Download Dead Ahead Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Free Shopping
Download Dead Ahead Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Free Shopping

Download Dead Ahead Mod Apk 3.6.1 Menu, Free Shopping

By thanhtung - 18/11/2022
Name Dead Ahead
Version 3.6.1
MOD Features Menu, Free Shopping
Size 105MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Mobirate
Update 18/11/2022 (1 year ago )

Dead Ahead Mod released by Mobirate is storming the entertainment game world. It is known that this game belongs to the survival fighting genre, the game genre is quite hot today. In the game the player is assigned an army of about 10 warriors, in their hands carrying weapons. Their enemies are bloody human zombies. The player assumes the role of the leader who comes up with tactics, arranges battle formations and leads the army through the challenges of the game.

About Dead Ahead Mod

The game is set in a world facing the perils of the apocalypse. All over the world is constantly attacked by Zombies. There is a certain force that silently spreads malicious viruses to destroy humanity. You and some others are lucky to escape and are hiding in the shabby bus. 

More and more people infected and turned into Zombies, they became numerous and destroyed a lot of places in the city. Unable to see death not saving, you gather the remaining sane people and become the leader to lead them against the demons.

How to Play Dead Ahead Mod for Beginners

Initially, players are given a small amount of gold coins. This amount was enough to buy an army of about 10 soldiers and a bus. Zombies attack, players need to choose a few soldiers to fight them. In the hands of these soldiers with weapons, when the enemy comes they will immediately attack. If a soldier is killed, then 5-10 seconds later will be revived.

Build your army 
Build your army

In the first levels, the enemy troops are quite small and killing them is quite easy, after only 2-3 attacks, the enemy troops have dispersed. However, the later, the more zombies will come and somewhat overwhelm your army. Therefore, after each turn you need to use the bonus you receive to buy new characters and items. 

Outstanding functions or features of Dead Ahead Mod

Dead Ahead Mod is a strategy-based game

As a virus, Zombie disease spreads very quickly, their forces are increasingly large and powerful. If the player keeps dueling with them, it is like taking eggs to fight stones. Therefore, as a talented leader you must have smart tactics. Before the Zombies arrive, players need to arrange a squad and always be in a fighting position.

As the lucky ones who have not been poisoned, the warriors fight bravely and bravely. Players need to arrange positions for each soldier according to their fighting power. The person with more modern weapons should be behind and the person with more rudimentary weapons should be in front.

Dead Ahead Mod has a diverse arsenal 

Dead Ahead Mod game has a diverse character and weapon system. There are all kinds of weapons from rudimentary to modern such as nationals, shovels and then guns, cannons and firepower,… The weapon will match the character’s costume. Those who dress modernly will hold more advanced weapons. 

For example, a person dressed as a farmer holding a shovel. And a man dressed as an agent would hold a gun. These small details make the game look more diverse and vivid. However, to own so many characters and costumes, players need to spend a large amount of money. 

The difficulty of the game gradually increases

As players pass each level, their bus will move to a new location. Each place has a different context and hides a different danger. To cope with the transformation of the enemy army, players need to observe from a distance, arrange their forces appropriately and choose tactics suitable to the circumstances.

The Zombies are coming more and more 
The Zombies are coming more and more

Instructions on how to download Dead Ahead Mod 

  • Step 1: You can access this Xapkfree link.
  • Step 2: On the search bar, enter the keyword Dead Ahead Mod to search for the application.
  • Step 3: Select Download to download the application to your phone or computer.
  • Step 4: Wait a few minutes to download Dead Ahead Mod, then you just need to log in to start experiencing the game.

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Some frequently asked questions about Dead Ahead Mod that players wonder the most

Realistic graphics in Dead Ahead Mod
Realistic graphics in Dead Ahead Mod

Are characters and equipment in the game free?

Just like many other games, Dead Ahead Mod makes players wonder about character shopping and equipment. So, we bring you this solution. Visit Xapkfree to download the game, you will experience the unlimited money feature. Having this feature, you can buy a lot of equipment and upgrade the character as much as you like. 

How is the graphics and sound quality of Dead Ahead Mod evaluated?

The sound in the game is quite good and the quality is relatively stable. It makes players excited with each action.  The bar is so realistic that you can hear noises like rustling when slashing Zombies or their movements.

As for the graphics, although only designed in 2D, they are still beautiful. The main color is a dark color gamut that makes the game quite gloomy and creepy.

Does Dead Ahead Mod have an age limit?

Dead Ahead Mod has no age limit. As long as you have a mobile phone and have downloaded the game, you can play Dead Ahead Mod anywhere, whenever you are free because it is suitable for everyone. 

Final Thoughts

Currently on the game market there are countless games released. However, if that variety makes it difficult for you to make a choice then you can visit Xapkfree, which has some of the best and hottest games on the market. Dead Ahead Mod is also one of the top games on this site.

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