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By thanhtung - 04/11/2022
Name Asphalt 8
Version 6.4.0i
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Size 122MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Gameloft SE
Update 04/11/2022 (7 months ago )

Asphalt 8 was released a few years ago but I do not understand with a certain ghostly attraction that this game is still praised and mentioned by many brothers with a burning passion. There will be brothers who are very passionate about fighting, passionate about showing strength and wisdom, but there will also be many brothers who are only passionate about speed and dream of conquering every stage in the world. With this top-notch game, you will be spoiled to do it when you are transformed into a cool racer with a top-notch supercar cast.

Introduce game Asphalt 8 

Talking about car-related games, there are many different genres, but when it comes to top-notch racing games, no one can ignore Asphalt 8. Born and updated year by year, the hotness of the game makes many people admire.

Perhaps, the experience of beautiful roads along with supercars following each other is the burning passion of many players. That suspense and drama brings a lot of emotions that are extremely difficult to describe.

Introduce game Asphalt 8 
Introduce game Asphalt 8

Each race requires strict concentration and dexterity when obstacles appear. 

Do you think you’ll be able to overcome all the obstacles? Can you pass the lead to become the driver who won the championship? Conquer every road with Asphalt 8.

The way to play Asphalt 8 games is very attractive

Players are favored to be able to experience this racing game in all 6 different modes: Classic (racing with 6 or 8 cars), Infected (broken cars and having to collect Nitro), Gate Drift (passing portals), Elimination (Sprinting), Knockdown (racing with another AI car).

The track is mesmerizingly beautiful
The track is mesmerizingly beautiful

The gameplay is quite simple, players control the car to move back and forth to avoid obstacles. If the race is smooth, the speed will gradually increase over time. But if the car is collided or overturned, the speed will decrease, even having to restart from 0 km / h

Overcoming each challenge, you have more gold coins to be able to upgrade and buy other better cars.

More than 400 million downloads since its launch, Asphalt 8 is so special?

Asphalt 8’s graphics are too good to score

Graphics and sound will be what can knock down the most demanding players. The game gives you thousands of different race stages, which will surely make you extremely excited.

Excellent beautiful 3D graphics combined with extremely realistic sounds such as car collisions, car flips will also make you satisfied.

Excellent supercars

Surely the following number will overwhelm you by the tolerance of the creator Asphalt 8. 

More than 300 luxury supercars are waiting for you to return
More than 300 luxury supercars are waiting for you to return

This genuine game equips you with more than 330 of the world’s hottest supercars. There are even models at the forefront of design trends that also appear in this game. That’s great.

Instructions on how to download Asphalt 8 at Xapkfree

To be able to play the game smoothly, without interrupting the download process as well as the game process later, please follow these steps.

  • Step 1: First, please visit the Xapkfree link on the device you want to download this game.
  • Step 2: Select the search bar, then enter the keyword Asphalt 8 and find the app.
  • Step 3: Click now and always go to the Download box to download the Asphalt 8 application to your device.
  • Step 4: Log in to Asphalt 8 and start the race.

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What is Asphalt 8 usually interested in by players?

Is Asphalt 8 picky about the configuration of the device?

As a game aimed at the player's experience first, Asphalt 8 is not too picky about equipment. Phones, any operating system can fight, computers only need enough memory.

Can Asphalt 8 be played offline?

Particularly, this version of Asphalt can be played online. But if it is higher versions like Asphalt 9, 10,... can only be played online, not offline.

Does Asphalt 8 take up a lot of memory space?

The Asphalt 8 quality game is very delicate when it has optimized everything possible so that the game is only encapsulated in about 4-500 megabytes. It's too perfect for a racing game.

Final Thoughts

This is too ideal a playground, too real for brothers who are passionate about speed and dexterity when overcoming obstacles. To realize your dream of becoming the best racer in the world, do not forget to go to the Xapkfree link to download Asphalt 8 to your device.

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