Download Night of the Full Moon MOD APK {{version}} Unlock
Download Night of the Full Moon MOD APK {{version}} Unlock

Download Night of the Full Moon MOD APK Unlock

By thanhtung - 16/08/2023
Name Night of the Full Moon
MOD Features Unlock
Size 829MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Giant Network
Update 16/08/2023 (9 months ago )

Night of the Full Moon MOD playground to fight against dark enemies. Use cards to fight, quite interesting gameplay. The game context takes place in an impressive simulation world, creating mystery in battles. Your task is to go to the dungeon to find and defeat all opponents. Each level will have its own mission, many mysteries are waiting for you.

Introduce about game Night of the Full Moon MOD

The game Night of the Full Moon is built and developed by Giant Network. The game is free to experience on the phone, simple gaming operation. Bring hundreds of different missions and face many enemies. Players will fight and win to receive valuable rewards.

Battles in the dark forest
Battles in the dark forest

The context in the game takes place in dungeons, covered with darkness. Transform into the adventurous character and fight the forces of darkness. The game space is mysterious and there are many dangers going on, you need to equip weapons to fight.

Interesting tactical gameplay

Night of the Full Moon MOD is built with turn-based gameplay, players will use the power in cards to attack. Each match you will face a monster, using all available skills to cope. Each battle will be limited in number of attacks, which is a challenge for players. You need to upgrade your hero to have strong attacks and high damage.

The gameplay operation is simple, you just need to touch the skill cards when it’s your turn to hit your opponent. You should have tactics in the attacks, if you use up the amount of attacks the opponent is not dead, you will be destroyed. Each battle will take place in each different context, bringing interesting experiences. One level, you can confront many monsters, defeat them all, go forward.

Fight through cards
Fight through cards

Features that are hard to miss in the game Night of the Full Moon MOD

The game is experienced in offline mode, bringing many exciting matches. You can participate in the game at any time and whenever the screen does not need a network. Besides, the game also brings interesting features for players, let’s explore below.

Fight challenges by level

Coming to the dungeon adventure, you will experience through level battles. The game content revolves around turn-based battles, taking place in the dark forest. In the match, you will use cards to fight opponents, defeat them to continue the journey. Each enemy facing them will have their own power, and the difficulty in the game is increasing.

To fight this terrifying enemy, you just need to upgrade the character stats. Use bonuses to unlock new features, use more features, the power will be increased.

Diverse game enemy system

There are nearly 100 different enemies that you will face in battle. They are monsters with scary and dangerous forms. You will fight scary monsters, dangerous goblins, ferocious werewolves, evil witches,… They hide in dark forests, and will attack when you enter. Each name will have its own style and attack skills.

Many monsters you face in Night of the Full Moon MOD
Many monsters you face in Night of the Full Moon MOD

Experience realistic 3D Night of the Full Moon MOD graphics

The publisher is quite focused on the graphics of the game, creating an extremely dramatic playing space. With detailed and sharp 3D graphic design, it has attracted players. Here you will meet many monsters with horror shapes. The context is built quite nicely, mysterious and unexpected. The movements are smooth and fast, creating a pleasant feeling for players.

How to download the game Night of the Full Moon MOD to your phone quickly

With the above game, players completely download to their phones quickly through the following steps:

Step 1: You access the link to download Xapkfree, then enter the game keyword Night of the Full Moon MOD in the game search box.

Step 2: Select the game application and click Download to download the game to your phone.

Step 3: You wait for 2-3 minutes for the game to be installed to your phone, when the download is complete, you can play immediately.

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Answers to FAQs about Night of the Full Moon MOD

Here will be the necessary answers to the players’ questions, please refer to.

Does the game Night of the Full Moon MOD need an internet connection to play?

The answer is no, you can completely play the game in offline mode.

How long is a Night of the Full Moon match?

Each game will take place in 3-5 minutes, many challenges for players to experience.

Is it safe to download the game Night of the Full Moon to my phone?

You are assured of this, the game is licensed to work and has an optimal configuration with the phone, so it is very safe.

Final verdicts

Adventure to mysterious locations in the game Night of the Full Moon MOD. With attractive turn-based gameplay, players will participate in hundreds of different missions. Start conquering the first challenges right away.

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