Download Nexomon Mod Apk {{version}} Menu,Unlimited boxes, traps
Download Nexomon Mod Apk {{version}} Menu,Unlimited boxes, traps

Download Nexomon Mod Apk 3.0.1 Menu,Unlimited boxes, traps

By thanhtung - 02/11/2022
Name Nexomon
Version 3.0.1
MOD Features Menu,Unlimited boxes, traps
Size 53MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Update 02/11/2022 (11 months ago )

Nexomon Mod is built on the plot of the famous anime Pikachu. You will be a trainer of creatures called Nexomon. There’s only one Nexomon with you since you were an amateur coach. Later, on the world adventure journey, you will win more Nexomon. So are you a master at training Nexomon? How much Nexomon can you capture? Let’s go to the game to win Nexomon!

About Nexomon Mod

When you come to the world of Nexomon Mod, you will definitely be attracted to the Nexomon that is too adorable and obedient. However, those are just the moments that start the game!

Adventure the world and win over the Nexomon
Adventure the world and win over the Nexomon

The Nexomons who follow you from day one will go on adventures with you and even help you win over others. They will gradually grow and get stronger during the adventure.

By the ripe time, the Nexomons will fight each other for territory. How strong do you think you can train nexomons? Try the game and experience the Nexomon coach job right away and always.

The challenging gameplay of Nexomon Mod

Choose for you a companion

When you first enter the game, Nexomon Mod will give you a companion. It was the tiny and adorable elementary Nexomon.

With Mod, this version gives you 7 Nexomon systems to choose from. They are all very immature, need to be cultivated by you. However, some of these early Nexomon cases will guide your Nexomon collection style. 

Not only that, the first Nexomon will sometimes help you a lot in finding and collecting other Nexomons. They are quite understanding and help a lot as you expand your Nexomon collection.

Beware of engagements

When your Nexomons are mature enough, taking them to challenge is a way for them to increase their experience points. The more Nexomon they win, the stronger they are and the easier it is to win over many defeated Nexomons.

But if you are a trainer but do not know how to measure Nexomon yourself, you may lose that Nexomon if the opponent is too strong. Here, the battles are extremely fierce

Combat tactics are coordinated by you. Come on, coach!

The fight is clearly lost
The fight is clearly lost

Special Features of The Game

Currently, Nexomon Mod has launched more than 300 different Nexomon species. All species have their own superpowers. Coaches are not afraid of boredom when playing games.

Even the areas you adventure in are extremely diverse. More than 10 continents are designed. Each continent is a different interface. Players are free to choose where they will conquer and conquer Nexomon.

The Nexomon International Tournament will take place when you are strong enough and have enough Nexomon in the collection. This is where the best coaches go to war to compete.

Instructions on how to download Nexomon Mod

Are you ready to become a Nexomon training master? Download the game to your device immediately following the instructions below to play the game!

Download the game and role-play as a Nexomon trainer
Download the game and role-play as a Nexomon trainer
  • Step 1: Go to the App store or CH play or access this Xapkfree link.
  • Step 2: In the search bar, enter the keyword Nexomon Mod to find the application.
  • Step 3: Click Download to download the game application to your phone or computer.
  • Step 4: After the game has downloaded, you just need to enter the game to start the journey to hunt Nexomon.

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What do players usually ask about Nexomon Mod?

Is the game capacity high?

Nexomon Mod is an extremely sharp graphics game, diverse characters, the game form is also special, but the game capacity is only less than 500 megabytes. Feel free to download the game to your computer.

Can Nexomon Mod play on iphone?

This game can be played on both computers, both Android and IOS operating systems, players do not need to worry about this problem.

Can Nexomon Mod play with friends?

Interestingly, as long as you are playing online, in the process of adventure, you will meet a lot of other trainers. Therefore, as long as you choose the same map to explore, the chances of meeting and fighting with each other are very high.

Final Thoughts 

The game is currently in the category of the most searched and downloaded games in recent months. The adventures at Nexomon Mod are extremely exciting and interesting when you will always receive new Necomons. Download the game immediately and experience the game with your friends!

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