Download Police Patrol Simulator Mod Apk {{version}} Unlimited Money 
Download Police Patrol Simulator Mod Apk {{version}} Unlimited Money 

Download Police Patrol Simulator Mod Apk 1.3 Unlimited Money 

By thanhtung - 22/10/2022
Name Police Patrol Simulator
Version 1.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 63MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher SkisoSoft
Update 22/10/2022 (1 year ago )

When joining Police Patrol Simulator Mod, you will enter a simulated world. Where you can interact with many elements around you and have a completely realistic experience. You probably guessed that your role in this game is to play the role of a police officer, right? So what specifically is your mission? Keep reading below you.

Enter the exciting world of simulation
Enter the exciting world of simulation

A brief introduction to the game Police Patrol Simulator Mod

Police Patrol Simulator Mod is an interesting simulation game. Players will take the position of a policeman in this game. You can rest easy knowing that you have many options for handling violations. Of course, there will be elements in the game that can assist you in making a decision or assist you in choosing how much money you can attract from other players.

How to Play Police Patrol Simulator Mod

As can be seen, the control mechanism of the game is created very realistically. The features, including the steering system, are shown in great detail. The control mechanism of the game is divided equally on both sides of the screen. The brake pedal and the left turn steering wheel are both visible on the left. The accelerator pedal and the car’s navigation system key are located on the right side of the screen, respectively.

In addition, you can use the horn to warn vehicles ahead while driving on the road. Combine using a miniature map to see the current location and nearby turns. 

You can also switch to a more realistic observation by changing the first-person perspective. In general, the control system is quite simple. To drive, you just need to touch and choose among the virtual keys on the screen. However, to move the car safely, a flexible combination is required.

Some outstanding features of the Police Patrol Simulator Mod game application

The game has apparently attracted millions of downloads from smartphones. Do you wonder what advantages this gaming app has brought? Check out the notable features of the game below.

Many great cars to unlock

Collect money to unlock your favorite cars
Collect money to unlock your favorite cars

You will witness a lot of amazing police cars in the Police Patrol Simulator Mod game. You have to complete a few levels with a standard car to be unlocked.

However, when you have enough cash to open other cars, open your preferred car. The last car will have features that are superior to the previous one in a number of aspects such as speed, power and more. 

So accumulate a lot of cash and unlock the best car to pursue and catch offenders faster.

You can also choose to upgrade your car to give it more power. In the game, your car can suffer damage when you are chasing the violator. There are various garages in the game where you can repair your vehicle and continue your mission.

Change the camera as you like 

Players can change the camera as many times as they want as long as it makes it easy to see and drive completely comfortably. You can control the car from a third-person perspective and clearly see everything around you. Drive through the city, but you also need to keep your responsibilities in mind.

No intervening ads

Coming to the Mod version, you will not see any ads interrupting when you are playing. All in-game ads are completely blocked to provide a better gaming experience. You can download this version at our reputable website and enjoy the outstanding features.

Detailed Police Patrol Simulator Mod game app download steps at Xapkfree

To download the game, refer to our detailed and easy-to-understand guide below.

  • Step 1: First, click on the link Xapkfree (a reputable and secure website).
  • Step 2: Then search for the application called Police Patrol Simulator Mod and press the Download button on the screen to download.
  • Step 3: Open the game and play!

In addition, you can also immediately download good games here such as Mad Skills Motocross 3, Township MOD,…

Frequently asked questions come from the player’s position

The most frequently asked questions come from players
The most frequently asked questions come from players

The majority of players usually ask the question that Xapkfree has collected below. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about this game.

Is it interrupted by ads while playing games?

Because this is a Mod, you are completely assured of this issue, there will be no ads interrupting when you are playing the game.

Is it phone safe to download the app?

Police Patrol Simulator Mod is 100% safe because the application has been scanned by the anti-malware platform and no viruses are detected.

Is there a cost to download this app?

If you download at Xapkfree, our reputable and secure website, you will not spend a single penny.

Final Thoughts

Police Patrol Simulator Mod is so exciting, what are you waiting for without downloading the application immediately to experience it immediately!

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