Flip Master mod APK 2.6.60 (Unlimited Money)
Flip Master mod APK 2.6.60 (Unlimited Money)

Flip Master mod APK 2.6.60 (Unlimited Money)

By duycris - 17/10/2023
Name Flip Master
Version 2.6.60
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 121.7 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher MotionVolt Games Ltd
Update 17/10/2023 (7 months ago )

Want to be a real acrobatic on a virtual trampoline? With Flip Master mod, you can not only experience artistic acrobatic moves, but also discover a series of new features and unlock utilities. Coming to the world of Flip Master mod, each jump will be a surprise, each move will be a challenge!

Flip Master mod

Overview of the game Flip Master

Flip Master is an extremely entertaining game where players can try their hand at the role of an acrobatic athlete on a trampoline. With sharp graphics and simple yet challenging gameplay, Flip Master promises to bring the ultimate entertainment moments. Each jump is an opportunity for you to show off your unique skills and creativity.

Review the experience when playing Flip Master mod

When entering the world of Flip Master mod, players will enjoy a completely new and unique experience. From top-notch skills to adorable characters, everything is elevated to a new level.

Lots of skills for players to learn

Flip Master mod offers a variety of acrobatic skills, from basic to advanced, helping players continuously develop and improve their abilities. Each skill requires thoroughness, focus and creativity, challenging players to push their limits.

Flip Master mod

Many characters both male and female to choose from

This mod version is not only limited to choosing male characters, but also provides players with a wide choice of female characters with distinct outfits and styles. This helps create diversity and richness, helping players have more motivation in exploring and experiencing the game.

Variety of different game maps

Not only stopping at skills or characters, Flip Master mod also brings many maps with different landscapes and environments. From school grounds, amusement parks to mysterious places, each map brings a unique experience and new challenge for players.

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Cute and beautiful graphics

One of the highlights of Flip Master mod is the sharp, cute and beautiful graphics. The characters are exquisitely designed, the environment is vivid, along with realistic sound effects, creating a perfect entertainment space and attracting players from the first time.

Flip Master mod

What’s so attractive about the modded version of Flip Master?

With the mod version of Flip Master, players will experience a more special acrobatic world, expand the scope of exploration and at the same time enhance the gaming experience. Let’s find out the features that this mod version brings.

Unlimited money to unlock characters and skills

One of the biggest benefits that the mod version brings is that players can own an unlimited amount of money. As a result, unlocking new characters, as well as upgrading and learning acrobatic skills becomes easier and faster than ever. Players do not need to spend too much time accumulating and can focus more on experiencing and exploring the game.

Remove ads during gameplay

Another benefit that the modded version of Flip Master offers is the complete removal of ads during gameplay. This makes the player’s experience smooth and uninterrupted. No more worrying about ads appearing suddenly, players can focus on performing acrobatic moves and get the highest score.

Flip Master mod

Instructions on how to download the game Flip Master mod from the Xapkfree site to your phone

To be able to experience the unique features that the modded version of Flip Master brings, downloading the game from the Xapkfree site is a great choice. Xapkfree is one of the reputable and secure websites that offers many mod versions for popular titles.

To download the game Flip Master mod, you just need to follow a few simple steps: go to the website, search for the desired title, and then download. Follow the detailed instructions below to make sure the loading process is smooth and fast.

Flip Master mod is not only a casual entertainment game, but also a place where you can show off your acrobatic talent without worrying about accumulating virtual currency or interrupting ads. With many attractive and unique features from the mod version, you will definitely have great and memorable entertainment moments.

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