Download Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod Apk {{version}} Unlock Levels, No Ads
Download Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod Apk {{version}} Unlock Levels, No Ads

Download Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod Apk 7.4 Unlock Levels, No Ads

By thanhtung - 20/04/2023
Name Criminal Files – Special Squad
Version 7.4
MOD Features Unlock Levels, No Ads
Size 79MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher HFG Entertainments
Update 20/04/2023 (10 months ago )

Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod is a favorite puzzle game in recent times. Players will experience exciting stories and solve mysterious cases in the city. Through puzzles, players will solve and find the final answer to the story. To know more about the information of the above game, let’s explore the article below.

Introduce about the game Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod

Criminal Files – Special Squad is the latest puzzle-solving game available today, developed by HFG Entertainments. The entertaining game is intellectually challenging and enhances concentration. The game context related to mysterious cases is logically built.  Players will follow the available clues and hints to give reasonable answers.

The most attractive puzzle game Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod today
The most attractive puzzle game Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod today

Players will transform into a detective specializing in solving cases, approaching many mysterious murder cases. Follow the trail and find the cold-blooded killer. The game is designed on a realistic 3D platform. The details are clearly depicted to bring an interesting experience.

Interesting puzzle gameplay

Players will transform into the main character Erving, who is a talented crime solver in the city. With the assigned task of investigating mysterious murder cases. Players will take turns going to the cases one by one and start learning the story. The player must rescue the captured, find out the cause of death, catch the killer,…

With the happenings, there will be questions that arise and players will have to answer. There will be a choice of answers, choosing the right investigation will be simpler. Making the wrong choices you will turn in a different direction can make it more difficult and prolong the case. Players must be very sophisticated and meticulously observe the things in the case. Every circumstance is evidence convicting the murderer. Find out the truth and bring the bad guys to light.

Challenge difficult puzzles Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod

The puzzle game helps players have great entertainment moments, you will experience detective work. Uncover mysterious cases and solve tough puzzles. After each challenge is an attractive reward, join the game now to enjoy the attraction.

Many different challenges

The game will be divided into many different levels of play and in the levels there will be many more challenges. Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod has a total of 101 levels of play and more than 250 complex puzzles. The events are built with logical content and attractive storylines. To collect evidence, players have to go through many challenges to find items.

After passing a challenge, players will be evaluated for achievement with stars and bonuses. Reach the maximum number of stars, you complete the task excellently and open a new level. The levels will be more difficult and players need to be sophisticated in cases.

Tracing clues of cases
Tracing clues of cases

Use skills and hints

An indispensable tool of a detective is a magnifying glass. You will use a magnifying glass to track down the traces of the perpetrator, illuminating the hidden evidence. With this glass will support players to investigate more quickly.

Besides, the system provides a hint function when players do not find a solution. The number of hints will be limited and difficult to get, so players will use them when they need it most. Hints help players solve immediate difficulties. All have limits, so players need to play the game according to their strength, it will not be difficult if you carefully exploit the clues.

Immersive graphics experience
Immersive graphics experience

Impressive Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod graphics quality

More realistic when the stories are built on 3D graphics. Depict fascinating and realistic cases. The game is not too barbaric, mainly focusing on puzzles. Help players entertain, relax and play in an attractive space.

Combined with the dramatic adventurous sound has created emotions that could not be more attractive. The music pace changes through the story progression, making players more immersed in the game. The combination of well-thought-out graphics and sound has created interesting cases and players cannot miss.

Players download the game simply through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Xapkfree enter the game keyword Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod in the search box and find the application.
  • Step 2: Select the game app above and then click the Download button to download it to your phone.
  • Step 3: Wait for the game to download after 2-3 minutes, after downloading, you can play immediately.

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Common questions from players about Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod

Here are common questions of players you can refer to.

Is there a play-level option in Criminal Files – Special Squad?

The answer is no. Players will pass each challenge in turn and are not given the option of playing level.

Game Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod play in online or offline mode?

You will play the game in offline mode, without worrying about ads.

Is there a challenge mode or play with friends?

Currently, the game does not have a game mode to challenge with friends.

Final verdicts

If you love mysterious cases and want to explore and conquer, come to Criminal Files – Special Squad Mod. A great entertainment space that you cannot miss, download the game now.

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