Download Cube Surfer! Mod Apk {{version}} Unlimited Diamonds
Download Cube Surfer! Mod Apk {{version}} Unlimited Diamonds

Download Cube Surfer! Mod Apk 2.6.7 Unlimited Diamonds

By thanhtung - 24/01/2023
Name Cube Surfer!
Version 2.6.7
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Size 120MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher VOODOO
Update 24/01/2023 (10 months ago )

Cube Surfer! Mod is a conquering game that needs skills, players move not to run or jump but to slide on the road. To go the farthest requires you to collect a lot of boxy blocks to overcome obstacles with them that appear on the road. But the blocks will decrease as you overcome obstacles, so the more boxes you collect, the more boxes will be to your advantage. Challenge yourself to see how far you go in the race.

Overview of the game Cube Surfer! Mod

Game Cube Surfer! Mod belongs to the new obstacle game genre. Players must collect a lot of boxes and move over the furthest distances. Different obstacles will appear along the way, if you do not have a large amount of boxes, it will be more difficult to overcome obstacles. 

Start the difficult challenge with Cube Surfer! Mod 
Start the difficult challenge with Cube Surfer! Mod

The game offers many levels for players, initially you will glide on one block and along the way will appear other blocks and along with the walls. 

The walls will have different heights to overcome you need the same amount of volume as the wall, if you hit the wall immediately you are stopped from playing. So collect a large number of shapes to overcome the challenge easily. The higher the level, the difficulty will increase, so players need to be careful to complete the mission well.

Attractive features in the game

Collect cubes

Along the way, blocks will appear continuously. They are arranged in a messy layout, at left then right or ziczac. This will make it difficult for the player to move because the sliding speed will be faster and faster, you need skillful techniques to collect many blocks ahead. 

However, there will be blocks that will be upgraded to 5 times, which is also an advantage for you to have many blocks and overcome challenges on the road.

Collect many boxy shapes
Collect many boxy shapes

Dangerous obstacles on the slide

In Cube Surfer! Mod will appear many unexpected obstacles, if you do not pay attention, you can bump into them. High walls are blocking your advance, trying to collect large amounts of blocks on the way to pass easily. 

But one of the obstacles you need to avoid is the acceleration ledge, which will make you go faster than you would miss the boxes and make it difficult to move around and dodge obstacles. The obstacles will make you finish the race early, so be careful of them when passing.

Many challenges in the game 
Many challenges in the game

Unlock new functions

The original shapes were simply a monotonous yellow. But if you want to change their colors you can go to Cube Surfer’s store! Mod. Here there are blocks with new designs such as pink pigs, pieces of watermelon, boulders, sandwich pieces, cats,… But to own them you have to unlock them.

Player help tools

Cube Surfer! Mod provides players with support tools to make the path more convenient. These support tools will appear randomly on the road and function for a certain time. But it is also not easy to get support tools, you need to be skillful to overcome obstacles on the road.

Pick up a lot of gems

There will be gems on the way, collect them as much as possible because they are used to let you buy items in the store. You can equip your character with different and new shapes such as Santa Claus, cowboy boy, robber general,… Use the diamonds earned to buy the characters you like.

Download Cube Surfer! Fast phone mod

To download Cube Surfer! Mod about the phone you follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Players access the Xapkfree link, then enter the keyword Cube Surfer! Go to the search box, and search for the application on the screen.
  • Step 2: Select the Cube Surfer app! Mod and click Download next to download to your phone.
  • Step 3: The application will be downloaded to your device waiting for installation in a few minutes and you can experience it right on your phone.

Besides, you can also download many good mod games with many other attractive features such as Bacon May Die Mod, Ramboat Mod,…

General questions about Cube Surfer! Mod

Game Cube Surfer! Is mod safe to download?

Ensure the safety of your phone. Cube Surfer! Mod designed with a device-friendly interface and safe for players to rest assured.

I can choose the game character Cube Surfer! Mod?

Okay. Cube Surfer! Mod has many unique characters for you to choose according to your preferences.

Download Cube Surfer! How long does the Mod take?

Not for long. It only takes you a few minutes to download and play right after.


Cube Surfer! Mod brings the feeling of dramatic gaming, you need to be careful, calculate carefully to overcome the challenges. An exciting head slide adventure awaits you to explore, with Cube Surfer! Mod now.

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