Download Gun Fest Mod Apk {{version}} Guns Increase, Money Increases
Download Gun Fest Mod Apk {{version}} Guns Increase, Money Increases

Download Gun Fest Mod Apk 66.0 Guns Increase, Money Increases

By thanhtung - 25/11/2022
Name Gun Fest
Version 66.0
MOD Features Guns Increase, Money Increases
Size 62.9MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Marius Crisan
Update 25/11/2022 (1 year ago )

Gun Fest Mod is the most popular math shooting game. Currently, on the game market, there are many new genres with new and unique content. However, that variety overwhelms players and does not know which one to choose for themselves. Some games look very attractive, but playing a few times is boring because it is only coded. Coming to this game with both simple gameplay, beautiful images and logical thinking is relatively difficult. 

Introduce about Gun Fest Mod 

The game Gun Fest Mod is called by many people as a darling at the hands of developer Google Commerce Ltd. Invested from images, sounds to quite large content. It can be seen that the game is quite cared for, the developer puts quite a lot of enthusiasm into it. Combining simple gameplay, diverse game challenges in the future will surely retain quite a lot of players.

How to Play Gun Fest Mod for Newbies 

The game includes many levels of play, each level the player must do to destroy many enemies and move as far as possible. Along the way, obstacles will appear and operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Initially, the player only had one gun. You have to control your character to move on a straight path. 

Lots of guns and obstacles in the game
Lots of guns and obstacles in the game

There are two lanes to travel, in the middle of which is separated by a pillar. Every 5-6m the pillar appears once, the two sides of the lane right next to this pillar will appear rewards or penalties in turn. 

The reward is that the number of guns is increased, and the penalty is the number of guns reduced. They appear randomly, not according to any rules. Players who want to win are required to hurry quickly and calculate well.

The higher the level of play, the more difficult it will be. The distance that players have to travel will be longer, there are more opportunities to receive more guns. 

After the period of collecting guns, the player moves to the automatic attack stage. In front of the finish line, there are many obstacles. They lined up and occupied the entire road. To destroy them, you need to spend a gun for each one.

Outstanding functions and advantages of Gun Fest Mod 

Gun Fest Mod is a game that requires high skills

The gameplay is new and unlike other mass shooters on the market. Gun Fest Mod not only requires players to be agile but also to think. The player’s movement skills must be at the level of “silk steering wheel” to catch up with the speed when thinking and calculating in the head but also have to dodge obstacles in time.

Gun Fest Mod owns a diverse gun system

From an initial gun, after going through multiple levels of play and winning many rewards players can create for themselves a collection. From shotguns, long guns, long-range guns, snipers to cannons. Or simply daggers. Each gun has its own feature or function, so the longer you play, the more diverse your collection will be.

The graphics of Gun Fest Mod are highly appreciated by players

Designed in the form of 3D images, Gun Fest Mod gives players the most realistic and interesting experience. Striking space and images, fresh lighting effects. 

The character in the game is designed in a cartoon style, appearing as a dummy wearing a very funny prisoner costume. The above characteristics make players attracted, especially children who love this game very much.

Image of a character in Gun Fest Mod
Image of a character in Gun Fest Mod

Instructions on how to download Gun Fest Mod 

  • Step 1: Go to the Xapkfree link, go to the search bar and enter the keyword Gun Fest Mod.
  • Step 2: Select the Download icon to download the game to your phone or computer.
  • Step 3: Players then just need to log in to Gun Fest Mod, the game interface appears and you can experience.

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Some FAQs about Gun Fest Mod 

Play several dozen levels continuously without worrying about freezing the machine
Play several dozen levels continuously without worrying about freezing the machine

Who is the Gun Fest Mod game suitable for?

The game is suitable for all audiences, only required to be 3 years old or older. This is a game that requires a high level of thinking, logic along with speed, so it is suitable for young people. 

In particular, the game combines animated images and vivid sound, so it is more suitable and loved by children. Adults can also play this game if there is a need for relaxation and gentle entertainment.

Does Gun Fest Mod freeze the machine?

Usually, whether the game you download freezes or not depends a lot on where you download the game. If you download the game from Xapkfree, we are committed to bringing the best experience to players. Freezing or exiting the game unexpectedly while playing will never happen.

Is the capacity required for Gun Fest Mod large?

Although there are beautiful 3D images and outstanding colors, the capacity needed for Gun Fest Mod is not too large. Just about 50MB is enough to own this interesting game.

Final Thoughts

Surely everyone wants to relax after stressful hours of studying and working. Perhaps you are a person who likes to play games but is afraid to be too passionate to forget about other things. Don’t worry too much, download Gun Fest Mod – a game that requires high speed and thinking, you will have a great experience.

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