Download Murder Hornet Mod Apk {{version}} Free upgrade
Download Murder Hornet Mod Apk {{version}} Free upgrade

Download Murder Hornet Mod Apk 1.1.26 Free upgrade

By thanhtung - 31/01/2023
Name Murder Hornet
Version 1.1.26
MOD Features Free upgrade
Size 118MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Lion Studios
Update 31/01/2023 (2 months ago )
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Murder Hornet Mod creates bees with the task of attacking all people in one battle. You need to control the bee to find people and attack, to complete the task you have to attack and defeat the number of people that the system sets. Of course, after completing the mission you will receive a certain number of bonuses. In this game you are forced to be a bad person, controlling bees to attack people.

Introduce about Murder Hornet Mod

Murder Hornet Mod is a new entertainment action game, created on the animal is the corn plow. Players will have moments of extreme entertainment with attractive levels. The player’s task is to control the bee to find people and sting on them. 

The world of wasps
The world of wasps

The game builds a fascinating story, when wasps are invading the world and everywhere this bee appears, they attack humans. Let’s build and take over a powerful bee system, participating in the search and stinging of people still on the ground.

Gameplay Murder Hornet Mod

How to play the game Murder Hornet Mod is extremely simple, you just need to control the bee to find people and sting them. The more goals you inject, the more rewards you will have, at each level there will be a limit to the number of objects that you need to complete your task of finding and destroying all the objects in a membrane. 

Simple move, attack the object
Simple move, attack the object

Players will only need to use one finger to move the bees, when they find the object they will pull themselves forward and sting on the human body. Here you will experience different difficulty levels, but the harder the bonus will be. 

In addition, the system also upgrades your bee swarm to increase in the number of powers and fly faster. And get new skins by watching ads or using money to buy.

Interesting experience in the game Murder Hornet Mod

A simple action game in which you will manage a system of wasps. It seems quite simple but there will be a lot of experience for players, a new gameplay will not disappoint you.

Skin Upgrade

Your initial bee will be very simple, when you pass many levels and have bonuses you can use that money to upgrade your bee. To conquer more difficult battles forces your bee to equip new skills and features. 

When upgrading wasps, there will be a new look with new and unique clothes, faster flight speed to help players complete missions faster.

Support features

After leveling up Murder Hornet Mod will provide players with support features for players. Equip the bee with a remote aiming device, when moving to find the object the aiming device will aim at the object immediately when seen and you just need to move to that position for the bee to sting the object. 

Since there will be no miniature map, the player must search for the object themselves in the context, and the aiming system will assist you in identifying the object quickly.

Diverse backgrounds

In Murder Hornet Mod at each level will be built a different context. This will avoid boredom for players and also create newness for the game. 

The game scenes can be on the street, at sea, indoors, supermarkets,… Players will experience going to many places and meeting many different people. The bee is adventurous everywhere looking for and stinging people in range.

Multiple attack sites
Multiple attack sites

Download the game Murder Hornet Mod to your phone

Here is a quick and simple guide to download the game Murder Hornet Mod to your phone:

  • Step 1: Visit the Xapkfree link, then enter the keyword Murder Hornet Mod in the application search box and search on the screen.
  • Step 2: Select the Murder Hornet Mod app and then click Download to download it to your phone.
  • Step 3: The application will install immediately after downloading, wait for a few minutes you can play the game right on your phone.

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Top 3 questions about Murder Hornet Mod game frequently asked

Is Murder Hornet Mod safe for your device?

Absolutely safe when downloading the game Murder Hornet Mod to your phone. Make sure the game does not contain malicious data, the interface is optimized with the phone system, so you can safely download and play.

Game Murder Hornet Mod played offline or online?

The game Murder Hornet Mod is played online, you need an internet connection to have a great experience in the game.

Does it cost to download Murder Hornet Mod?

There is no charge. You can rest assured to download and play the game because Murder Hornet Mod is completely free for mobile devices.


Attack humans with swarms of wasps in the game Murder Hornet Mod. Many attractive missions are waiting for you, join the hunt and attack humanity right away.

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