Download IDBS Bus Simulator Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Unlimited Money, Car -9999999
Download IDBS Bus Simulator Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Unlimited Money, Car -9999999

Download IDBS Bus Simulator Mod Apk 7.6 Menu, Unlimited Money, Car -9999999

By thanhtung - 25/11/2022
Name IDBS Bus Simulator
Version 7.6
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Car -9999999
Size 115MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher IDBS Studio
Update 25/11/2022 (1 year ago )

IDBS Bus Simulator Mod is a bus driving simulation game where players can go to as many places as they want and see and experience interesting sensations. You can also experience the full range of authentic elements of driving, from driving a bus to doing what a bus driver usually does. In addition, there will always be many types of terrain that brothers can easily find, and when you overcome them, there will always be rewards that everyone can get.

Information game IDBS Bus Simulator Mod  

In IDBS Bus Simulator Mod, players will be participating in an exciting game screen that requires many skills to control the player’s cars. The task of the brothers is to drive the bus to a predetermined location. 

Throughout the game, the brothers will perform actions that bus drivers should do, such as picking up passengers, driving carefully, and dropping off passengers. 

Bus driving game in Indonesia
Bus driving game in Indonesia

When completing the transportation of passengers, everyone will receive a certain amount of money to reuse it in the game, and each trip will bring you an interesting experience.

Attractive gameplay of IDBS Bus Simulator Mod  

At the beginning of the game, you will go to a menu with many different items and you will choose the path you want to explore and adjust as you like. In addition, everyone will also be the one to choose the starting station and the type of car that you will drive.

See the beautiful scenery on the way
See the beautiful scenery on the way

At the same time, you will have to get used to the virtual controls on the screen. All the operations that a driver will do on the car are enough in IDBS Bus Simulator Mod. For example, on the left is the navigation, the steering wheel; on the right are the brakes and accelerator; there are also maps, GPS navigation, fuel filling buttons …

Features of IDBS Bus Simulator Mod  

These features of IDBS Bus Simulator Mod will surely satisfy players:

Pick up and drop off in IDBS Bus Simulator Mod 

Once you have identified the location you want to go to on the menu, the screen will start on the trip and the player will see that his guests have stood nearby. People have to open their doors for them to go up and close the doors to start their trip. 

Note, your default angle-of-view is third-person perspective, and you can rotate the camera angle to different positions for convenient viewing.

What do you do when a guest asks for a bus across the river?

It sounds silly, but in fact, in IDBS Bus Simulator Mod there is still a way!

If you’re going to a harbor and passengers ask to go to the other shore, you certainly can’t let your bus go through the water. 

The game has extremely eye-catching and quite realistic graphics
The game has extremely eye-catching and quite realistic graphics

There will be a large ship responsible for carrying buses to the other shore. Your task is to get up there and park in an appropriate location. At the same time, gas stations will be scattered on the road to help you refuel to continue your journey.

You need a navigation device 

Your job is to follow what this device instructs and avoid other vehicles on the road. People will go through many paths of different sizes and characteristics. Therefore, each section of the road will have a different treatment. 

The game has no time factor, so you don’t need to be in too much of a hurry when driving.

Instructions on how to download IDBS Bus Simulator Mod game  

Download the game IDBS Bus Simulator Mod according to the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Click on this Xapkfree link.
  • Step 2: Enter the keyword IDBS Bus Simulator Mod and click the find the app icon.
  • Step 3: Next is to click Download to download the game to your phone or computer.
  • Step 4: After the game has downloaded, you just need to go to the game again.

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What is IDBS Bus Simulator Mod often asked?

How is IDBS Bus Simulator Mod capacity?

IDBS Bus Simulator Mod is just under 500 megabytes for the PC version only. If it is a mobile version, it is less than 100 megabytes.

Can I play IDBS Bus Simulator Mod offline?

Okay. You can download IDBS Bus Simulator Mod to your device to play offline.

Does IDBS Bus Simulator Mod need to recharge to play?

In IDBS Bus Simulator Mod, there are more than 20 types of buses, gasoline is also free, bus riders always leave travel fees, drivers do not need to recharge the game!

Final Thoughts

After a long journey in IDBS Bus Simulator Mod, you will see a green icon representing the final destination. Conquer a lot of stops!

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