Download Guild of Heroes Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, High Damage, Immortality
Download Guild of Heroes Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, High Damage, Immortality

Download Guild of Heroes Mod Apk 1.137.4 Menu, High Damage, Immortality

By thanhtung - 28/10/2022
Name Guild of Heroes
Version 1.137.4
MOD Features Menu, High Damage, Immortality
Size 338MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher BIT.GAMES
Update 28/10/2022 (11 months ago )

Guild of Heroes Mod is a place where dramatic battles break out, where superheroes are scrambling to save the Earth from dark monsters. Do you have the courage to win them over? The monsters have invaded almost the entire world, your job is to be wise, come up with tactics to destroy the evil ones. The enemies are not dreamers, they are very powerful and quite strong, are you ready to make them subdue to you?

A brief introduction to Guild of Heroes Mod 

It is still a fighting genre to protect the Earth, but Guild of Heroes Mod will definitely leave players with unique experiences. The game with the appearance of many superheroes will increase the excitement for players.

Is the most searched game recently
Is the most searched game recently

In the game, players will definitely be adventurous during the pursuit of enemies. In addition, the game also creates a lot of characters, role-playing the character will also have many interesting things.

Guild of Heroes Mod – Interesting in gameplay

The gamer has spent several years investing and developing a game as diverse in terms of gameplay as this one.

Easy role-playing

The game has 4 superheroes belonging to 4 forces of light: Witch, Warrior, Archer, Assassin. All 4 warriors are extremely strong, each warrior will have a unique talent and ability.

During the battle, players can change characters continuously. This is what makes the battle more elusive and exciting than ever.

If you are sensitive and delicate, players can also combine all 4 skills of 4 characters together to create a heavenly punch. At this time, no matter how strong a monster is, it will definitely shatter flesh and bones.

The game mode is quite rolling

Forget the boring game mode of other games, at Guild of Heroes Mod, you will enjoy dramatic combat moments when you can both fight bosses and compete against each other.

Diverse game modes
Diverse game modes

With PvE mode, players participate in boss fights and gain loot from winning them. The booty is a bit of a fluke.

And if the boss fight is boring, players can jump over and slash each other to compete high and low. Because it will be difficult for players to know the opponent’s level, there will be times when losing miserably just because they do not know the amount of strength.

If you’re you, do you prefer to fight a pre-programmed beast or like to fight a real opponent?

What makes the game special

Coming to Guild of Heroes Mod, you will be immersed in the world of extremely beautiful graphics designed by the game creator. This is truly one of the games with the best graphics and interface in recent years.

Not only that, the character is designed in a variety of ways, the image of the character and the skills of the character are also modernized, looking very luxurious.

The array of weapons will make you fall in love with the title
The array of weapons will make you fall in love with the title

Weapons in battle are also elaborated and very meticulous and useful. The weapons are also extremely powerful and diverse. Combining the right characters, the right skills and the right weapons, the victory will definitely be in the hands of the brothers.

Kill as many enemies as possible to collect weapons. The more weapons, the higher your chances of winning.

Instructions on how to download Guild of Heroes Mod

Let’s download the game to your device according to the following instructions:

  • Step 1: You access the Xapkfree link 
  • Step 2: Tap the search bar and enter the keyword Guild of Heroes Mod to find the app
  • Step 3: Check the Download box to download the game application to your device.
  • Step 4: Log in to the game to be able to enter the battle right away.

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Are games limited to iOS operating systems?

Unlike some other games, Guild of Heroes Mod is professionally designed to help you run the game on both Android and IOS operating systems. You can freely download it

What does the word Mod in the game name mean?

Mod game is a game in which players are free to receive more money and gold after each mission completion. This means that players will not need to recharge to play the game.

Can Guild of Heroes Mod be played offline?

Both offline and online play is fine. Just download the game at Xapkfree to play offline.

Final Thoughts

The cities and towns that need you to fight to protect are constantly increasing. Stand up for the cause. Join the Guild of Heroes Mod to destroy all forces of darkness, preserve and protect the people and the Earth.

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