Download MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod Apk {{version}} Damage/Skills 
Download MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod Apk {{version}} Damage/Skills 

Download MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod Apk 3.7.1 Damage/Skills 

By thanhtung - 03/10/2022
Version 3.7.1
MOD Features Damage/Skills 
Size 952MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Warner Bros
Update 03/10/2022 (1 year ago )

MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod is a name that many gamers are interested in because this game possesses many advantages and new features. Let’s find out in detail about this super hot game in the article below to see what makes gamers so fascinated!

About MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod – Experience transforming into a great gladiator

MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod is the tenth version of “Black Dragon” – a fighting game that is familiar to many generations of gamers. Since its first launch in 1990, this game has been upgraded, somewhat more elaborate in terms of graphics, gameplay and many new features compared to previous versions. 

Introduce about mortal kombat X mod
Introduce about mortal kombat X mod


Coming to MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod, players will be transformed into a real gladiator, experiencing the tension and drama between life and death. The game has no specific plot, the world of MORTAL KOMBAT is built into a large universe with a character system that is not inferior to DC or Marvel. However, you can still understand your character through interesting flashbacks.


MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod is a fighting game genre, which means you will have to control your character to fight other characters in a 1vs1 battle. To win, you will need ingenuity, agility and an indispensable factor that is combat experience. 

After getting used to the game for a while, you will understand how to attack each character. Gradually, you will be able to dodge the opponent combined with counterattacks with the fastest movement possible and minimize redundant movements. 

MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod is a fighting game genre
MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod is a fighting game genre

Mortal Kombat X Mod’s control system is designed very delicately and smoothly to make it easier for players to control their characters. The matches in the game are quite fast-paced, constantly taking dramatic-for-tat and-for-tat attacks between two gladiators that will make players unable to take their eyes off their phone screen. Be very focused, just a small mistake, the opponent can finish you off at any time!

3vs3 mode

Besides solo matches, in this MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod version, players can build their own squad consisting of the three strongest gladiators and take them to fierce arenas to compete and compete for gold. This is a new feature of this game, which promises to bring a lot of surprises to players.

Faction Wars

If you do not like the above modes, players can completely master the traditional solo mode with the skills of a top warrior. You can challenge other players, win them and climb to the top of MORTAL KOMBAT’s rankings. Fighting with players around the world, are you confident to win the top spot?

Faction Wars
Faction Wars


If you love “Black Dragon”, you will meet familiar characters of this series such as Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Kitana, Scorpion, Sonya, Ermac and some others. In addition, in this new version, MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod also updates new characters such as the charming Cassie Cage, the mysterious Kung Jin boxer or the bloodthirsty assassin Kotal Khan.

MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod also allows players to customize the character, giving the matches more elements of surprise because you will hardly be able to guess which style the opponent will play. This makes the game a bit mysterious with tactical calculations, not just focusing on normal fighting.

Detailed instructions on how to download MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod game at HtWares

To download mortal kombat X mod game to your device, players just need to perform extremely simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1: First, players go to the HtWares page and enter the name “MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod” in the search section 
  • Step 2: When the game results are displayed on the screen, players click “Download” to start downloading and installing.
  • Step 3: When the icon of the MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod game is displayed on the screen, players can click on it and can join the experience immediately.

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In order for players to experience MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod in the best way, we have compiled some frequently asked questions about this game as follows:

Is there a fee to download MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod?

All downloads and installations of MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod at HtWares are completely free

Will mortal kombat x mod at HtWares be updated to a new version?

Sure, we'll notify you as soon as the latest update is available

Is MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod at HtWares safe for phones?

Completely safe. Every game posted on the web is carefully verified by the editors of HtWares, completely virus-free

Final Thoughts

MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod is definitely a strategy game that will take you from surprise to surprise. Come to HtWares right away to download this “hot hand” game!

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