Download Tabou Stories Mod Apk {{version}} Unlimited Diamonds
Download Tabou Stories Mod Apk {{version}} Unlimited Diamonds

Download Tabou Stories Mod Apk 2.8 Unlimited Diamonds

By thanhtung - 24/11/2022
Name Tabou Stories
Version 2.8
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Size 110.7MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Sarder Mohammad Captain Arif
Update 24/11/2022 (5 days ago )
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Tabou Stories Mod fulfills your desire to watch movies or TV shows and imagine your role in stories. Diverse content in a variety of situations will make your life more interesting. Players can choose any content that appears in the menu and also act as the story leader. By building a complete character, participating in activities, and making the right requests, you’ll get special hints to find the ending to the movie.

About the game Tabou Stories Mod 

Hundreds of different stories that the game offers will help you discover unique content. Now you can experience stories that you can only watch on television. 

As the main character in Tabou Stories Mod, you are completely allowed to read through the developed main ideas. The specific situations that appear in the story will help you gain more experience, it will become easier to read or read through. 

Play the role of the main character to decide the plot
Play the role of the main character to decide the plot

The pre-reading system is to help you pre-orient the content and take tests to see if you are really interested in the content or not.

While waiting for the story to be ready to begin, you can customize the character’s style to match the female lead. Changing outfits and actions will help your impression in the eyes of the opposite person score absolute points.

The gameplay of Tabou Stories Mod is both new and interesting

The gameplay of the game is actually extremely simple. You simply have to grasp the main plot of the first few scenes. Role-play the main character and steer the story in the direction you want.

So how to drive Tabou Stories Mod? Before each new scene, you will be the only one to decide how it will go.

Going out to eat with a 6-pack tall brother or with a chubby guy? Dinner at a restaurant or a walk in the park? Will you choose to go to the library or go on a date in your free time? Decide your own story.

The screen will display 2 choices at a time. Please think carefully before choosing!

The good things of Tabou Stories Mod

Many interesting things with Tabou Stories Mod are waiting for everyone to discover!

You are the stylist for yourself

In order for players to own a satisfactory character, Tabou Stories Mod has developed a collection of very trendy and diverse styles. Different outfits will be arranged in the menu and you can change them at any time.

Design your own outfit and hair
Design your own outfit and hair

Updates have significantly increased the number of interfaces. In addition, changing styles regularly and diversely helps you become fresher in your own story. 

Develop relationships to make Tabou Stories Mod more interesting

The activities that take place in Tabou Stories Mod all take place according to your wishes. Starting from encounters, hundreds of players will develop different relationships. 

You can be a lover, mistress, or even an enemy. All the content helps you shape your personality and make things work your way. 

Interesting storylines are waiting for you to lead
Interesting storylines are waiting for you to lead

Everything that happens during the experience will affect your end. Players will complete the old story and enter new relationships with extremely unique and attractive content.

Instructions on how to download Tabou Stories Mod to your device very quickly

  • Step 1: You just need to access the Xapkfree link and go to the search bar and enter the keyword Tabou Stories Mod.
  • Step 2: Click Download to download Tabou Stories Mod to your phone or computer.
  • Step 3: Log in to Tabou Stories Mod and start the experience.

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What is Tabou Stories Mod often asked by players?

Does Tabou Stories Mod freeze the machine?

If the game house is not quality, you cannot play the game smoothly. Downloading the game at the Xapkfree link will solve this concern of players. 

Can Tabou Stories Mod be played offline?

Online or offline, you can play. But if you want to share your experience with your friends, go online.

Is the capacity required for Tabou Stories Mod high?

Despite the 3D graphics and the plot is quite dense, Tabou Stories Mod is quite compact in terms of capacity. The game takes up less than 100 megabytes.

Final Thoughts

Take control of your life the way you want with Tabou Stories Mod at Xapkfree. True stories and close to reality are what a lot of people want to look for. Live according to your opinions and choices.

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