KINGSOFT Office {{version}}
KINGSOFT Office {{version}}

KINGSOFT Office 2013

By chryzrodriguez07 - 21/09/2022
Name KINGSOFT Office
Version 2013
Size 71.7MB
Category Software
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Price FREE
Publisher Kingsoft Office
Update 21/09/2022 (1 year ago )

Introduction about KINGSOFT Office

KINGSOFT Office is a powerful office productivity suite. It comes with a word processor, spreadsheet tool and presentation application that can all open files from Microsoft Office.

KINGSOFT Writer is a powerful word processor that can open and edit all Microsoft Word document formats. New documents created in Writer can even be saved in Word format for easy sharing with people who only use Microsoft products.


KINGSOFT Office is a powerful office productivity suite

It allows you to create, edit and manage your office documents on the go. The new version makes it easier for you to view and edit documents on your phone or tablet. KINGSOFT Office is a powerful office productivity suite. It allows you to create, edit and manage your documents on the go.

This software Office includes:

  • Writer (word processor)
  • Planner (project manager)
  • Sheets (spreadsheet)

KINGSOFT Writer is a powerful word processor that can open and edit all Microsoft Word document formats

KINGSOFT Office {{version}} KINGSOFT Office Suite 2 min

With KINGSOFT Writer, you can create professional-looking documents for work, school, or your own personal use.

Writer also provides a number of convenient tools to help you write more effectively. In addition to spell checking, grammar checking, and automatic hyphenation, this software Writer also offers the ability to add comments to your documents and track changes with an easy-to-use revision history feature.

The software Writer also comes with a built-in dictionary that lets you look up words while you’re writing your document so you can be sure they’re spelled correctly before saving them permanently to your hard drive.

KINGSOFT Spreadsheets is the best free spreadsheet program for a couple of reasons

KINGSOFT Office {{version}} KINGSOFT Office Suite 1 min

It’s easy to use, and you can save spreadsheets as Excel documents so you’re not completely limited when sharing.

For example, if you want to share your budget with your spouse or partner but don’t want them seeing all of the details about your business finances, this software Spreadsheets has an easy way to do this. You can simply open up the document and press Ctrl+S (or click on “Save As”) and save it as an Excel file. Then at home, when they open it with Microsoft Office? They won’t see any of those sensitive details!

KINGSOFT Presentation can create presentations from scratch or open existing presentations made in Microsoft PowerPoint

Kingsoft Office Suite - Presentation

If you need to create a presentation, the free version of this software Presentation can help. This program is easy to use, and it comes with all the tools you’ll need to make an engaging presentation.

There are two ways you can use this software: You can either create your own presentations from scratch or open existing presentations made in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you already have some slides created with PowerPoint and don’t want to pay for another program, this will be a good choice for you.

If creating new slides isn’t a priority for you, though, I’d still recommend trying out this Software Presentation because there’s so much more that it does than just creating slideshows—and all that extra functionality comes at no additional cost!


Use KINGSOFT Office for free!

KINGSOFT Office is a powerful and easy-to-use collection of office productivity tools, which offers a wide range of features to help you work faster and smarter. It includes the essential word processor, spreadsheet and presentation maker software, as well as mail merge, password manager and many other useful things.

It’s available for free download today!


KINGSOFT Office Features

  • Cloud Storage
  • Email Management
  • Document Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Contact Management
  • To-do List Manager


How do I get started with KINGSOFT Office?

Simply download the application, install it on your computer, and launch it to get started.

What are the system requirements for KINGSOFT Office?

You'll need an Intel Pentium 4 or better processor, 1 GB of RAM or more, and at least 1 GB of disk space to install the application. Windows 10 is supported.

How much does it cost to use KINGSOFT Office?

KINGSOFT Office is free to use and download. You can choose to upgrade to the Premium version, which offers additional features and perks.

KINGSOFT Office Conclusion

KINGSOFT Office is a powerful and comprehensive solution for all your office needs. With this software, you can handle all of your business, administrative, and accounting tasks in one place. The software has a huge amount of features that will help you do everything from creating invoices to managing your inventory.

This software is simple to use. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes learning how to use it simple and straightforward. You will have no problem figuring out how to use the program after just a few minutes of looking at it. Have an alternative of Microsoft Office, so download it now here in HTWARES.

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