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Download Specimen Zero Mod Apk {{version}} Shop for free

Download Specimen Zero Mod Apk 1.1.1 b34 Shop for free

By thanhtung - 27/10/2022
Name Specimen Zero
Version 1.1.1 b34
MOD Features Shop for free
Size 155MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Café Studio
Update 27/10/2022 (11 months ago )

What would you do if you were drugged and kidnapped to a desolate, unfamiliar place? Will you settle down or will you try to fight, the area you find a way to escape? What new, dangerous thing will await you ahead? In the world of Specimen Zero Mod, anything is possible. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a survival game like this. Let’s explore this reluctant journey and adventure with us at the Xapkfree game house.

Brief introduction of the game Specimen Zero Mod

The genres of fighting guns, treasure hunt, and earth protection are no longer new in the minds of players. However, Specimen Zero Mod can bring a new experience to those brothers.

Instead of saving the world, rescue yourself! Waking up to find that last night you were kidnapped to a completely unfamiliar place, danger is always lurking, how will you live and escape?

Horrors and cruelties await you
Horrors and cruelties await you

Let’s immerse ourselves in this “fall into the tiger cave”. Here is the lair of the evil who kidnapped you. You must always hide, hide and try to collect information, clues, even loot to survive.

A bit of horror, but this genre is quite popular and creates a lot of emotions for players. Terrified, panicked, heartbroken,… Do you want to challenge your best friend with this horror movie genre?

Extremely attractive experiences

Invested quite a lot in game content, Specimen Zero Mod will not fail you.

Smart interface layout

The game arranges the keys to move right on the main screen, it is quite easy for you to catch up on how to play. You will have to constantly hide and move when you feel safe.

Constantly check the camera and nooks and crannies
Constantly check the camera and nooks and crannies

To help you see enemies better, the screen also allows you to clearly see different angles from where you are standing. As long as you can look at the nooks and crannies, you can hold a 30-40% chance of escaping

Always have to collect clues and loot

You are living in enemy territory, do not rush! What you need to do and always do throughout the escape is to collect weapons, loot, and clues to find a way out.

The more you collect, the more beneficial it will be for you while fighting perverted, horror enemies. Do not panic in front of the enemy, you are being watched. You have to be very calm and fight for survival.

Novel experience mode

The game has a lot of interesting things waiting for you

Graphics and sounds

It must be said that the content creator for this game is terrible. Super realistic 3D graphics, many times horror monsters appear that will make you panic because of its hideousness.

Fight or die?
Fight or die?

However, what really makes you sink into the context of the game is the gloomy sounds, the screams or the sound of enemies splashing. I swear to you to hear it both frightening and swept.

You can use headphones when playing to increase the horror of the game.

Multiple players appear in the same game scene

Don’t think the game is just you. There will be a lot of the same kidnappers with you. However, you and they will not have a forced symbiotic relationship. Weapons are as diverse as knives, guns, axes, saws,… but a little neglect is that someone else will take it right away.

Instructions on how to download Specimen Zero Mod

What are you waiting for, challenge yourself in the journey of “self-sufficiency” at Specimen Zero Mod

  • Step 1: Please access this Xapkfree link
  • Step 2: Click on the search bar and enter the keyword Specimen Zero Mod to find the application.
  • Step 3: Check the Download box to download the game application to your phone or computer.
  • Step 4: Log in to the game to be able to enter the battle right away.

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Questions and answers that players often ask

Are games for girls?

Content is the genre of survival fighting, which is essential for everyone. Even if you are a woman who loves the horror game genre, you can still do it.

The Mod game genre is unlimited money, isn't it?

That's right. You can only download the game to your device, the game provides weapons during the adventure, no need to recharge the game to equip weapons.

Can Specimen Zero Mod be played offline?

Once you download the application to your device, offline play will no longer be a problem, so everyone downloads the game to their device.

Final Thoughts

The adventure and struggle for survival of players at Specimen Zero Mod will be extremely thrilling and fierce. The feelings of suspense, heartbreak and overcoming challenges intertwined will give you great moments of entertainment. Let’s download this game right away to experience this super luxurious game.

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