Download Iron Blade Mod Apk {{verrsion}} Unlimited Money
Download Iron Blade Mod Apk {{verrsion}} Unlimited Money

Download Iron Blade Mod Apk {{verrsion}} Unlimited Money

By thanhtung - 02/11/2022
Name Iron Blade
Version 2.3.0h
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 43MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Gameloft SE
Update 02/11/2022 (1 year ago )

Iron Blade Mod is set in France being attacked by a demon king due to the weakness of a cowardly emperor. The hero Damian was the one who stood up with the sword to fight to save France. The power of the demon king is extremely powerful, can our hero alone fight this crazy army? Time is running out, let’s transform into the role of Damian, overthrow all the dark forces of the demon king and return the bright sky to France at Xapkfree right away.

About Iron Blade Mod 

Becoming a superhero of a country, it is the pride and also the desire of many brothers. Not everyone can have the superpowers to do it. However, with Iron Blade Mod, everything has a context, just waiting for you to role-play.

Damian's battle to defend France
Damian’s battle to defend France

The enemy is the demon king with countless zombies. At the same time, you may have to fight a lot of tough undead like hungry leeches. You have to make full use of all the skills and tactics to be able to defeat them without injury.

The last character you need to fight for the final victory, defending that country is the demon king. Will you be able to survive to the end in this long war?

Let’s play the role of the game to fight to protect the country.

How to Play Iron Blade Mod 

Although the game is a fighting game, the gameplay is extremely interesting, not difficult.

Diverse mission system

Do not think that, when entering the game, you just need to drive out the dark forces. Your mission is much more than you think.

Zero counting tasks
Zero counting tasks

In addition to the main task of fighting, you also have to be a participant in finding stolen treasures, secret documents, protecting hostages, or delivering some objects to the place safely …

All tasks are mandatory and you will all be paid for them. Take advantage of simple tasks like that to earn more rewards.

Ancient weapons

Do not think that in ancient times, the game was equipped with cannons or guns. In the old days, our hero Damian will be equipped like that.

Weapons included in the game are sharp weapons such as blades, hammers, swords, spears, spears, bows and arrows, axes,… You have to use them tactically to kill all enemies quickly.

Upgrade the character through each battle

Whether it’s a character or a weapon, nothing is good or good in the first place. Missions in the game when completed by you will give you a lot of abilities and the ability to upgrade weapons.

Upgrade weapons and heroes
Upgrade weapons and heroes

Hero Damian needs to be faster, stronger through battles. And weapons must be sharper, more lethal.

Features and interface of Iron Blade Mod 

  • Full display from weapons, moves, attacks…
  • Graphic design is antique European style.
  • Iron Blade Mod runs on both Android and IOS.
  • The game size is only about 400MB.

Instructions on how to download the game Iron Blade Mod to the device

Please see instructions on how to download Iron Blade Mod game here!

  • Step 1: You access the Xapkfree link and go to the search bar and enter the keyword Iron Blade Mod.
  • Step 2: Check the Download box on the screen to download the game application to everyone’s device.
  • Step 3: Open the application, log in to the game and you can start the experience right away.

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Questions you often ask with Iron Blade Mod.

Does the game require additional funds?

Right from the name of the game has shown the unlimited gold coin feature. The Mod game allows players to receive a lot of gold coins, even loot during combat, recharging the account is not necessary.

Is this game violent?

As a game with a setting and content to protect the stronghold, there will definitely be battles in the game. However, it is only fighting to protect the country, not violence. Children from 12 years old can play this game.

Can Iron Blade Mod be played offline?

This game allows players to play offline. But you need to download the game to your device first, so you can fight offline.

Final Thoughts

Dramatic and fierce battles will take you to sublimated emotions and relaxation. The break in victory in the demon king battles only Iron Blade Mod can bring. Let’s play the role and save France from the undead!

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