Vector MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Vector MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money)

Vector MOD v1.4.3 (Unlimited Money)

By chryzrodriguez07 - 25/11/2022
Name Vector
Version v1.4.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 126.6MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher NEKKI
Update 25/11/2022 (1 year ago )

Introduction about Vector MOD

Vector MOD, an incredible new game on Google Play, is the first of it’s kind and combines arcade-style action with challenging puzzles and a thrilling parkour (freerunning) experience. As the best parkour game to date, Vector has excellent graphics, a fantastic soundtrack and immersive gameplay that will have you hooked from start to finish.

Vector MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money) Vector 1 min

In the thrilling arcade game Vector, you play as a superb free runner who will not be constrained by the rules

In a dystopian future where you are one of few who have a different vision for how things should be run, it’s up to you and your gang of renegade free runners to help bring back balance and freedom by competing in an illegal race called the Run. The winner of this race will earn favor with those who want change, while those who don’t might find themselves on their way out.

Vector takes place in a fully realized world filled with unique characters and dangerous locations where you must use your skills—parkour elements that include running up walls and jumping off them at just the right moment—to compete in races against other competitors with their own agendas.

A totalitarian society in which freedom and individuality are nothing more than a faraway fantasy

You play as a free runner who is trying to escape the system. The game has over 200 levels and many different kinds of obstacles to overcome so that you can reach your destination, which may be either an exit or another piece of equipment you need to escape.

The controls are simple; all you need to do is tap on the screen for your runner to jump over or slide under obstacles in his way. As you progress through each level, new types of obstacles will appear making it harder for your runner to get past them without getting caught by security systems such as missiles or lasers that will shoot at him if they get too close.

A freerunner’s heart is powerful, and you soon manage to break free

You are a freerunner, a criminal who can move through the city with the speed and grace of an acrobat.

You have been captured by the authorities, but your heart is strong, and you soon break free. Your freedom is short-lived: now you’re on the run from police officers who don’t appreciate your talent for breaking out of jail. You need to use all your skills as an urban runner to evade capture as long as possible!

Vector MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money) Vector 2 min

Utilizing exceptional techniques, run, jump, slide, and climb

In Vector, you can perform extraordinary parkour moves that are not possible in real life.

Run, jump, slide and climb using extraordinary techniques to reach your goal. You can even wallrun and swing off of objects to get yourself out of sticky situations. If you need to make a quick escape from a group of guards or just want to get across town faster than your car could ever take you, then Vector is the game for you!

In addition to running around like an adrenaline junkie, players have access to an array of tools that will help them navigate the city more easily:

Players of all skill levels enjoy Vector’s simple controls and intricate level designs

Vector’s controls are easy to learn, but hard to master. The simple movement and jumping mechanics are intuitive enough for players of all skill levels to pick up quickly, but Vector also has a strong learning curve that keeps competitors coming back for more.

Vector’s levels are designed to challenge players at every step of the way. Whether you’re new or an expert at Vector, you’ll find yourself challenged by the game’s many interesting level designs and diverse environments. These include everything from ancient temples with tricky floor patterns and moving platforms, to abandoned laboratories filled with dangerous traps and deadly lasers!

Vector provides an Exciting Atmosphere

Vector is set in a dystopian future where you play as a runner, a person who makes their living by running from authorities. You must avoid police drones and other obstacles to escape the city, all while collecting powerups that will help you get away.

The game features parkour mechanics and an exciting atmosphere in which players must use parkour to complete levels while being chased by enemies.

Vector - One Finger Controls

Vector Game Features

  • Vector is an addictive, fast-paced arcade game that will have you tapping and swiping your way to victory!
  • Tap the screen to move your character in a direction. Swipe the screen to make him jump. Collect coins and power-ups while avoiding obstacles to get the highest score possible!
  • Vector is currently available on Android devices only.
  • Bonus area opened up.
  • There are 22 new tricks that are exclusive to the Bonus mode.
  • There are 27 additional levels with a harsher difficulty setting.
  • Ads are not present.
  • New device called Slow Time.
  • You receive a great number of coins per level thanks to the bonus coins feature.

Vector MOD FAQs

How do I play the game?

You will learn how to play Vector in the first tutorial. The controls are simple and intuitive: move your finger to the left or right to control Vector's movement, and tap on the screen to jump. You can also use a mouse or keyboard if you prefer.

Is Vector free?

Yes! Vector is completely free to play.

How many levels are there?

Vector has 40 levels total, including 20 regular levels and 20 bonus levels that unlock when you finish all 20 regular levels. Each level has three stars, so you can earn up to 120 stars total by completing all 40 levels!

Vector MOD Conclusion

Whether you’re into parkour or simply looking for a challenging and addictive action game, Vector will be sure to satisfy. It’s a great way to kill time during your commute or wherever you may be and it is well worth downloading for free on the Google Play store.

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