, Vital, Smart and Lucid. 

Equip to increase combat force

In the game Legend of the Great War, each card will include 6 items of equipment such as: Hats, shirts, pants, shoes, jewelry and even gems. Except for gems, the remaining 5 pieces of equipment you can upgrade.

With gems, participants will have to use magic dust to be able to level up. These gems will help give the character extremely powerful special stats.

How to download pirate legend game at Xapkfree

Download the game for free
Download the game for free

To download the game to your device safely and quickly, please do a few of the following actions.

  • Step 1: Please visit the Xapkfree link.
  • Step 2: Then, click on the search box and type in the name of the pirate legend game application.
  • Step 3: Click on the “Download” box to proceed to download the game to your device. After completing the download process, players can join the game right away.

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Some FAQs about pirate legend game

Here we will help you answer some questions when participating in the game.

Does pirate legend cost money to download?

The answer is no. Here players can experience the game completely for free without having to spend anything.

Pirate Legend game launch date?

The game was launched on 21/8/2022.

Who is the publisher of the game?

The publisher of that game is Kame.

Final Thoughts

Above is all the information that we want to share with you about the super hot pirate legend game that is storming. Hopefully, you will find your favorite game to experience in your free time.

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