Descargar My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager Mod Apk {{version}} Dinero ilimitado
Descargar My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager Mod Apk {{version}} Dinero ilimitado

Descargar My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager Mod Apk 5.2.3102 Dinero ilimitado

By kaikaisusu66 - 25/05/2023
Name My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager
Version 5.2.3102
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Size 116MB
Requires Android
Category Juegos
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Price FREE
Publisher Tatem Games Ltd
Update 25/05/2023 (9 meses ago )

My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD to build a gym is your dream? That dream has now become a reality when you can now experience it on your own phone. The game simulates a gym where you will own and run all jobs. You transform into the manager and bring the best service to your gym customers.

Learn about the game My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD

Building on the gym business model, developed by Tatem Games Ltd. The game since its launch has been noticed and experienced by a lot of players, quite a lot of praise for the quality of the game. Large gaming space, with many different activities in the gym. You will be in charge of building and managing it all, the main goal is to attract guests and make a profit.

Управляйте собственным тренажерным залом

The construction graphics are close, with realistic 3D design of characters with tall and muscular physique. Equipped with many private training areas and many impressive diverse equipment. Realistic simulation of a real gym, players will have the most interesting experience. If you love business, love beauty, why not try to experience this game.

Explore the experiences in the game My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD

The game My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD has construction gameplay, so players will continuously build and develop their gym. Players will use the initial capital to buy equipment in a small room. Upgrade training services to satisfy customers. Guest satisfaction will help your revenue soar.

On the top of each guest, an expression of emotion will be displayed, if it is a happy icon, it expresses satisfaction, and on the contrary, an angry icon is an unsatisfied guest. You will keep customers happy again with your service. Your job is to decorate, equip and always upgrade equipment. Good service of your gym will be known by many people and soon you will expand your business area.

Постройте полностью оборудованный тренажерный зал

Start building a gym

The first thing for the player is to build his gym, because initially there is only a small room. With some basic exercise equipment, you start serving your first customers, then gain capital you will upgrade your gym. To attract more guests, you need to buy more exercise equipment; Then decorate the gym beautifully. When there are many guests, you will hire a PT to guide guests to practice.

The number of visitors increases, you begin to be able to divide into training spaces. And you can also use the money to expand your gym area. Open many new gyms, start equipping such as treadmills, weight machines,… You will tap and drag the tool out to the area you desire. With a simple construction operation, you will quickly make your own impressive gym.

Services for customers

You need to create the best services for customers, when you are satisfied with customers, you will have high profits. You recruit a team of PT and professional customer care, they will observe and guide customers to practice.

There is also a mechanism for practitioners, when guests need to practice for any purpose, the staff will plan a training route for guests. The training process is methodical and clear, surely customers will be satisfied.

My Gym: Менеджер фитнес-студии MOD с лучшим сервисом

My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD vívido diseño gráfico 3D

El juego My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager crea gráficos de dibujos animados. Así que todo en el juego está cerca de colores frescos. El contexto en el juego se construye de manera tan realista como el sistema de gimnasio en la realidad. El equipo de entrenamiento está meticulosamente diseñado para crear autenticidad para los jugadores.

Un poco de música para crear un zumbido lúdico para el gimnasio. Este es un espacio para que los jugadores se entretengan, por lo que todo es muy ligero y armonioso. Los jugadores solo necesitan crear el mejor servicio de gimnasio para los jugadores. Usted es libre de organizar la construcción de su propio gimnasio.

Pasos para descargar el juego My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD a tu teléfono

Vamos a descargar el juego a tu teléfono a través de los siguientes pasos simples:

  • Paso 1: Los jugadores acceden a Xapkfree, ingrese la palabra clave My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD en el cuadro de búsqueda.
  • Paso 2: Seleccione la aplicación del juego que aparece, luego haga clic en el botón Descargar inmediatamente después.
  • Paso 3: El proceso de descarga tarda unos 2-3 minutos, luego después de la descarga puedes experimentar el juego de inmediato.

Además, en XapkFree puedes descargar muchos otros juegos mod como: Food Truck Chef MODTrue Fear: Forsaken Souls 1 MOD,…

Responder preguntas sobre el juego My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD

Con las preguntas de los jugadores, le responderemos en breve.

What are the rewards in the game My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD?

Various in-game rewards can be money, level boosts, gym equipment, and many other rewards. 

Is it possible to choose the character in the game My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager?

You can only customize equipment and tools in the game, but you cannot customize the game character.

What operating system is the game My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager loaded on?

The game is very popular, so it can be downloaded on all Android and iOS operating systems.

Veredictos finales

Convertirse en un buen gerente del gimnasio no es difícil, deberías experimentar el juego My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD. Este será un juego de entretenimiento divertido y emocionante para su tiempo libre.

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