Download Army Commander Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Unlimited Tags
Download Army Commander Mod Apk {{version}} Menu, Unlimited Tags

Download Army Commander Mod Apk 1.7 Menu, Unlimited Tags

By thanhtung - 12/12/2022
Name Army Commander Mod
Version 1.7
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Tags
Size 77MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Army Commander Lion Studios
Update 12/12/2022 (1 year ago )

Army Commander Mod is a super simple strategy game but a lot of novelties! This time you have to take on the role of commander-in-chief and control an army to capture enemy territory. It took a lot of money to build new barracks and increase the number of fighters. The game has a large number of weapons and tanks up to aircraft. With their help, it will be easier to occupy new lands and plant your flag.

About the game Army Commander Mod 

The player begins to command his army with a certain amount of gold coins on his back. Thanks to gold coins, the new army can go to the next location. Although it costs money, it also allows players to buy new bases upon arrival. 

After building these bases, the player no longer has to worry about summoning new warriors, his bases are constantly producing new characters in increasing numbers as the player prepares for war. 

Become a commander with Army Commander Mod
Become a commander with Army Commander Mod

You play a role as a commander for the army in Army Commander Mod. Therefore, protect yourself when the two forces meet in battle. Bring guns and destroy enemies. You also need to focus on collecting loot that the enemy has dropped and constantly funding the development of your army. 

After defeating your enemies, you just need to wait for a new wave of enemies to appear. Every time a member of an enemy is eliminated, their color-coded difficulty level changes until only one flagpole remains.

The gameplay is quite impressive of Army Commander Mod 

Want to win, grasp the rules of the game. This is a battle that you cannot ignore because it is too attractive. Players will use simple swipes and drops to move around the game screen. They can safely move between areas on the level by dropping themselves into safe locations. 

Extremely new and large gathering and fighting locations
Extremely new and large gathering and fighting locations

In addition, players can go into new areas in game. Use money or resources in exchange for specific features. These features are determined by the player, and that decision can change the way the player conducts combat. 

Each location has a specific amount of money that players need to spend to unlock something related to that location. After using the money in that location, players must choose which element they believe is most important to defeat their enemies. At the end of a level, the player must capture the flagpole to complete his goal.

What interesting things does Army Commander Mod impress?

Let’s take a look at the interesting things that the game Army Commander Mod brings!

Fight fast win fast in Army Commander Mod?

Levels in some games feature atomic bombs as a new strategy option. These bombs are pre-set and can be activated by switching the device to which they are connected. 

Always ready to fight when the enemy suddenly appears
Always ready to fight when the enemy suddenly appears

Some enemy units disappeared from their current map positions after a short period of time. This coincides with a slight weakening of enemy troops, this is when you can take advantage of yourself and eliminate enemy forces faster.

Extremely beautiful images and characters

Army Commander Mod creates epic battles thanks to a series of brilliant 3D techniques and graphics. The awesome gameplay with powerful explosions, incredible animations, and quite realistic battlefield environments. All of which should allow you to truly immerse yourself in the game.

Instructions on how to download Army Commander Mod for any device

If you want to download Army Commander Mod to your device, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Quickly access this Xapkfree link and enter in the search bar for the keyword Army Commander Mod.
  • Step 2: Click the Download button to download game to your device.
  • Step 3: Log in to Army Commander Mod and join the battle.

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Questions players are interested in about Army Commander Mod

Is Army Commander Mod “cocooned” Android operating system or not?

Because game is a national game, the cocooning of the operating system is never happening with this game.

Is Army Commander Mod too difficult?

The game gradually increases the level through each level and always has a companion army, so Army Commander Mod will not be too difficult.

Is Army Commander Mod safe for the device?

You can download game at Xapkfree, both safe and free.

Final Thoughts

Money is important in all battles and money helps establish new bases so that military units have a place to gather. Army Commander Mod will start campaigns with you to capture different locations. 

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