City Defense MOD APK 1.47.1 (Unlimited Money, Energy)
City Defense MOD APK 1.47.1 (Unlimited Money, Energy)

City Defense MOD APK 1.47.1 (Unlimited Money, Energy)

By duycris - 15/10/2023
Name City Defense
Version 1.47.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Energy
Size 141.3 MB
Requires Android 5.1
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Homa
Update 15/10/2023 (7 months ago )

City Defense MOD brings the ultimate goalkeeper strategy experience to players. Participating in the battle, players will have to arrange forces, build defenses and deploy tactics to resist waves of enemy troops. Each level is a new challenge with many different types of enemies. A fight requires not only speed but also intelligence and the right tactical choice. Conquer and defend the player’s city with the game right at

City Defense MOD

Overview of the game City Defense MOD

In the world of games, many games have engrossed players and City Defense MOD is definitely one of them. Designed with sharp graphics, vivid sound, and unique tactical gameplay, City Defense MOD gives players moments of tension, challenge and attraction.

City Defense MOD is not only a normal fighting simulator game, but also a rich world with many details, quests and challenges waiting for players to explore. You will transform into a military commander, capturing the fate of an entire city in your hands.

Become a super player in the battle to protect the city

City Defense MOD focuses on protecting the city against waves of enemy troops continuing to attack. Each attack wave will be stronger, more difficult, requiring players to think quickly and make the right tactical decisions.

Besides fighting off the enemy, players must also focus on building, upgrading and developing their city. This not only strengthens defenses, but also strengthens the army and expands its territory.

City Defense MOD

Use the combat ability of the army


Barriers are an important part of the defense system. They help prevent and slow down enemy troops, enabling the player’s army to destroy the target effectively. The barrier can be upgraded to become stronger, withstand more attacks.

Melee soldiers

Melee soldiers are the main force in destroying and stopping enemy troops. They have strong fighting ability and can directly face the enemy. To maximize strength, players should focus on upgrading and training melee soldiers, helping them become a solid wall in front of enemy troops.

Spirit wields a gun

Linh holding a gun is a remote support force, helping to destroy enemy troops from a safe distance. With their ability to shoot long distances and accuracy, they become an important factor to help the player’s army maintain an advantage on the battlefield. Upgrading weapons and enhancing combat abilities for gunmen will help them become the terror of the enemy.

City Defense MOD

Thận trọng đám đông hung dữ

City Defense MOD puts players in a tense situation when facing a crowd of advancing enemy troops to attack the city. Each enemy piece has its own strength and tactics, requiring players to always be ready and alert.

But not only strength, quantity is also an issue when players face large attacks, ensuring not only to strengthen the defense but also to quickly deploy counter-attack tactics.

Many areas and locations of the city need protection

The city in City Defense MOD is not just a solitary area. You will have to protect many different areas, from city centers, residential areas, to important points such as water sources or production facilities.

Each area has its own weaknesses and characteristics, requiring players to build diverse and flexible defense tactics to ensure the safety of the entire city.

Save the city from disaster in many ways

Take advantage of all the possibilities

To protect the city from attacks, players need to optimize all abilities that players have. This includes strengthening and upgrading forces, using resources efficiently, and optimizing defensive tactics.

Beware of dangerous people

Among the crowd of enemy troops, there will be especially dangerous ones with high strength and ability to cause harm. You need to recognize and prioritize destroying them before they approach and harm the player’s city.

Level-by-level missions

Each level in City Defense MOD brings different challenges and tasks. You will not simply defend the city, but also have to perform special missions, from destroying the main target to defending the critical point.

City Defense MOD

City Defense rewards are extremely attractive

When players succeed in defending the city and completing missions, City Defense MOD will reward players with valuable rewards.

These rewards not only help strengthen the army and city, but also encourage morale and motivate players to continue exploring and conquering higher levels.

City Defense MOD is not only a game, but also an interesting tactical playground – where players can express their talents as well as unleash their own creativity. Do not miss the opportunity to experience fascinating and thrilling moments in the world of City Defense in

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