Download Kung Fu Z Mod APK {{version}} Coins, Gold, Gems, Cooldown
Download Kung Fu Z Mod APK {{version}} Coins, Gold, Gems, Cooldown

Download Kung Fu Z Mod APK 1.9.26 Coins, Gold, Gems, Cooldown

By thanhtung - 19/07/2023
Name Kung Fu Z
Version 1.9.26
MOD Features Coins, Gold, Gems, Cooldown
Size 52MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Tiny Titan Studios
Update 19/07/2023 (7 months ago )

Kung Fu Z Mod fun fighting game designed with classic pixel graphics. Players will transform into a martial artist and defeat all the ghosts in the city. The game is built in a fun style, easy to manipulate. You will show beautiful martial arts moves through the character. A fun entertaining game that you can play in your free time.

Overview of the game Kung Fu Z Mod

The context opens in a world full of zombies, before the attack of the carnivorous group you need to fight them. You have the noble task of participating in the battles to defeat the ghosts. The game is released by the publisher Tiny Titan Studios, bringing you back to the classic gameplay. Many interesting contexts for you to explore, battles are always ready for you to explore.

Exciting battles
Exciting battles

The game takes the theme from traditional Chinese martial arts, putting the martial arts character as the main character. Here, you have the opportunity to access many different martial arts in battles. Not with guns, but with the game, you will use kungfu to kill zombies. Constantly upgrade, fight relentlessly to chase away the deadly epidemic.

Fun gameplay

The game Kung Fu Z Mod has quite simple gameplay, you will move the character on the road to destroy monsters. Initially, you will be unlocked a martial artist character, and you can choose to add a companion dog. You will move the character through the virtual buttons on the left side of the screen, and use the great moves on the right side of the screen. Combine keys to move and fight to defeat zombies on the way.

Each level, you will fight many groups of zombies to win. Below the screen shows your battle journey, completing all the way will win. The player will receive coins dropped from the target just dropped, and you collect the money to your account. The game needs dexterity of hands, defeat opponents before they attack causing you to lose blood.

Fight In The World Apocalypse Kung Fu Z Mod

The gaming space is extremely fun, built with simple gameplay. Experience a diverse arsenal of skins and many different levels of play. You will join the fight with many different groups of ghosts, the game becomes more and more dramatic later.

Bloody battles take place
Bloody battles take place

Fight with many street monsters

The task of a martial artist in that game is to attack and destroy all zombies in the city. Experience fighting in many places from area to area, meet many different zombies. To unlock a new level, a new level you need to complete the previous mission. You will have access to levels from easy to difficult to get used to the gameplay. Gradually you will master and hone your fighting skills.

Zombies attack in groups or individually, more or less you need to take precautions to avoid them eating meat. During the fight, try to collect many coins to upgrade the boxer. With outstanding strength, you have the ability to win all challenges. With in-game experiences that will make you unable to be disappointed, having played is going to be addictive.

Kung Fu Z Mod takes players to many battle locations
Kung Fu Z Mod takes players to many battle locations

Upgrade martial artists in the game

Not only stopping at a single martial artist, players can completely choose other game characters. At the store with a variety of skins, you use coins to choose superhero characters, superheroes, clowns, ninjas, magicians, and more. Besides, you need to upgrade your boxers, increase healing stats, attack speed, enhance combat combos.

Kung Fu Z Mod has classic pixel graphics

One thing worth experiencing in the game Kung Fu Z is the impressive pixel graphics. Combined with classical Chinese martial arts, the game becomes more attractive. The game context is designed in a variety of parks, stations, in the city,… To reach the new place, you need to unlock it by completing the previous level. Smooth character movements create excitement for players to experience.

Download the game Kung Fu Z Mod to your phone quickly

Players will download the game to their phones by following the following steps:

  • Step 1: Need to access the link to download Xapkfree, then enter the game keyword Kung Fu Z Mod in the game search box.
  • Step 2: Select the application to download on the screen, then press the Download button to install the game to your phone.
  • Step 3: Wait for the game to finish downloading and you can click play game now.

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Questions about the game Kung Fu Z Mod are common among players

Join us to answer common questions in players right below.

Is there a cost to download Kung Fu Z Mod game on Xapkfree?

The answer is no, you download the game completely free at Xapkfree, this is a game store with a variety of types.

Is it possible to customize Kung Fu Z game characters?

You can change your character, but coins are required to unlock so you need to accumulate bonuses.

Does Kung Fu Z gaming lag?

Of course not, the game has a simple and smooth interface, so the experience does not lag.

Final verdicts

Before the penetration of the group of blood-sucking zombies, you transform into a talented martial artist who defeats them all. Join the Kung Fu Z Mod battles to have the most exciting relaxing moments.

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