Download Storyngton Hall Mod Apk {{version}} Infinite Stars
Download Storyngton Hall Mod Apk {{version}} Infinite Stars

Download Storyngton Hall Mod Apk 56.0.0 Infinite Stars

By thanhtung - 12/12/2022
Name Storyngton Hall
Version 56.0.0
MOD Features Infinite Stars
Size 163MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher BIT.GAMES
Update 12/12/2022 (1 year ago )

Storyngton Hall Mod was released in 2020. After 2 years of launch, this game has taken the market by storm and obtained more than 5 million downloads on the social networking platform. The game is about the busy life of the family, they are a busy family and do not have enough time to take care of their home. During the time you are invited to live in that house, help the owner remodel the house.

About Storyngton Hall Mod

Storyngton Hall Mod gives players hundreds of exciting and dramatic puzzle levels. Players have to decorate the room beautifully and find a way to protect the big house from nefarious conspirators. There are many things to remodel in this house, please prepare the best ideas.

How to play Storyngton Hall Mod super easy for beginners 

You are invited by the Storyngton Hall Mod family to live in a huge mansion. This family is famous for being the richest and most luxurious. However, since no one has lived here for a long time, it looks a bit old and shabby. Rooms and furniture in the house have deteriorated and dust everywhere. Players have to take a while if they want to upgrade and renovate this place.

Beautiful garden in Storyngton Hall Mod after being cleaned and remodeled
Beautiful garden in Storyngton Hall Mod after being cleaned and remodeled

How to repair the house has been set up by the game. Players only need to complete the challenges in turn. Some important things to do are to clean and remove the damaged things in the house. After that, players need to rely on their aesthetic eyes to buy new items. Since homeowners rarely go home, it’s best to décor in a simple way. 

In addition to cleaning and decorating, players can also expand the area of the house if they want. The game is not only a series of tasks but it is also your journey of effort and effort. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy everything here.

Outstanding functions and advantages of Storyngton Hall Mod

The player’s aesthetic eye will gradually increase over time 

Game has a lot of interesting missions. Each mission requires you to decorate somewhere in the house. However, to complete them, people must not only have ideas but also plan detailed repairs. So each task is completed, you have learned and learned for the next time.

Not only a beautiful house, Storyngton Hall Mod is a warm place of humanity 

Although there has been no one to live and take care of Storyngton Hall Mod for a long time, the house may be old but completely not destroyed by the bad guys. That’s because the neighbors are always looking after and protecting the place. Coming to the land of Storyngton Hall Mod, you can get to know the kind people here. They will make your home repair journey simpler and more enjoyable.

You can join the prom in the land of Storyngton Hall Mod

Game not only offers difficult tasks, the game also has moments of entertainment for you. On special days, people around the area often hold proms. They wore evening gowns, held outdoor parties and sang and danced together. You can buy beautiful outfits and join that prom.

Dress up beautifully to join the prom in Storyngton Hall Mod
Dress up beautifully to join the prom in Storyngton Hall Mod

Instructions on how to download Storyngton Hall Mod

  • Step 1: If you want to download this puzzle and décor game to your device, you can access our Xapkfree link.
  • Step 2: That link will navigate and take you to the homepage of Xapkfree, you continue to click on the search bar and enter the keyword Storyngton Hall Mod.
  • Step 3: The game immediately appears on the screen, click 2 times and select Download to download the application. 
  • Step 4: Less than 3 is the download process completed, quickly log in to the game and you can start playing.

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Some FAQs about Storyngton Hall Mod

How to score points and get bonuses in Storyngton Hall Mod?

The scoring mechanism in game is very simple, players participate in puzzle mode to win rewards. This mode limits the number of moves, during the allotted time you have to select the same items for them to explode and score points. If you win this game, you will receive accessories, gold and a lot of new furniture.

Unlock exciting puzzle game modes
Unlock exciting puzzle game modes

How are the graphics and sounds in the game evaluated?

Storyngton Hall Mod has sharp graphics, so it emphasizes the beauty and antiquity of the mansion. In addition, the bright game colors also make the puzzle game much more attractive. Combined with realistic sound, Storyngton Hall Mod receives more praise.

Is Storyngton Hall Mod downloadable on Android?

Players can completely download game on Android. In addition, people can download both phones, computers, ipads with iOS or Windows operating systems. Our Xapkfree website supports downloading on any device.

Final Thoughts

Storyngton Hall Mod is known as the most interesting puzzle home decoration game of all time. The game has both an interesting storyline and beautiful images, who doesn’t like it. You just try to play the game a few times and you will always be addicted to it. 

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