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By thanhtung - 18/01/2023
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Size 63MB
Requires Android
Category Games
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Publisher Frogmind
Update 18/01/2023 (2 months ago )
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BADLAND Mod is an interesting game that brings a lot of emotions to players. Accompany magical creatures and explore new lands. Join the challenge to win.

Learn about BADLAND Mod

BADLAND Mod is an attractive game that receives a lot of love from young people. Especially for those who love the inhibitory game genre. Let’s find out if this game has anything so attractive in the article below:

Play the game BADLAND Mod is inhibiting but full of attraction
Play the game BADLAND Mod is inhibiting but full of attraction

Eye-catching graphic design

With 2D image design with modern colors. The game BADLAND Mod has received a lot of love from players. The lands that your creatures pass through are depicted in a ghostly and mysterious way. Bring a sense of aggression and curiosity to players.

Although the character design is not too unique, it can be said that this creature is quite adorable and also very obnoxious. Because they have a black and round appearance with colored eyes. The image of them floating in the air with their hands relaxed looks very cute.

In addition, the background music of the game will also make you extremely excited. Bring a sense of excitement and liveliness when playing the game BADLAND Mod.

Interesting gameplay

If you belong to the genre of players who like inhibition, BADLAND Mod will be the right game for you. Because at first glance, it can be seen that the game is quite simple. With just the hand movement on the screen, you can play the game. However, once you have played the game you will feel that it is not easy at all.

The trap scenes that constantly appear will make it difficult for you to move smoothly. Because you will be affected by the movement speed of the creature. You can only move forward and not backward. That’s going to be really hard and it requires your keen observation skills.

Beautiful images with many attractive features
Beautiful images with many attractive features

There are items spread along the way. Sometimes you have to eat them, but not all items are supportive. Many things will make you uncomfortable and cause a lot of inhibition. For example, if you eat accelerated pellets, the speed of the creature will become very fast. That can cause you to become unresponsive while moving and hit a trap. 

Sometimes the places you pass, you will rescue trapped teammates. I thought it was a good thing, but sometimes it was a bit counterproductive. Because they will follow you along the way, distracting you and only when you game over will they stop sticking to you. Be careful and more focused to win.

Multiple game modes

When coming to BADLAND Mod you will be able to choose from many different game modes. This title offers you and modes such as:

  • Single Player: Play alone with the machine and take on AI challenges.
  • Co-op: Game mode with friends. It is possible to play 4 people at a time and play on the same 1 machine.
  • Versus: Competition game mode. You can play to see who will live longer and longer in the expedition battle.

All three modes are very attractive and worth participating in. If you’re still worried about going to sleep. Let’s practice by playing with the machine first!

How to download the game BADLAND Mod to your phone

You love adventure and want to challenge yourself. You want to know how perceptive and perceptive you are. Or are you a player who likes the inhibitory game genre. So you can download BADLAND Mod to your phone with very simple instructions.

  • Step 1: Using your device, press search and visit the Xapkfree game download website.
  • Step 2: Enter the name of the game BADLAND Mod in the search bar at the website.
  • Step 3: Click to download the game and wait for a few minutes to finish.

Besides, you can also download many good mod games with many other attractive features such as Bacon May Die Mod, Ramboat Mod,…

After the game has been downloaded, you can check the game in the installed applications section. Proceed to unpack and grant permissions to be able to play the game.

Many charismatic and dramatic doors
Many charismatic and dramatic doors

It is both a light entertainment game and an attractive stimulus. BADLAND Mod receives a lot of attention from players because of its many outstanding features.

Is BADLAND Mod safe to download from Android?

Easily download the game safely to Android at the Xapkfree website. In addition, this place also supports you to download games to other operating systems such as IOS, Android.

Is there a cost to download BADLAND Mod game?

Free download all different titles including BADLAND at Xapkfree. Turn on Mod mode and to unlock all doors!

How much space does it take to download BADLAND Mod?

With a beautiful 2D interface and many outstanding features, with only 144MB, you can download the game to your phone.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy relaxing entertainment with lovely creatures at BADLAND. Challenge yourself with your keen observation and skillful avoidance skills. What are you waiting for without downloading BADLAND Mod to your phone today!

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