Download Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD Apk {{version}} Immortal
Download Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD Apk {{version}} Immortal

Download Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD Apk 0.5.4 Immortal

By thanhtung - 22/05/2023
Name Stick Fight – Prison Escape
Version 0.5.4
MOD Features Immortal
Size 77MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Mgif Stud
Update 22/05/2023 (4 months ago )

Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD battle theme of stickman character, while under attack by police. Stickman faces many dangers, the player’s task is to help stickman overcome the challenge safely. The game builds classic gameplay with many attractive details. Experience in an exciting and fun entertainment space for players.

Discover the game Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD

Simulation game Stick Fight – Prison Escape released by Mgif Studio. Build with combat gameplay with many addictive levels of play. Challenge to escape from prison and run away from the wanted police, you will overcome difficult terrain with many dangerous enemies.

The dangerous escape of the stickman
The dangerous escape of the stickman

The game screen is built with beautiful 2D graphics, impressive game characters with stick people. On the journey to escape, you will collect many valuable items to help you overcome challenges. The gaming terrain is diverse with difficult nooks and crannies, players need to have the skills to move the character. Fun entertainment game that surely once played, you can not take your eyes off.

Experience the gameplay of Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD

The movement in the game Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD is quite simple. The virtual control button only has the button to move left and right, jump up and use combat weapons. The most minimalist control system for players to easily manipulate and play games. The movements of the stickman are smooth, creating a feeling of comfort when playing the game.

You will be put in an extremely dangerous context, not only are you hindered by the terrain but you are also chased by the police. Now you will face and fight to defeat the enemy in front of you to escape. With a sword in your hand you will attack to take down the target, in addition to the police, you are also attacked by robots. You need to move close and lower them quickly.

Simple gameplay Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD
Simple gameplay Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD

Interesting levels of play

The game opens up many impressive gaming spaces, each level is a refreshing experience. The difficulty is increased gradually through each level, there are up to 1000 different levels for you to experience. The level is different, but the same task is to escape safely. On the way to escape the stickman will face many gates, and fight police robots and overcome difficult terrain.

Each obstacle you go through will have a different coping mode, players need to pay attention to be able to overcome the challenge. In addition, along the way you can collect more gold and items that can aid in the adventure. You should also equip your character with new weapons at new levels. Because the challenges behind will be more difficult and the escape to the outside will be more difficult.

The challenges in the game are dangerous
The challenges in the game are dangerous

Diversity of characters in Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD

In the game, you can use the money earned to change your stickman character. You can equip weapons such as swords, pinwheels, spark sticks, and many other impressive weapons. The weapons will bring a different power and usability, you can equip a lot to increase the variety in the battle.

In addition, you can also refresh your character, by adding accessories. For example, buy the stickman a cap, a versatile helmet, a tiara or cute two-colored rabbit ears,… This equipment will make your character more impressive in each battle.

Impressive in-game graphics

Although built with 2D graphics, the playing context is extremely unique. The quality of graphics in the game is highly appreciated by players. The character image is simple but the movements are smooth with funny shades.

The locations where the battles take place are built in quite detail with massive constructions. Countless impressive obstacles open to create a sense of excitement for players.

Guide to download the game Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD to your phone

To help players download the game to their phones quickly, here are the steps to download the game on XapkFree:

  • Step 1: Players need to access the Xapkfree link, enter the keyword Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD in the search box.
  • Step 2: Select the game app Stick Fight – Prison Escape, then click the Download button immediately after.
  • Step 3: The downloading process takes 2-3 minutes, after downloading the application will appear on the phone screen.

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Players’ questions about Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD

Players often ask questions about the game, join us to find out the following questions.

Are there many characters in the game Stick Fight – Prison Escape for players to choose from?

The game has no character popularity, only a default character that you can change for the character.

How long does it take to log in to the game Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD?

In seconds, you can log into the game and start participating in challenges.

Is it safe to download the game Stick Fight – Prison Escape to your phone?

Of course, safe for phones, the game has a simple interface optimized for all operating systems, so it does not pose a danger to the device.

Final verdicts

Entertainment with Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD will bring great moments of relaxation. Simple, intimate graphic design brings fun when playing games. This is a game worth experiencing in your free time that you need to consider.

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