Downlooad Drive Ahead MOD Apk {{version}}  Menu, High Damage, Immortality
Downlooad Drive Ahead MOD Apk {{version}}  Menu, High Damage, Immortality

Downlooad Drive Ahead MOD Apk 3.15  Menu, High Damage, Immortality

By thanhtung - 01/10/2022
Name Drive Ahead
Version 3.15
MOD Features Menu, High Damage, Immortality
Size 142MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Dodreams
Update 01/10/2022 (6 months ago )
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Drive Ahead MOD along with extremely interesting supercars. The game has many features that you did not expect. Especially you can play with your friends on weekends. Let’s explore this crash game through the content below.

General introduction of Drive Ahead MOD

Discover the battleship game 
Discover the battleship game

Drive Ahead MOD is a game launched by Dodreams Ltd. This is said to be their outstanding product in recent times. The game has pixel graphics that bring a familiar feeling to players. 

In the game, there is a vibrant grandstand background. It’s like an arena that sees you fight your opponents. Cause them to collide or flip over to win. This is a game that can be played with other players.

There are many different types of vehicles and components that need to be unlocked by you. Besides, you will experience many different game modes. Each mode will have its own characteristics for you to explore and complete the mission.

To play this game you need to have agility. Otherwise you may be eliminated from the game and unable to collect the necessary items. In addition, you and your friends can participate in the game to create an attractive competition.

Instructions on how to play Drive Ahead MOD

Usually you will start the first game. The control of the car is extremely simple. Just select the left or right direction. Swipe up to perform the car jump as you like. You can make enemies explode with head crushes.

Along the way there are many pitfalls so you need to dodge correctly. You can choose random opponents for yourself or let them appear on their own. Each excellent win you will be rated 5 stars. 

Horrific car crash moments
Horrific car crash moments

When the car is in danger of overturning, try to go in the opposite direction to make sure it is not knocked down. To have an advantage, you should choose the ramp to make it easier to launch the attack towards the opponent. Remember that speed doesn’t play an important role in helping you win.

Cars with large physiques will be powerful weapons. You will quickly crush your opponent in a split second. In the game there are also slot machines to increase the rewards even more. You can unlock vehicles and levels by playing this. 

During head spins, you won’t need to bet anything higher than the minimum amount. And it will allow you to win.

Outstanding features of Drive Ahead MOD

Many new game modes

The game will have outstanding modes for you to choose from. In Miss Stadiums mode, you will fight hard-to-deal machine opponents. You need to practice a lot with early opponents who are easy to overcome. The later they will be harder to beat.

In PvP Arena mode, you will confront real players. Just connect to the internet to be able to detect opponents right away. You can also play with friends if you want.

And if you like adventure rides then Rift Riders is the most appropriate mode.

Find a variety of vehicles

Collect different new vehicles
Collect different new vehicles

At the beginning of the game you will get a random car. After winning times, you can use the bonus to unlock new cars. You can choose from trucks, racing cars or even garbage trucks. 

You should not take them lightly because of the name. Each type will have its own advantages that you need to take advantage of to crush your opponents.

Impressive graphics

Designed in 8-bit pixel graphics but the movement of the image is very realistic. It is wise to steer the game this way. Somewhat reduce the violent nature and increase the fun of the game. 

The sound mingled with the game’s movements contributes to the equally funny direction. Some aspects of the game are inappropriate to go out but it doesn’t hurt the gameplay much.

How to download Drive Ahead MOD game at HtWares

  • Step 1: You need to go to the HtWares link and search for the name of the game application.
  • Step 2: Click on the word Download to download the game.
  • Step 3: After the upload and installation is complete, you can go to the icon to open the game.

In addition, you can also immediately download good games here such as Mad Skills Motocross 3, Township MOD,…

FAQs about Drive Ahead MOD

How much space does this game take up?

Depending on the update, the game will have 70 MB or more.

Does the game cost to download?

You download the game on HtWares site, you do not need to spend any money.

Is it possible to upgrade equipment in the game?

The game allows you to upgrade a series of components and with gold coins. 

Final Thoughts

Drive Ahead MOD is a literal car fighting game. Join the modes to crush opponents and buy your garage with big cars. What are you waiting for without downloading right away?

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