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By thanhtung - 13/12/2022
Name 3DTuning
Version 3.7.332
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Size 75MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher 3DTuning
Update 13/12/2022 (1 year ago )

3DTuning Mod since its launch has been an application that many players are interested in and trusted, because of its versatility and modernity. Users will be surprised to see and enjoy super beautiful and famous cars from cars, bicycles, trucks. This game allows you to enjoy more than 1000 high-quality car models. Thanks to this application, players can apply it in their work or car design and construction projects. The game is not just about boring racing.

Introduce game 3DTuning Mod 

If you are an automobile enthusiast and want to build your brand, do not ignore this 3DTuning Mod application because maybe it will benefit you somewhat. 

The game will help you create many new and different car models according to your taste in a completely unlimited number. Practice creating new templates and see thousands of unique designs that this app has to offer to improve and hone your experience. 

Becoming a car designer is pretty cool
Becoming a car designer is pretty cool

Indeed, in the future, the brothers will become a famous car designer and manufacturer. Don’t forget to always keep up to date with the latest models in the world and bring them to everyone’s garage.

Here, you can also enjoy a collection of cars with vibrant and diverse colors, especially the models designed and sketched by the manufacturer in the most realistic way, giving users an irreproachable look and quality.

The way to play 3DTuning Mod is quite rolling

When using this application, you will be free to choose a car with the latest design, and at the same time edit and redesign the outer shell to catch the eye. In addition, each person will have a way of looking and a level of creativity, so everyone will be free and comfortable to build a car image according to their preferences. 

Create one-of-a-kind cars only in your garage
Create one-of-a-kind cars only in your garage

Thanks to your new imagination and some of your own experience in automotive design, you will create and manufacture a product of high quality. When designing a car, just select the parts and parts positions on the car, the screen will show 3 options for everyone to freely choose and design.

This application will provide and bring users a lot of new car models of the 20th and 21st centuries, beautiful and famous cars are appearing. As a result, many people have been able to expand their understanding, learn and see many new things about car designs or functions that they possess.

Why does 3DTuning Mod score points in the eyes of players?

Talking about the things that make 3DTuning Mod so impressive, players will surely agree with them.

A lot of cars have 1-0-2 in 3DTuning Mod 

Each car will have a different paint color depending on your choice and change. Here in this application, you are free to adjust the paint color accordingly for your car. 

How special can your car collection be?
How special can your car collection be?

In addition, you can fine-tune and upgrade the headlights, taillights, mirrors or other parts on the car to become more polished and attract customers. In addition, you can refer to more fringe knowledge about cars to improve your design level.

Don’t just play 3DTuning Mod alone

Do not own alone, but should introduce everyone to join in using it right away. Moreover, it is also a free application so you can download it freely and comfortably.

Instructions on how to download the game 3DTuning Mod 

Download the game 3DTuning Mod to conquer the roads with your cool racing car!

  • Step 1: First, please visit the link: Xapkfree and enter in the search bar for the keyword 3DTuning Mod to find the application.
  • Step 2: Click Download to download 3DTuning Mod.
  • Step 3: The game downloads in about 30 seconds, then you just need to log in to 3DTuning Mod to play.

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Do you have questions like this about 3DTuning Mod?

Does 3DTuning Mod have any requirements for the configuration of the device?

As long as you are a smartphone, you can play it all. And the computer is off the table, good fight, brother!

Can 3DTuning Mod be played offline?

3DTuning Mod encourages brothers to play online and share games with friends. However, if you play offline, it is quite simple, just download the game to your device.

Does 3DTuning Mod take up high space?

3DTuning Mod only occupies 98 megabytes with the mobile version and 423 megabytes with the PC version. 

Final Thoughts

Please immediately access the Xapkfree link to download 3DTuning Mod to your device. Be actively involved to experience and discover new things about beautiful and modern cars.

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