Download GTA Chinatown Wars Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage
Download GTA Chinatown Wars Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage

Download GTA Chinatown Wars Mod Apk 1.04 Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage

By thanhtung - 12/10/2022
Name GTA Chinatown Wars
Version 1.04
MOD Features Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage
Size 883MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Rockstar Games
Update 12/10/2022 (1 year ago )

GTA Chinatown Wars Mod is a game in the genre of good crime fighting and extremely popular with players searching and downloading to use is highly appreciated. This is a game that attracts gamers a lot. Can be used on both platforms, IOS and Android.

Magnificent city
Magnificent city

With this mod full version GTA Chinatown Wars takes place in the city of Flowers. You will have to fight to protect yourself from enemies who want to track you down to destroy you as well as avenge your dead father and regain power and strength.

Introduce the latest GTA Chinatown Wars Mod

GTA Chinatown Wars still retains the storylines of fighting and fighting game genres for colonization. There will be the ultimate powers, the supreme powers of the various mafia gangs. 

Therefore, there are always fights, scrambles as well as battles for the benefit of each gang side that have no end. These wars are aimed at gaining power and self-interest.

In this Flower City, members of the parties are really dangerous, they can do things that you can hardly calculate in advance. To survive here you have to survive on your own, you have to hold a little power or you have to have money.

That is the power of money and power is first here, no one dares to oppose. Try to become the boss of this Chinese city.

How to play the best GTA Chinatown Wars Mod game today

Here is how to play this game, it will not be difficult if you spend a little time to learn about it. You have to do the assigned tasks by controlling your character, creating an organization that has both power and money. 

Assigned tasks such as the task of transporting quite special goods, be it prohibited goods or goods of insufficient quality without being verified. Destroy those who hinder the conduct of your plan.

You have to make people know your name, have a great influence here. Therefore, whoever dares to oppose and stop you must die and be defeated at your hands. 

Your development depends a lot on destroying the enemy. You are a criminal, so be a little careful from the inspectors and police if you do not want to be killed. Draw lessons, learn from experiences and change yourself after each crime. 

Highlights that GTA Chinatown Wars Mod owns

You will know some useful information if you take a look at all the outstanding advantages of this GTA Chinatown Wars game:

Background of the fights
Background of the fights

There are a lot of difficult tasks that you can hardly complete

You are required to increase the power of your character, you must own a lot of money and extensive social relationships. You are required to successfully perform the assigned tasks. 

Graphics in GTA Chinatown Wars

The graphics of GTA Chinatown Wars are very beautiful and nothing to criticize, extremely sharp and realistic. From small details such as roads and high-rise buildings in the city are taken care of very enthusiastically. Taking place fiery battles, it is indispensable for beautiful effects when struggling. 

How to download GTA Chinatown Wars Mod game at HTWARES

There are 4 steps to download the game to your device:

  • Step 1: Click on the HTWARES link 
  • Step 2: You search for the game name GTA Chinatown Wars Mod in the search toolbar
  • Step 3: Click Download to download the game to your phone device
  • Step 4: Wait for the game to download then you activate the game to freely experience the exciting and dramatic mafia battles.

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FAQs – Questions and answers about GTA Chinatown Wars Mod 

Here are three questions from players who have been experiencing if you have any more questions, please let HTWARES know, by leaving a comment below:

Find ways to survive the city
Find ways to survive the city

Are you worried about being charged for downloading GTA Chinatown Wars Mod?

Don't worry about the fees paid for this game as it is free. There is no charge for both IOS and Android. 

Is GTA Chinatown Wars safe to download?

If you follow the instructions above in full 4 steps, you will not be afraid of being infected with a virus or exposing your personal information.

Gta Chinatown Wars title is it heavy?

This is a game with not much space so you can download and experience it.

Final Thoughts 

That is all the information about GTA Chinatown Wars Mod game that has been shared by HTWARES to gamers. Let’s experience to see if this game is really as interesting as introduced.

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